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Avernum 2: Crystal Souls - Item List by Randomizer (SPOILERS)

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Thanks to Synergy for help in assembling the information. Also nlambert for spell books and Sulfras.


Some of it has changed during beta testing and a few minor things aren't yet included.


Piercing crystals act as Dispel Barrier level 1

Need Dispel Barrier level 2 to get into some quest areas


Tool Use (TU) needed to unlock doors, chests, and disarm traps is show inside [ ] with trap failure shown where known


Maximum needed:

Tool Use (TU) 15, the TU 20 door can be entered by paying for a room

Arcane Lore (AL) 17

Cave Lore (CL) 12

Vahnatai Lore reduces the Arcane Lore needed for some spell books




Demo - Northern Caverns, Motrax's Tunnels, Near Formello, Northeast Avernum, and Ruined Town

no area by boat in unregistered version

TU 10

AL 5

CL 4



Northern Caverns


East side of river

N Fort Ganrick

N Fort Draco

south of Fort Draco along river - hidden passage - Empire soldier - lemonwood bow

C Swampy Cave accessed by river

NE Hidden Nephilim Cave

NE Nephilim Castle

E Army group under goblin attack - help - healing potion

E Verdant Valley

E aranea - fiery wand and aranea fangs (2)

SE hidden passage - wisdom crystal [Luck 2]


West side of river

W mummified body - 40c, fiery wand

W cache [CL 2 or less] - healing potion

NW Spider Cave

SW Aranea Web


Fort Garnick - Upper Level

QUEST - Dig a Tunnel

QUEST - Escape the Tunnels

QUEST - Report to Vidican


W poor leather helmet (2)

CS tunnel when opens - box - 23c, crude javelins

SW sandals (2% armor)

SW box - 17c

N sacks - bag of meal, tables - healing potion, crude bow, crude javelins, chainmail vest, metal box - group heal scroll, crude spear

NE Horrarum - radiate ice scroll, Nephilim Map

E door [3] - healing herbs, crude shortsword

E stairs down to main level



Fort Garnick

Captain Vidican

QUEST - Destroy Mysterious Barriers - XP after reaching Council in Oglai

QUEST - Slay Nepharim Chieftain - 400c, shield ring, reputation

QUEST - Visit Fort Draco

report freeing Arum from Nephilim Castle- 50c and XP



QUEST - Fort Draco Message - XP

QUEST - Find Stolen Arrow Shipment - 100c, reputation, Woven Silver Chain (+2% HER)


N stairs up to storerooms

N Captain's Office - Captain Vidican

NW Guest Quarters - cabinet - 20c, healing potion

E Armory - hidden switch - bronze shield

E Storeroom - box - fine cloak, leather pants, chainmail vest, healing potion (2)

SE Gridley

SW Barracks - ladder - chest [5] - 20c , speed potion

SE Kitchen - ladder - hidden switch - sacks - bag of meal (3) (steal)

E outside wall - hidden switch to storeroom



Part 1 - The Barriers


Fort Draco


QUEST - Bandits Under Fort Draco - reputation - Woven Silver Band (+1 Quick Action)

QUEST - Travel to Formello - XP


Harg (Inn) - QUEST - Deliver Marriage Proposal - Warmth Ring (2% armor, +15% cold res., +5% melee damage)

Kellia (Foundry) - QUEST - Deliver Metal Bars (28 bars available in Demo) - 25c and XP (ends when Barriers down and you return)

You can buy more iron bars from wandering merchants outside Formello. also with patience and standing in the right spots you can steal some from the Foundry in Fort Draco


Job Board

QUEST - Lost Banner - iron short sword

QUEST - Valley Bandits - 100c, reputation, steel shield

QUEST - Inspect Barriers - 200c

QUEST - Stalking Ogres - 130c, healing potion, shielding potion

QUEST - Black Basalt - 100c, iron helm

QUEST - Delivery - Lair of Motrax - 50c


NW outside - Cheryl (merchant)

NW outside - trapdoor to Under Fort Draco

N Orson's Fine Weaponry - Orson (merchant)

NW - The Draco School of Military Arts - Boris (trainer)

-- Spells - bolt of fire to haste

-- Rituals - minor heal to war blessing

-- Skills - at party level 8 - Hardiness (1260c), Blademaster (1620c), First Aid (900c)

NW Esther's Armors - Esther (merchant)

W Anford

SW boats (300c)

C- door - Ore Storage - trapdoor to rat section of Under Fort Draco

-- book Find Locke (quest location) - need quest first

NE Foundry - Kellia

-- can steal bar of iron (6) from outside

NE Boutell Forge - Boutell (merchant)

-- can steal bar of iron, gold bar, steel shortsword, steel spear

SE outside - portal pylon - Vel Ner Sem

SW outside walls - 23c


Under Fort Draco

NW stairs up

NW door - box - 42c, bar of iron, hidden switch - bar of iron (2) trap - [4] fire - metal box - gold bar, bar of iron, 71c, stoneshatter scroll

NW bag of meal (2)

W bag of meal, sacks - bag of meal (2)

W door [4] - box 41c, silver necklace, metal box - gold bar, curing potion

SW door

-- Ghelia - Shield of Succor (+12% armor, -10% to hit chance, +8% to parry, +10% to healing)

-- bar of iron, cabinet - 31c, box - 76c, iron bracers, bar of iron

S Bherol - 43c, shielding potion

S basin - insight (XP)

S door [10]

SE trap [4] - lava worm summoned

-- stairs up - door to Inn


C stairs down from Ore Storage

CE vapor rat - Swamp Boots (+4% armor, +10% poison and acid resistance)

NE exit to surface

CE hidden switch to bandit rooms

C bar of iron (3)

CS hidden switch to Bherol



Hidden Nephilim Cave

NW chest - 7c, healing potion

NE sarcophagus - Nimble Sandals (+2% armor, +1 dexterity)

SW 45c, iron gauntlets

SW - hidden switch - 45c, emerald

CN web - group heal scroll

C body - 30c

SE gold bar, crude broadsword

E Snurrgh - iron spear

E Shaman Durfle - healing potion, curing potion

SE gate - GHATH - XP to Nephilim Castle



Nephilim Castle

N stairs to Hidden Nephilim Cave

W 8c

SW barrel - speed potion

S barrel - healing herbs, sacks - bag of meal (2)

CW Spiritist Halorran - Grounded Boots (4% armor, +10% energy resistance)

CW hidden switch - cabinet - Tattered Banner (quest item)

CW door [10] - return life scroll

CW door - chest - 40c, emerald

CW spell book - Unshackle Mind [AL 2]

CW door - spiritual herbs, chest - healing herbs, 21c

S box - energy potion, gold bar, iron shield

S gate winch

SE skulls - piercing crystal

SE North prison door [5] - body - wisdom crystal

SE South prison door [3] - rescue Arum - XP

E bar of iron (2)

CE 68c

CNE box - radiate ice scroll

CNE- box - 23c

Ne cabinet - 5c, cabinet - 85c, cabinet - 8c

NE wine, Chief Sharrva (quest location) - Goblin Cleaver (+1 Lethal Blow), group heal scroll

NE door [3] - group heal scroll, wine (3), cabinet - 86c

-- hidden switch - trap [4] energy - door [10] - chest - iron breastplate, fine leather, chest - 82c, oozing wand

E spell book ? - XP if destroyed, cabinet - healing potion

SW outside - 5c, hidden switch - trap [2] - hidden switch - inside castle storeroom



Gunston Household

Tor - QUEST - Kill Salamanders - reputation - Nimble Chain (+1 Gymnastics) , can now teach Cave Lore (1100c)


Carol (merchant)

Tor (merchant)

NE sacks - bag of meal (2)

E outside - healing herbs

S outside bag of meal (3)



Verdant Valley

N box - 45c

NW barrel - crude longbow

-- Dark Acolyte Yula - radiate ice scroll

-- box - 28c

-- door [5] - 81c, gold bar (2), curing elixir

NE spiritual herbs

SE energetic herbs, wine (2)

