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A2:CS - More game state corruption in Avit

Sealing Librarian

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Another game corruption issue.


- I recently arrived in Olgai only to discover, when I went to the trash heaps, that my first PC's equipped hand weapon (a Steel Spear) has disappeared with no trace whatsoever. This happened sometime after Dahris-Bok (and after the Hellhound/Chitrach cave) and before the trash heaps in Olgai.

- Another user found a random friendly spider in the basement of Fort Draco (http://spiderwebforu...ng-partys-path/)

- Quickfire appearing in Avit (http://spiderwebforu...ire#entry277656)


Of note is that I just went through Avit, which I think involves at least one hardcode segment (for the Ritual of Welcoming, or Bon-Ihrno, the tree key, etc.). Since one of the corruptions above happened in Avit this might be worth checking. Is it possible the game is editing a variable out of range? This stuff seems remarkably similar to the kinds of things that happened when that was done in BoA.

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