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Carbonized BoE Problem


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I've been playing the new BoE for Mac, but I have a problem. A bug caused me to get trapped in a scenario, and I can't leave because there's no character editor to pull me out. Can any update be made so that leaving a scenario at any time is possible?


Or even better, how about a carbonized character editor? To come to think of it, having a character editor is a necessity in BoE, unlike in the E/A trilogy. Some scenarios use pre-fab parties, and when they don't work/are not included, it is necessary to use the character editor.

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Originally written by Robsta:
Yeh, the editor is a must in BoE, in the scenario I'm disigning, I have a couple spots where it is impossible to get out of, but most of my tricky bits are possible.

*Search for an escape you might find it*
Consider making a special item that calls the End Scenario node if this is the case. It will really help out with keeping your players happy.
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