C acolyte - shielding potion

CNE lava bat - ruby -- stone ring - 46c, shielding potion

CSW - stone ring - 10c, healing potion

C spore beast - healing herbs

C body - Blessed Belt (+6% armor)

CSE stairs down to Fiery Pit


Brigand Lair


West room - cabinet - 5c, box - 35c

East room - Missing Arrows (quest location), bar of iron (2)

-- hidden switch - box - spine shield scroll, gold necklace

North room - Master Weglan (quest location)

-- metal box - group heal scroll, stoneshatter scroll, cabinet - 57c

-- hidden switch - cabinet - iron bar (2). golden goblet - chest - 9c, spell book - Cloak of Curses [AL 5], knowledge of Avernum


Lower Level - Fiery Pit

C black basalt (quest item)

N battle crystal, 21c, black basalt (quest item)

NE black basalt (quest item), stone ring - 9c, radiate ice scroll, lava-fired spear (+5% fire res., critical hit, +5% magical damage)

NW body - fiery wand, focusing crystal

CW black basalt (quest item), body - emerald (2)

SW black basalt (quest item)



Swampy Cave (not in Demo)

CS spiritual herbs, gold ring, wine (3)

C Giant Tuggyn - Clover Boots (4% armor, +3 Luck)

-- box 41c

-- hidden switch - trap [TU 4] summons ghasts - box - 44c, box - healing potion, speed potion, piercing crystal



Spider Cave

Spider Mayor - QUEST - Recover the Spider Eggs - access to Empire bodies - Red Empire Pass, 84c


S entrance - move mountains - lovely crystal (3)

SW hidden switch [3] - 5c

S hidden switch [2] - 9c

NW Spider Mayor, web - 28c

N stoneshatter scroll

N 6c, aranea - Shielding Knife (6% armor, +5% parry)

NE move mountains - 97c, web - spineshield scroll

NE aranea fang

NE dragon statue - 200c, battle crystal, focusing crystal

leaving arena fang (2)

E spiritual herbs

CE hidden switch to center - aranea fang (2), web - group heal scroll

C hidden switch to center

CW web - radiate ice scroll

CNE hidden switch

CE goo pool

SE aranea fang



Aranea Web

SW stone ring - 33c

SW web - group heal scroll, web - free frozen worm - oozing wand

W web - group heal scroll

E arena fang, energy potion, Reflective Pants (+2% armor, +10% curse res.)

E group heal scroll

CN - stone ring - 67c

NW aranea fangs

NW stone ring - Spider Egg Sac (quest item)

NW web - energetic herbs, web - spiritual and healing herbs

NW by indecipherable runes - destroy for XP - web -spiritual herbs

N web - radiate ice scroll

SW hidden switch - healing potion, web - spellward scroll

CNE aranea fang

CNW aranea fang

CSW aranea fang (2)

C Aranea Hivequeen - Crystal Symbol (2% armor, +2% magical efficiency), lightning scroll

-- skulls - fine leather

-- spell book - Bolt of Fire [AL 3]

CE aranea fang

SE spider - report getting eggs for XP, web - radiate ice scroll



Motrax's Tunnels

N Brigands (quest location) - 100c

E Empire camp - 100c. Red Empire Pass

NE hidden passage - cache [CL 2] - lightning scroll

NE Lizard Lair

C Cave of Motrax

SE Vail the Scrivner (merchant)

C Orb to Isolated Home (not in Demo)



Lizard Lair

SE 45c, gold bar, crude longbow

NE black basalt (quest item)

-- stone ring - fire lizard eggs (2) (quest item)

-- hidden switch - black basalt (quest item) - hidden switch - stone ring - fire lizard eggs (2)

W 39c, healing potion, crude longbow, stone ring - 10c, radiate ice scroll, healing potion, Girdle of Strength (2% armor, +1 strength)

E body 24c

C stairs up


Upper Lizard Lair

N trapped nest summons salamanders - Drake Egg

N pillar needs level 2 Move Mountains - metal box - ruby (4), recovery scroll

C stone ring - 9c, speed potion

SW piercing crystal

NW Tyossa - fine leather

-- black basalt (2) (quest item)

-- stone ring - 46c, healing herbs, curing potion, drake egg, fire lizard egg (2), Frostcaller Band (2% armor, +15% fire res.,+2% to magical damage)

-- hidden switch [3-5] - spell book - Call Beast [AL 4]



Cave of Motrax

Captain Ko

QUEST - Kill Brigands - 200c, reputation

Kill lizards behind walls - radiate ice scroll, healing potion

Enla - QUEST - Find Drake Tooth - XP, reputation, Incantor's Ring (6% armor, +8% magical damage, +15% to blessings/curses you cause)

Ostoth - Ostoth's Chambers


SW outside - hidden switch [TU 4]

-- SE stone ring - 37c

-- E 9c

E Researcher's Quarters

-- Marion - pass on message to Motrax and give reply - XP

-- West door [6] - cabinet - 47c, desk - domination scroll

-- East door [5] - cabinet - lightning scroll

Motrax Barracks

Captain Ko

door [5] - barracks

CE - Stone Tablet (Ostoth mentioned) - Mass Heal [AL 6]

CE West hidden switch --- opens way to treasure area

CE E hidden switch [8] - move mountains lvl 2 - level 2 magical barrier - trap [9] fire damage - trap [10] magical damage

-- trap [11+] golems drop emerald - healing herb - hidden switch - monster treasure area

---- chest - gold bar (4), emerald (4), ruby, mandrake root, fine steel, metal box - 361c, return life scroll, Oozing Sword (+12% acid and poison res., acid attack) - level 3 move mountains - 101c, chest - 33c, platinum ring, wand of the inferno, First Expedition Bow (+2 Quick Action, +3 Bows, +2% HER), chest - 67c, ruby (2), focusing crystal

W Magi Clearance

-- NW magical barrier - spell book - Minor Summons [AL 6]

W chambers - access from Ostoth when need to go to Angierach

-- northeast chamber - gold bar, energetic herb, emerald, armor elixir

-- northwest chamber [10] - cabinet - 7c

-- southeast chamber [10] - hidden switch - chest - fine leather spellward scroll, gray mold

-- southwest chamber (Ostoth) - cabinet - Feldspar Key to Ostoth's room in Tower of Magi



Isolated Home (not in Demo)

N healing herb, spiritual herb

C Ethridge - potion merchant



Formello Area

N guarded pass from Motrax's Tunnels - reputation lowered if you brush past guards

NE Formelo

NW Fungal Caves

W cache [CL 4] - battle crystal

SE Healing Waters - gives Blessings of the Waters

SW Solberg's Tower

Near Solberg's Tower - portal pylon sign - Kav Ait Bon




Captain Graham

QUEST - Stop Undead Raids - reputation, Static Band (+2% armor, +15% energy res., +5% to blessings/curses you cause)


Townsend - QUEST - Leather Crafting - 300c

-- Deadeye Cloak (4% armor, +1 sniper,+1 sharpshooter)

-- Mercuric Leather (+10% armor, +2% chance to evade, +1 AP, -1 Strength)

-- Drakeskin Shield (+15% armor, - 10% chance to hit, +8% chance to parry, +15% fire res.)

at Magi Clearance

-- Radiant Belt (8% armor)

-- Dragonskin Gloves (8% armor, +2 STR, +2 Quick Action, +5% melee damage)

-- Radiant Greaves (10% armor, +3% to evade, -10% to hit chance, encumbers mages)

Stoppard - QUEST - Make Potions - healing, curing, speed, energy

Bon-Ihrno shade - QUEST - Travel to the Vahnatai


Job Board

QUEST - Find Slith Outpost - 100c, speed burst scroll

QUEST - Remove Lizard Infestation - 200c, reputation, Drake Hide Gloves (2% armor, +3% magical damage)

QUEST - Message - Silvar - 200c, XP

QUEST - Investigate Tower - healing elixir, curing elixir

QUEST - Destroy Slith Outpost - reputation, Treated Carapace (18% armor, -15% to hit, +10% to parry, +20% poison res.)

QUEST - The Dark Altar - Basilisk Fang Wand, Wisdom crystal, reputation


S outside - healing herbs (2)

NW outside - magical barrier - spell book - Ritual of Sanctification [AL 1]

NW Jen (merchant)

NW Alchemical Artistry - Stoppard - potion maker

W Captain Graham

N Townsend the Sage

N Jasmine's Forge - door [5] - bar of iron (4), gold bar

N Speakers of Holy Chance - Caius - Rituals (minor heal to move mountains), Luck - 2500c

NE Mayor's Quarters - door [5] - desk - domination scroll

C Library of Formello - Miles - spells (bolt of fire to spray acid)

-- group heal scroll

S Vistor's Barracks - chest - energy potion

CSW Formello Common House

-- Rose (quest location)

-- NE room door [6] - chest - platinum ring

-- SW room door [5] - Woven Gold Band (1% armor, +2 Dual Wielding), spineshield scroll, cabinet - 10c

SE sacks - bags of meal (4), chest - bar of iron (3)

SE portal pylon - Amb Lel Kya

E Formello City Hall

-- desk - shielding potion, table - radiate ice scroll

-- metal chest - group heal scroll, stoneshatter scroll

-- move mountains - spell book - (Deciphering Lens) - Cloak of Bolts [AL 5 or less]

CS - Amber (trainer)

-- skills - Bows (1080c), Thrown weapons (1080c), Dual Wielding (1620c)

-- magi clearance - Riposte (2160c), Parry (

S Barracks B - door [3]



Northwest Tunnels - Fungal Clearing

S healing herbs (2)

S spiritual herbs

clumps of fungus need [CL 3] - healing and spiritual herbs, [CL 4] - energetic herbs, [CL 8-9] - graymold, [CL 10] - mandrake root



Solberg's Tower (quest location)

W hidden switch - stone ring - 30c, iron breastplate



Northeast Avernum

NW 3 crypts - QUEST - Slay Hidden Ogres - Total Consciousness

S hidden passage - Hidden Ogres (quest location) - 200c

SW cache by frozen worm [CL 3] - fiery wand

SW Small Slith Fort

SE Blasted Ruins


Small Slith Fort (quest location)

SW chest - 85c, healing potion

C Shaman Unasa'Ess - Grounded Cloak (4% armor, +10% energy res.) (quest location)

C Altar - Ritual of Sanctification for XP

NE outside hidden switch

NE slith spear (2), 17c, box - 40c, group heal scroll, domination scroll

Ahkas'Ahss (prisoner) - release - XP

SW healing herbs

S body - 37c

NW door [5 or less]



Blasted Ruins

SE healing potion, body - emerald

E doors [5 or less]

E door key

E hidden switch [7] at blocked stairs - level 2 magical barrier - hidden switch - desk - papers about the altar as a gate

NE Chief Yrrmm - speed potion, Coated Cloak (4% armor, +10% fire res.)

-- bar of iron (3)

door - box - emerald, 38c - door [5 or less] - bar of iron (2) box - Bronze Ankh

N Bonewalker Mearra -Tribal symbol (2% armor, +1 spellcraft, +1 luck) (quest location)

N Dark Altar (quest location)

-- magical barrier - metal box - energy potion, 32c

CNE room 6c, cabinet - energy potion, 21c, box - emerald, 10c

NE hidden switch - 41c, oozing wand, web - lightning scroll

W - body 33c

SW door [6] - focusing crystal, purging crystal

SW move mountain - demon guarded box - Runed Key (quest item)


Underground River

NW Ruined Town

C Island Hut


Ruined Town

N use move mountains - crystalline box - strange tablets - Heal [AL 9]

pillar lvl 3 move mountains






By boat


TU 10

CL 6


Island Hut

NE outside - crate - energy potion

N bedroom doors - outside [10], inside [5 or less]

C Bentis-Ka



Chapter 2 - Dark Waters


Deep Rivers

CS hidden passage - cache [CL 3 or less] - razordisk (6)

E mushroom patches - north [CL 4] healing herbs, center [CL 5] spiritual herbs, southwest [CL 5] mushrooms,

southeast [CL 6] energetic herbs

CW cache [CL 3 or less] - energy potion

W imp guarded Barrier Tower

- hidden passage - waveblade

SW Watery Ruins

CS hidden passage to Ruined River Fort

SW Ruined Villa



Barrier Tower - can rest in SE camp site

sign Ell Pit Esk

W magical barrier - bronze broadsword, body - speed potion, steel javelins, body - wisdom crystal, acid shower scroll

W level 3 magical barrier around body by door


Watery Ruins

C camp site

S healing herbs, move mountains - spiritual herbs

N - stone ring - 34c, curing potion, lightning scroll

SW crates - razordisks (6), fine razordisks (2)

W stone ring - 67c, Electrum Bauble (+2% armor)

NW - emerald (3), hexagonal bars (7)


Ruined River Fort

West side

S bent hexagon rod

C ruby

N bent hexagon rod

CW bent hexagon rod

NW door [5 or less] - stoneshatter scroll, group heal scroll, spellward scroll, box -

CN - razordisks (2), Girdle of Endurance (4% armor, +1 endurance), winch for north river gate

CN door [5 or less] - withered hraithe - Vahnatai cloak, box - razordisks (6), shielding potion


East side

N door - hidden switch - basin - refreshing - heals and restores energy

-- Phonleth - Thick Wool Tunic (6% armor, +10% cold res.)

NE room [6] - hidden switch - spell book - XP

CSE hidden switch - battle crystal

CS hexagonal bar (2)

C winch for south river gate, hexagonal bar

CSE box - gold bar, hidden switch - hidden switch - body - fine steel, piercing crystal



Lake of Algae

E Ruined Villa

W healer shade - heal to restore energy and raise unconscious, attack - fine razordisks (6)

W hidden passage - gremlins - food for Gremlin wine or attack, hellhounds - 100c, fiery wand if CL 4,

-- search campsite for Gremlin wine and food

SW Coffin Caves

W cache [CL 3 or less] - healing elixir (west of purple tree west of Coffin Caves)


Ruined Villa

NW purging crystal

NW room - box - 27c

N room - basin - +50 energy, box - speed elixir

SW room - radiate ice scroll

SE room - stability bauble (+20% to curse res.), healing herbs

-- hidden switch - box - healing herbs, graymold, basin - healing potion, shielding potion, box - oozing wand, fine leather


Coffin Caves

SE outside - healing herbs (2), lower half of scroll

NE outside - spiritual herbs (2), healing herbs

NE magical barrier or move mountains from next room - upper half of scroll, boxes - focusing crystal, wisdom crystal, purging crystal

CNW lower half of scroll

CW healing potion, Slime-Stained Tunic (6% armor. +10% to blessings/curses you cause)

E hidden switch - to controls

SE room - hidden switch - to controls

E battle crystal

S room - faded vahnatai - Drakeskin Bracers (6% armor, -5% chance to hit, +1% chance to evade, +8% fire res.)

- upper half of scroll, chest - piercing crystal

report Awaking to Liedra-Bok for XP


Tomb of Dahris-bok - afflicts with Dread Curse for ignoring him

SE portal

E energy potion

trap [2-3] summons ghast

E hidden switch - box - healing potion (2)

winch to open north gate

disks - center, SE, NE, NW, C to open 3 gates

winch for west gate

SW skulls - healing potion , hidden switch - bypass monsters, basin +50 energy

6 sarcophagus room - ghoul - radiate ice scroll, skeleton - healing potion, hidden switch - to basin

NW wight - Lizardskin Helmet (+5% armor), sarcophagus - Blessed Boots (8% armor, -5% chance to hit)

-- door - box - 39c, curing potion, box - 97c, steel shield

-- door to winches for Dahris-Bok area in SW

hidden switch to bypass gooey zombies

hidden switch to treasure - trap [5] revenant - box - 141c, bar of iron, bar of gold, emerald (2). return life scroll, fine steel waveblade



Deep Rapids


Bonegnawer Lair

S camp site

C stone - curing potion

NW - stone ring - 10c, bar of iron, Girdle of Nimbleness (2% armor, +1 to dexterity)

SE hidden switch - box - wisdom crystal, emerald


hidden passage - cache [CL 3 or less] - graymold


Long Tunnel

exits to Land of the Vahnatai




Chapter 3 The Vahnatai


TU 13

AL 17

CL 9


Land of the Vahnatai


East Vahnatai Lands

NW Avit

S cache [CL 5] - return life scroll

SW Valley of the Dead - iron door (party level 17-20) - Runed Helm (10% armor, +2 Spellcraft, +6% mind effects res.)

S cache [CL 5] - gold necklace

NE Egli Ferry - 5c

C Elgi

N Test of Patience

CE Zalav-Ta - teaches Vahnatai Lore (1000c)



SE Resting Cell #4





QUEST - The Vanatai Ritual - Vahnatai Lands Map

QUEST - The Olgai Council


NW energetic herbs]

NE Bott (food merchant) sell scroll location for 50c

NE Chamber of Meditations - ritual for XP

SE Barracks

-- hidden switch - hidden on tree is Vahnatai Key

-- Forla-Te

SW building - box - healing herbs. hidden switch - rubble - Return Life scroll

NW Council Hall



N Test of Patience

SW - stone ring - radiate ice scroll, flawless crystal

W hidden switch opens gate to box- shielding potion, Gleaming Dagger (weakness curse}




Lith - QUEST - Find Drake Tooth - XP, Jade-Studded Chain (3% armor, +3 Spellcraft)

Rentar-Ihrno - Get Mica Tome - Phoenix Egg (if you haven't got one from Pyrog's Lair and have talked to Erika and Enla or Patrick about quick fire)


NW outside healing herbs

E Crystal Workshop - Lith -

C door - hidden switch - magical barrier or hidden switch and door [10] - box - Tinker's Gloves (2% armor, +1 TU)

-- box - energetic herbs (2), healing herbs - door [6] - small demon with Rentar-Ihrno and move mountains to Tinker's Gloves

CNE door [10] - box -36c, stoneshatter scroll

NE door [9 or less] - sacks - bag of meal (6) - magical barrier - storeroom (quest location - Borgia Mushrooms) - recovery scroll, healing herb, spiritual herbs. graymold


NW Rentar-Ihrno

-- mandrake root (steal)

-- NW cave demon box - Ivory Band (2% armor, +15% mind effects res., +5% missile damage)

-- NW rabid hellhound nest - 5c, energy potion

W Seno (need spirit prism to learn spells) - Capture Soul and Simulacrum

SW Oratem (potion merchant)

SW rooms - chest - 9c, chest - curing potion

CSW room - hidden switch - piercing crystal

S Oth-Ihrno - Vahnatai Lore (300c) - door [10]

SE Clodeca

SE Crean - can give route to Rentar-Ihrno

-- box -healing herbs (steal)



Resting Cell #4

Abra - QUEST - Kill Ice Lizards - XP, spirit prism


S Abra and Bohen

SE hidden switch - steel shield, body - iron breastplate, ruby, speed burst scroll

E healing herbs, stone rings - healing potion, group heal scroll

E hidden switch to east part of main room

NE ice lizards drop - fine leather, piercing crystal

CN - lizard lair - healing potion, group heal scroll, box - magical notes, speed potion, Houndskin Cloak (7% armor)

CSW fine razordisks (6)

SW healing potion, 32c, hidden switch - trap [6] magical - box - 8c, focusing crystal, battle crystal

W 8c

CNW - Empire infiltrator body - Girdle of Insight (2% armor, +1 intelligence)



West Vahnatai Lands

SE Ogali

NW hidden passage - ruined village - rocks need CL 6 - invulnerability potion

SW Shrine of Crystals

SW hidden passage - cache [CL 8] - fine steel waveblade



SW Test of Speed

NE magical barrier - center box - fine razordisks (2), west box - purging crystal, piercing crystal, flawless crystal, speed potion

SE skulls - ruby, skulls - Blessed Boots

S fireproof goblin - Bladeshield Chain (+1% armor, +3% to riposte)



Test of Strength

SW ghoul - radiate ice scroll, hidden switch - healing potion

NW healing potion

NE ruby (2) , Woven Gold Chain (1% armor, +3% to evade)

-- hidden switch - healing potion, speed potion, healing pool - hidden switch - [TU 2-3 ] - basin +50 energy

SE healing potion - hidden switch - NE basin - ???

E slimes - healing potion





QUEST - Recover Three Crystal Souls - XP

-- return Jerakol - Sage's Bow (+10% to critical hit chance, +5% magical damage, +5% to blessings/curses you cause)

-- return Caffren - Duelist's Rapier (+8% to critical hit chance, +5% to parry)

-- return Vyvnas - Mercuric Chain (16% armor, +3% to evade, -5% to hit, encumbers mages, +1 action point, -1 STR)

QUEST - Fort Haledon Orders

QUEST - Sneak into Pyrog's Lair



QUEST - Ask Erika About Souls

QUEST - Travel to Erika


N Spira (merchant)

CNW Corman (merchant)

NE Vaina-Te (trainer) after returning a Crystal Soul - Melee Weapons (1760c), Thrown Weapons (1320c), Hardiness (1540c)

C Council

-- NE room Treasure Chamber [12]

-- SE room Portal Chamber

SW winch to open gate to trash heap

-- SE jar - Nullity Shield (18% armor, -15% to hit chance, +10% to parry, +20% to curse res., +15% to mind effect res.)

E wall of Council - hidden switch - hidden switch - crystals for distance viewing

CNE Riditas (food merchant). basin - speed potion

W Ublis-Ihrno (healer)

SW Gnee - key in Avit for Empire human

SW door [13] - fine steel wave blades (3), ruby (2)



Can cross bridge after finding Vahnatai Letters and turning them in to Council to Shrine of Crystals


Shrine of Crystals


QUEST - Back to Oglai when all three Crystal Souls are recovered - Completes major quest

NW outside spiritual herbs (2). energetic herbs

S outside - armor ring (6% armor, +2% to evade attacks)

SE outside healing herbs


-- Wilvron-Bok - return Crystal Soul and AL

---- Blink [AL 11 or less]

---- Cloak of Blades [AL 15]

---- Ward of Steel [AL 17]

-- wisdom crystal



West Vahnatai Caves

E Ominous Crypt


Ominous Crypt

S door (key)

S hidden switch - bypass doors - hidden switch

C hidden switch - opens SE

-- statue - enough Vahnatai Lore to pay it respect to pass - else lightning and can't pass

-- S room mummies - energy elixir - hidden switch to leave

n doors

body -- flawless crystal, body - flawless crystal, purging crystal

-- hidden switch [9] - bypass magical barrier - body - invulnerability potion

N hall door

-- Orita - terror wand

-- Draglavus - Samaritan Sandals (2% armor, +10% to healing)

-- hidden switch exit west

circle opens exit

-- sarcophagus - Magestone Band (1% armor, +5% magical damage)

body - fine razor disks (4), body 4c

W hidden switch [5 or less ] - fine leather, graymold



East Vahnatai Caves

E Mancuso

E Orb to Cairn east of Mancuso - Bounding Band (10% curse res., +3% to evade, +2 Gymnastics)



Aeon - QUEST - Kill Mancuso Hellhounds - Archer's Band (+5% to missile damage)

Tokor-Te - QUEST - Slay Gaddika - wisdom crystal (2)


NW outside - purging crystal

SE box- burned papers about Empire, Gnee, and key

W outside move mountains (twice) - chest - speed potion, 84c

W Vines' Inn

W Aristo's Supplies - Aristo (merchant), door (key)

W Tokor-Te's Magicks - bar of iron, trains after Quest

-- spells bolt of fire to minor summons

-- trains Quick Action (1650c), Gymnastics (1320c)



Chasm Tunnels

Tunnels north of Mancuso

CL 5+ can let you avoid fights with Vahnatai bandits

SW hidden passage - uranium bar

SE hidden passage - uranium bar

CS Orb to uranium bar

NW hidden passage - cache [CL 7] - fine razordisks (6)

NE Vahnatai Fortress


Vahnatai Fortress

E gate (Vahnatai key)

E level 3 move mountains pillar, magical barrier, hidden switch - bypass entrance

E 7c, sacks - bag of sugar (quest item), box - healing herbs

SE basin - +30 energy

CE practice hall - healing potion

CE Dining Hall - container - 37c, healing herbs

C stoneshatter scroll, chest - 34c

Empire Chambers

S Commander Aoka - Discipline Blade (30% faster fatigue recovery, +2 melee weapons, +3 pole weapons), invulnerability potion

-- cavewood longbow

chest - 72c

N hidden switch - magical barrier - teaching crystal [AL 13] - Resistance

N speed potion, metal chest [7] - Clarity Talisman (4% armor, +4% to magical damage, +10% to blessings/curse you cause), gold bar

CW gate room

-- north of gate room - box - 24c, curing elixir

-- energetic herbs

-- 87c

Alchemy Lab

-- Gaddika - fine steel waveblade, terror wand, Assassin's Shield (21% armor, -15% to hit chance, +12% to parry, +3 % melee damage, +2 Lethal Blow), wand of inferno, group heal scroll

- basin - +30 energy

-- east room box - 44c

SW room - papers - alliance and mentions Ornotha Ziggurat (Vanatai Letters) (special item, quest item) - door [5 or less]


NW boat

N shore - spiritual and energetic herbs, chest - trigger to open west needs Vahnatai Lore (1 level) - return life scroll, purging crystal

W hidden switch - left box - 35c, emerald, center box 66c, fine steel, right box - 22c, wisdom crystal



Chasm Tunnels (west)

NW concealed passage - ruined building - floating platforms



Humid Caverns (North of Chasm Tunnels west)

SW old tower - get wrapped up bug (special item)

N tower - XP for destroying tower or leave wrapped up bug three times to be blessed by Alien shrine - +1 Hardiness

NE Lava Dome

NE Orb to cache [CL 9] - wisdom crystal


Lava Dome

NE outside fiery demons - powerlash scroll, gold bar

SW outside - skulls - piercing crystal

W outside - empty metal box

Dome of Kordaddis

W Hordling Pit

-- 27c, terror wand, body - message search the barrel in the southeast bed

-- SE bedroom - message look outside wall to southwest. When you go, walk next to the wall

-- empty metal box - message smoke pipe between east pillars

NW Hordling Pit - hidden switch - level 3 move mountains - metal chest - Stability Girdle (6% armor, -5% to hit chance, +4% to evade)

-- winch - fiery demon - healing elixir, uranium bar - destroy altar - XP and Runic Blessing

-- hidden switch - hidden switch - bypass magical barrier

-- level 2 magical barrier -

-- wine (2)

-- Kordaddis - Flaming Sword (+10% fire res, +3% to hit chance, fire damage), Mica Tome (quest item)

-- hidden switch [7-10] - magical notes, flawless crystal (3), metal box - 250c, return life scroll, corruption baton


C Goosenargh (merchant) sells weapons and pipe (1000c) - drops fine steel and more demons at winch

-- wand of Carrunos



Spore Tunnels

E hidden passage to bridge

NE farming village - cache [CL 9] - corruption baton

E hidden passage to bridge

SE Vahnatai camp

C Tomb of Delrin-Bok

CE Orb to body - steel halberd

S Orb to cave - graymold



Tomb of Delrin-Bok

SE outside - curing potion

NE outside - healing herbs

east entrance

-- north door

NE room - 9c, speed potion ---- lever

-- west door [10]

CNE magical barriers in corridor

CE hidden switch [7] - flawless crystal (2), focusing crystal

-- south door [10]

garden - graymold

-- hidden switch to corridor

S green crystal map levers - NE right, SE left, NW left, SW right

S door [8]

SE room --- lever

CN door [10]

CW corridor blocked with magical barriers around 4 boxes - domination scroll, stoneshatter scroll, emerald (3), healing potion, energy potion, lanterns

SW body - terror wand --- lever


C Delrin-Bok's Chamber - Delrin-Bol - Lightstep Band (6% armor, +2 Quick Action, +2 Gymnastics), skulls - purging crystal

- hidden switch - 111c, box - 24c, purging crystal, rod of succor, acid shower scroll

CNW mandrake root


north entrance

-- east room - spiritual herbs, energetic herbs

-- door [7]

- west - NW room

-- northeast door [8] - box - 28c, shielding potion - Skeller-Te (info)

-- northwest door [6 or less] --- lever

-- west door - vahnatai shaper - fight - Fibrous Breastplate (20% armor, +5% chance to evade, -1% to hit chance, +12% to energy res., +6% HER)



Volcanic Region

W hidden passages - west to bridge

NE outdoor Efreet - iron halberd

SW route to Fort Haledon

S Orb to ruins - lightning scroll, dominion scroll, acid shower scroll

N Orb to cache [CL 10] - rod of defense


Fort Haledon

NW Strossen-Ihrno

E ambush

NE door [6 or less] - Commander

N door [6 or less] - storeroom - healing herbs, healing elixir - Selar




TU 10

AL 11

CL none


Tower of the Magi

QUEST - Meet Mahdavi


Kelner - QUEST - Destroy the Serpent Cult - reputation and XP, center tome at south end of tower



QUEST - Destroy the Empire's Portal - XP and spell books in the Libraries

-- W Library spell book - Divine Restoration [AL 11 or less]

-- SE X's Library spell book - Cloak of the Arcane [AL 11 or less]

QUEST - Pyrn's Portal Lessons

QUEST - The Onyx Scepter

QUEST - Find Location of Portal

QUEST - The Empire Archives

QUEST - Raid the Portal


Suzanne - QUEST - Find Fire Lizard Egg - XP and west tome at south end of tower

Vincent - QUEST - Find Drake Tooth - XP and east tome at south end of tower

Vidrain - QUEST - Master the Tower Portal (need Magi Clearance)


W Guest Quarters

SW Tower Secretary - Kelner

SW guard room - hidden switch - green bound spell book - Eagle Eye Band (6% armor, +5% missile damage, +8% to critical hit chance)


S west hidden switch - tome room

-- left - Curing [AL 5]

-- center - Smite [AL 7]

-- right - Protection [AL 10 or less]

S east hidden switch - door [10] - metal box - healing potion (2), curing potion (2), energy potion, fine leather

SE portal room to Vahnatai Lands

SE hidden switch to X's Office - X (spell trainer at Magi Clearance)


-- Pygryn - makes potions (Healing, curing, energy, and armor elixirs)

-- Vincent (merchant)

--- wine

-- Brantford (merchant)

NE Temple of the Path of the True Way

-- Mother Clarisse - rituals minor heal to ward of steel (exorbitant)

-- removes dread curse for 1000c and mandrake roott

-- spiritual herbs (2)

NW Kayannan (spell trainer) bolt of tire to cloak of blades (expensive)

W Library - desk - group heal scroll, 7c

NW apprentice quarters - chest - 5c (steal), chest - 5c (steal), chest - 34c (steal)


Second Tier


storeroom - hidden switch - level 2 move mountains - hidden switch - back way into mutant lizard room

Pyrn's Quarters - door [5 or less] - box - 7c, desk - 25c, cabinet - when quested - Ell Pit Esk

Mahdavi's Quarters

Ostoth's Quarters - magically locked (Feldspar Key) - Angierach - Owa Tai Fol


Analysis Chamber door [7]

-- wand of Carronus, basins - spiritual herbs, energetic herbs

-- basilisks - basilisk fang wand

Portal Area - Vidrain

basin - energy potion

mutant lizard room door [10] - drop -fine leather, recovery scroll

door [10]

Vahnatai Items -magical barrier - chest - razordisk, fine razordisk, waveblade, vahanatai cloak

Portal - Magi Clearance




Chapter 4 - The War


TU 13 with one at 14

AL 10

CL 10


East Part of Avernum - Southeast Avernum, Mertis Area, Eastern Gallery, The Honeycomb, Central Avernum, and Steam Cave


Southeast Avernum

SE Tower of Magi

E Serpent Cult

S hidden passage - camp - 200c, group heal scroll

C Empire infiltrators hunting PCs

SW Foundry - merchants

E used herb patch

NE hidden passage - Lichen patch [CL 7] - graymold

NW Ogre Village - attack - 400c, Symbiotic Cloak (5% armor, -1 STR, -1 DEX, +2 INT)

N cache [6 or less] - invulnerability potion


E Serpent Cult


Serpent Cult

SW pit to lower level

C pit to lower caves

C metal box - 35c

CE 2nd level move mountains - metal box - spineshield scroll, speed potion

NE lever to open snake pit - Swampwalker Leather (17% armor, +2% to evade, +10% to poison and acid res.)


NW stairs down

NW altar room

-- Cultist Quiss - speed potion

-- Cultist Loc'Yss - lightning scroll

-- Shaman Yuzsha - healing elixir

W energy potion, cabinet - 7c

CW Chief FhyssThsss (quest location) - fine slith spear, Vampiric Knife (6% armor, -1 STR, -1 INT, +2 END)

CW - rooms

-- SW room - chest - 43c, gold bar, speed potion

-- CW - chest - healing elixir, 8c

-- SE room - chest - spiritual, energetic, and healing herbs, hidden switch to bodies - group heal scroll, iron breastplate, 28c

-- NW room - Prayer book - Minor Heal [AL 5]

NW door [5 or less] - graymold, energetic herbs, basin - insight (XP), trap [7] magical - chest - 46c, fine steel


Snake Pit (lower level of Serpent Cult)

C drake hatchling - fine leather

C dark altar - ritual of sanctification for XP

NE hidden switch - magical barrier - hidden switch [8] - spell book (magically sealed) - Move Mountains [AL 10 or less]

SW prisoner cells

-- SE door [5 or less] - body - Polar Fur Cloak (4% armor, +10% to cold res.)

-- SW door - hidden switch - level 3 move mountains - body - mandrake root, wand of the inferno

-- NE door [5 or less] - Captain Brehon - free for reputation and XP

NW stairs up



Mertis Area

SE Sick Nephil Village - need graymold (3) - XP, reputation - can trade with other Nephil villages in area

E Mertis Farmers (food merchants)

C Mertis

N hidden passage - Nephil Village - Glowfang Clan (charm merchants)

NE Spiral Pit

N cache [CL 6 or less] - Momentum Gauntlets (5% armor, -5% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +1 Quick Action, +1 Lethal Blow)




Anhara - QUEST - Get Gold Ring - Mica Band (2% armor, +15% to acid, poison, and curse res.)

Elmer - QUEST - Kill Silo Bugs - iron halberd

Lynn - QUEST - Destroy Honeycomb Brigands - XP, reputation, speed potion, invulnerability potion

-- curse in undead pit


NW outside - north door [key - opens with quest] - bag of meal (13), healing potion, south silo door - bag of meal (6)

SE Temple of Elgar - Rhoads - rituals smite to call the storm and divine fire

SE door [5 or less] - web - lightning scroll, body - gold ring (quest item)

S Bazaar of Mertis -- Tina the Fletcher (merchant), Matt's Weaponry (merchant), Anhara's Tools (merchant)

N Merchant's Inn - Cronan -

-- Caelan - wants grey pass or information - XP to show him Grey Empire Pass

E prison - door [5 or less] - hidden switch - Dougherty - information about grey pass in Totem Tunnels


Spiral Pit

SE shielding potion

NW Blessed Belt, iron breastplate, emerald, battle crystal, steel javelin, 34c

W hidden switch - piercing crystal, terror wight - Crystal-woven Chitin (12% armor, +4% to evade, +1 Resistance)

NW hidden switch into the spiral

CNW hidden switch - healing herbs, energetic herbs, graymold

CSW spiritual herbs

CW level 3 move mountains - metal box - healing potion, healing herbs, invulnerability potion

CW metal box (winch opens way) - terror wand

CS body - healing elixir

CS winch - opens path to metal boxes

CSE east hidden switch - opens west middle, east middle hidden switch open west, west middle hidden switch opens east, west hidden switch opens east middle

CNE piercing crystal

C level 2 magical barrier - 38c, First Expedition Boots (8% armor, -5% to hit chance, +3% melee damage, +5% chance to riposte)

-- focusing crystal, body - 8c, spiritual herbs, body -81c, group heal scroll, body - 23c, speedburst scroll, body -10c



Eastern Gallery


S mold patch NW of Silvar - graymold

SE Silvar

SE Gremlin Grove - QUEST - Find Gremlin Women - XP and can enter - healing herbs, graymold

E Fort Duvno

E cache [CL 6] - speed elixir

E Unlucky Merchants

E hidden passage - ensnaring wand

C Bandit Fort - Kosdad - spells slow to blink

NE Nephar Fortress

N cache [CL 6 or less] - acid shower scroll

N Empire attack Avenite troops - Lizardskin Helmet (5% armor) - reputation improves

NW mold patch [CL 8] - spiritual and energetic herbs

SW looted pile - 200c

NW Nephilim village

SW garbage patch north of Cotra - Forager's Boot (6% armor, +3 First Aid, +1 Cave Lore)

SW Cotra

SW cache north of Cotra [CL 6 or less] - gold bar

W Crystal Cavern - Empire soldiers - Blessing of Waters - Icedrake Greaves (7% armor, +1% to evade, -5% to hit chance, +20% cold res.)

SE south side of river - Coven Cave

S Island south of Cotra - Hidden Outpost - Secret Empire Fort



Captain Arlen -

QUEST - Rescue Nephil Slaves - XP, reputation, Serpentskin Helmet (7% armor, +12% poison and acid res.)

-- XP for killing brigands in SW


Elspeth - QUEST - Find Nance - XP, reputation, Stout Hardwood Shield (12% armor, -10% chance to hit, +8% parry, +2 Hardiness)

Gary - QUEST - Find Sugar for Gary - 200c each and XP


Job Board

QUEST - Rampaging Ghouls - XP, 250c

QUEST - Lost Boats - XP, reputation, Static Band

QUEST - Message - Ft. Dranlon - XP, 100c

QUEST - Nephar Investigation - XP, speed elixir, energy elixir, invulnerability potion

QUEST - Purging the Spiral - XP, 1000c

QUEST - Island Lights - XP, 100c, crystalline wand


NW outside walls - healing herbs

N outside walls - 5c

NE outside walls - spiritual herbs

SE outside walls - hidden switch - hidden switch - brigand lair - Vilans the Thug - platinum ring, Cloak of Blessings (6% armor, +20% to curse res., +10% to blessings/curses you cause), chest - 10c, gold ring (quest item), lightning scroll


SW Cotran Refugees

-- Asp

-- Elspeth

S move mountains - 25c

SW crate - wine

SW portal pylon - Zed Pel Nog

Silvar Arms (Inn) - Gary (food merchant), Gibrain - location of Slith lair

NW rooms

-- SW room - healing elixir

-- SE room door [11] - chest - healing herbs, healing potion, 34c

-- NE room [9] - 12c

-- NW room door [14] - healing potion, energy potion

N door [6] - metal box -

NE Efram's Fine Weaponry (merchant)

NE Oss-Ess (trainer) - Pole Weapons (1440c), Hardiness (1260c)

NE Anastasia - Fine Armor

E guard door [10] - cabinet

CN Captain Arlen (quest location)

CSE Ruth - boat 400c



Fort Duvno

Commander Johnson - QUEST - Destroy Hidden Sliths - XP, reputation, 300c, Tribal Warblade (+2 DEX, +2% to evade)

Walner - QUEST - Find Cure for Dread Curse - healing elixir, curing elixir


SE Inn - Alice

NE healing herbs

N Rorik's Rations (food and wine merchant) - wine (4)

C Headquarters - Commander Johnson

W Walner (merchant)

W Amalia's Supplies (merchant)

W sacks - bag of meal (3)

SW J.R. the Fletcher (merchant)



Nephar Fortress

SE Spiritist Fharrr - gold ring, domination scroll, metal box - 5c

E door [7] - giants - Rat Tail Band (2% armor, +1 DEX, +2% to hit chance)

NE door [12] - chest (quest location)

N Chief Thrrram (quest location) - Sniper's Vest (4% armor, +1 DEX, +3 Sniper)

NE temple - ensnaring wand, sanctification scroll, skulls - curing elixir, altar -

N desk - Bronze Key (special item)

N magical barrier - trap [5 or less] - metal box - 7c, wand of Carrunos, emerald, battle crystal, steel javelins (6)

NW door (Bronze key) lever to release prisoners - XP for each one out the gate

-- 2nd level move mountains - body - fine steel, group heal scroll

W storeroom - sacks - bag of meal (2)

SW hidden switch [9] - opens spell scroll room

SW healing herbs, spiritual herbs, spellward scroll, basin - healing elixir, spell scroll - Summon Aid [AL 8]

S west guard room - wine (3), hidden switch [7] to east guardroom - body - 39c, energy elixir

CNE graymold




Yong-Mi - QUEST - Destroy Cotra Smelter - XP and reputation


SE inside wall - box - steel javelins (4)

SE Smelter (quest location)

-- Raider Thressa - Shining Silk Robe (12% armor, +10% energy and fire res., +2% to evade)

-- fine steel. bar of steel (6)

SE box - gold bar (2), bar of iron (3)

SE move mountains - steel shield, body - steel breastplate, armor elixir

S basilisk fang wand, spellward scroll

SW Eyebeast Hynga-Far - Ivory Band (2% armor, +15% mind effects res., +5% missile damage)

N desk - domination scroll

NE body - iron breastplate, 7c

NE door [7] - return life scroll, sarcophagus - wisdom crystal

C Elspeth's Fine Blades - move mountains - jar - healing elixir

SW pylon - unreadable

S move mountains - fine leather, basilisk fang wand

NW Eyebeast Chel-Far

NW south door [10] - move mountains to north room

NW center door [12] - spell book - Call the Storm [AL 6]

NW east - level 2 magical barrier

NW Eyebeast Thunla-Far - Gazerskin Sandals (16% armor, -5% chance to hit, +10% HER, +3% to evade, +1 Gymnastics)

-- basins - enlightened

-- metal box - spiritual herbs, focusing crystal, graymold, magical notes



Secret Sliths

NW hidden switch - magical barrier - chest - 29c, gold bar (2), ruby, emerald, focusing crystal, level 2 magical barrier - chest - 66c, bar of iron (4), acid shower scroll

NE chest - healing herbs, curing potion, hidden switch to stair up

E spiritual herbs, Shaman Kerevass - healing elixir, Mage Ksss'Tha - energy elixir

-- Dark altar - sanctification - XP

SE fine leather, magical barrier - aranea fangs (2), fine steel bracers (10% armor, -10% to hit chance, +2% to evade, +2% HER)

-- do Slith ritual and read Grim Tome - Dark Thoughts (Dread Curse)

CE hidden switch - need ritual - to boat

S Chief Phess'Oss - rod of defense, Slith Warspear (+10% to critical hit chance, +3% to hit)

SW Treated Leather (10% armor, +2% to evade, +3% to HER), chest - 30c

boat - bag of meal (4), center island - skulls - steel javelins (6), platinum ring, Amber Charm (quest location)

W stairs up

Upper Leve

NE metal box - 34c, ruby, curing elixir

W slith mage - spineshield scroll, chest - flawless crystal, magical notes

NW stoneshatter scroll, speedburst scroll, metal box - piercing crystal

S spiritual herbs, energetic herbs., Drake Yss-Vyass - Radiant Boots (14% armor, -5% chance to hit)

SE healing herbs (2), spiritual herbs, energetic herbs, graymold

S 2nd level move mountains - climb down pit - banshee - invulnerability potion, vampire - wisdom crystal



Coven Cave

W trap [5 or less]

-- healing, spiritual (2), energetic herbs

-- W Witch Louisa - powerlash scroll, curing elixir, chest - mandrake root

-- NW Witch Kimm - healing elixir, Warmth Ring (2% armor, +15% fire res., +5% to melee damage)

-- NE Witch Aubry - Pyrrhic Gauntlets (6% armor, +5% to evade, +10% to critical hit chance)

-- magical barrier - bag of meal (2), metal box - ruby, emerald, focusing crystal, crate - energetic herb, graymold

-- NW chest - spiritual herbs, spell book [need Vahnatai Lore] - Trait -Vahnatai Knowledge

-- metal box - 95c, hidden switch [8] - spell book - Daze [AL 7



Secret Empire Fort

C Captain Horehound - Farsight Longbow (+5% to hit, +5% to missile damage, +10% faster fatigue recovery)

wine (2), energy elixir

NE desk - Blue Empire Pass

NW door [9] - Empire Advisors - acid shower scroll, spiritual herbs, sanctification scroll, return life scroll

-- chest - 10c, chest - 10c, magical barrier - metal box - 1000c

W sacks - bag of meal (3)

SW - bag of sugar (quest item), sacks - bag of meal (3), healing herbs

S cabinet - steel breastplate

SE bookshelf - crystalline wand


Near Formello

Solberg's Tower - after getting Crown Clearance

Solberg - QUEST - Report the Weakness

Inside Tower

door [5 or less]

S Solberg (quest location) spell trainer - minor summons to fireblast - spellcraft (2200c

-- hidden switch [6] - spell book - Lighting Spray [AL 10]

NE portal to hidden switch - orb showing visions - portal to west side of tower[/size]



The Honeycomb

NE hidden passage - hidden passage to Dark Lake, hidden passage to camp - wand of Carrunos

C hidden passages to Brigand's Madhouse

CW gremlins - Aranea Silk Vest (6% armor, +5% to Parry, +1% to evade

CN cache [CL 6 or less] - lemonwood longbow

SE Nephil Village - Bows (840c), Sharpshooter (840c)

SE hidden passage - goblin - cavewood longbow

N Lair of Athron

N hidden passage to Dark Lake


Brigand's Madhouse

west entrance - spineshield scroll - exits north

north entrance - exits west

south entrance - exits east

east entrance

-- hidden switch - hidden switch to bypass teleport - but go north to teleport to SW area

-- walk south teleports to south - exits east


-- wine - hidden switch - exit

-- hidden switch to portal - to SE and exits east

---- south hidden switch to door

-- crate - wine

-- rogue mage - flawless crystal, sanctification scroll

-- Sage Taran - focusing crystal, piercing crystal, metal box - 33c, healing herbs

-- lever to open way to guard post - door [5 or less], box - Spectral Gloves (5% armor, +10% energy res., +2% to evade

Eye Peerara - Flesh-Fused Greaves (4% armor, +1% to evade, -5% chance to hit, +2 STR)

-- healing potion, crate - 8c, box - 8c, portal

-- lever


Lair of Athron

C hidden switch opens SE Entry portal to CSE portal sent to entrance unless Erika sends you

N hidden switch

-- magical barrier - level 2 move mountains - spell book [AL 10 or less] - Slow

-- portal - sent eventually to lever/gate puzzle - start with west and move east repeating until you get the east most gate open to portal

-- hidden switch - Shadowy Shield (12% armor, -15% to hit chance, encumbers mages, 10% parry, +5% to evade)

-- portal to Athron - fine leather, Mercuruc Plate (34% armor, 6% to evade, -20% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +1 action points, -1 STR)

-- level 3 magical barrier to treasury, hidden switch to hidden switch to magical barrier guarded spell book

---- 211c, gold bar (2)

---- metal box - 56c, emerald (2), ruby (3), rod of alacrity, invulnerability elixir, gray mold

---- metal chest - 22c, ruby (2), wisodm crystal, purging crystal, mandrake root



Central Avernum

E cache [CL 5 or less] gold necklace

CN Circle of Pillars - Secret Slith lair inside 4 pillars

N spring -Enlightened (20% chance of resisting mental attacks and 100% protection from Death Curses - 250 rounds)

N hidden passage - camp - fine razordisks (6)

N Hidden Camp - Caitlan - QUEST - Destroy Empire Caches - 50c per cache

-- for 5 caches Frozen Blade (+3% to hit, +10% cold res., weakness for 2 turns (50%)

NW Fort Dranlon

SW body - Dead Courier - satchel - password to Auxiliary Caches

W Abandoned Farmhouse - stone tablets - need to be Enlightened - Mass Curing

NW by boat Empire Cache (quest location)

C by boat Empire Cache (quest location)

C by boat west side of river Empire Cache (quest location)

W cache [CL 6] - return life scroll

W cache [CL 6] - Foil Helm (4% armor, -5% to hit chance, +20% mind effects res., --1 INT, +1 Luck)

NW across from Fort Dranlon - Ambush Empire camp - Empire records (quest item)

SW barbarian Sliths on island - 200c, fine Slith spear

SW SX sign near Trapped Hall


Fort Dranlon

Mairwen - QUEST - Slay Elderan - XP, reputation, 500c

George - QUEST - Get Cheap Wine - 20c and XP

O'Rorke - QUEST - Recover Giant Statues - XP, reputation, Hellhound Helm (7% armor, +2 to evade, +15% cold res.)

SW outside body - lightning scroll

NE cake

NW Postlethwaite - spells haste to summon aid, mentions boots in Cotra

NW Mairwen - chest - 30c

CNW Nance (quest location)

C Caitlan - rituals unshackle mind to sanctification

SE George (merchant)

C O'Rourke

SW portasl pylon - Pie Noo Ley

W outside barrier - body - 22c, healing potion, body 6c

W barrier blocked body - 77c, battle crystal


Trapped Hall

SE wine (3)

E hidden switches open door through different section

C stone ring - healing potion, speed potion

NE stone ring - 25c

CNW nest - healing herbs

CNW move moutains to by pass fight - nest - corruption baton, 72c, nest - 34c, 3rd level move mountains - metal box - basilisk fang wand, 112c

-- move mountains to Sixus

CW hidden switch - to exit

CSW box- bag of sugar

CNW lever to gate

west side rooms

W north door [5 or less] - Sixus (quest location) - metal chest - energetic herbs, magical notes, Suede Gloves (3% armor, +10% to blessings/curses you cause, +2 Resistance), desk - spiritual herbs

-- alive opens way to metal box - healing potion, invulnerability potion, gold bar, piercing crystal, return life scroll, wisdom crystal

NE sacks - bag of meal

W north middle room - desk -7c, magical notes, magical barrier - metal box - 41c, stoneshatter scroll, focusing crystal

W south middle room - desk - 30c, cabinet - 82c

east side rooms

north room - wine, desk - 63c, speed potion

middle room - metal chest - speed potion

south room door [10] - metal box - energetic herbs, healing potion, desk - flawless crystal

SW spell books

-- west - magical barriers can be brought down by quickfire

-- center - Empire bases west of Fort Remote

-- southwest - Solberg may know how to defeat Garzahd

-- east - Vahnatai at Fort Dolthar

-- move mountains - spell book - Howl of Terror [AL 8]



Steam Cave

SE hidden passage - Empire soldiers

SW Totem Tunnels

C Caravan Stop - destroy Totem Tunnel - domination scroll

NW hidden passage - gremlins - herb patch - spiritual herbs (2)

NE hidden passage - wisdom crystal - hidden passage - cache [CL 6 or less] - fine leather


Totem Tunnels

S hidden switch [6] - magical barrier - hidden switch to back door of base

NE 74c, group heal scroll, drake - fine leather, stone ring - 103c, healing potion, energy potion, speed potion

-- west and south hidden switches - base access

NE wine (3), chest - wine (2). crate - energetic herbs, speed potion, sacks - bag of meal (3)

CN door [10] - Cultist Vambar - return life scroll, sanctification scroll

-- mandrake root, magical notes

-- box - graymold, mandrake root

NW Silent Dervish - Deadeye Chainmail (20% armor, +3 to evade, -5% to hit chance, +5% missile damage, +5% faster fatigue recovery)

-- door - chest - 63c, desk - Grey Empire Pass (quest item) - hidden switch - level 2 magical barrier - crate - gold bar (2), bar of iron (2)

-- chest - 137c, wisdom crystal, ensnaring wand

W crate - bag of sugar

C rooms - NW door [7] - acid shower scroll, NE door [5 or less] - fine steel, 59c, south room - 57c, wine, metal box - spiritual herbs, healing potion

CS middle hellhound pen - body - armor elixir

SE Thudgrud - Ratskin Shawl (7% armor, +5% melee damage protection, +3% to critical hit chance)




Central Part of Avernum - Eastern Great Cave, Southern Avernum, Giant Infest Region, Northern Avernum after Barriers are gone


Eastern Great Cave

SW buy silver charm for 500c - Clarity Talisman (4% armor, +4% to magical damage, +10% to blessings/curse you cause

W Almaria

NE Abyss Camp - Scab's Tools (merchant)



Bevan - QUEST - Find Sixus - killed - XP, reputation, alive - XP, reputation, 1000c

-- report Empire base for XP

Rosemary -QUEST - Rosemary's Potions

Julio - QUEST - Pass Waterfall Warren - XP, return life scroll,y training - Dual Wielding (1620c), Lethal Blow (1800c)


QUEST - Find Blue Pass - XP, reputation[/size]

QUEST - Find Gray Pass - XP, reputation, Emerald Chain (3% armor, +3 Blademaster


Job Board

QUEST - Aranea Fangs (3 fangs) - XP, 100c, energy elixir

QUEST - Message - The Castle - 100c, XP

QUEST - Vahnatai Style - XP, 150c

QUEST - Fate of Kyass - XP, reputation

QUEST - More Aranea Fangs (5 fangs) - XP, reputation, 200c, speed elixir, invulnerability elixir

QUEST - Vahnatai Crafts - 250c, wisdom crystal, piercing crystal


E toll 5c at Reputation well liked (24)

E Inn - Hmurr (food and wine merchant) - hidden switch - barrel - armor elixir, hidden switch to walls

SE Empire hidden base after raid - door [7] - metal box - Red Empire Pass, desk - info on Empire spy in Blosk

SW door [12]

SW move mountains - metal box -78c

W Shannon's Weaponry (merchant)

SW Jay's Olde Armore Shoppe (merchant) - door [10] or move mountains - cabinet - 82c (steal)

SW Apothecary - Rosemary (merchant) - potion craft


-- SW room door [8] - chest - 6c, healing potion

-- SE room - magical barrier, trap [7] fire - 6c, cabinet - Haste [AL 9]

-- NW room door [5 or less] - cabinet - flawless crystal, magical notes (steal)

-- NE room - metal box - 17c

NE Miranda - rituals smite to call the storm, divine fire

C City Hall - Duckworth, Bevan - door [10] - hidden switch - trap [11] - hidden switch - level 2 magical barrier - 3000c, worse reputation, Dread Curse

NW Training Hall - Julio

N pylon - Hoo Zim Bes

N west hidden switch - spiritual herbs, east hidden switch - energetic herbs

N Quartermaster - Captain Dirk -

N east room on west side - cabinet - 8c, cabinet 6c, middle room - Abby

NW Beast pens - north - fine leather

NW Storeroom - Raider Adakal - iron breastplate, Sniper's Belt (2% armor, +2 Thrown Weapons), sacks - bag of meal (3)

NW move mountains - body - steel breastplate, healing elixir



Southern Avernum

N wandering Shamblers - steel broadsword

N hidden passage - graymold (2)

NW island - cache [CL 6 or less] - energy elixir

NW island SW of Cotra - beached boat - package for Dharmon (quest item)

NE Ruined Tower - 300c, Girdle of Avoidance (5% armor, +2 DEX

NE Tower of Sixus


Tower of Sixus

NE outside wall - body - energy potion

N Cultist Unaras - shielding potion, Incantor Dyane - lightning scroll, Raider Tanner - lemonwood longbow

CNE door [10]

CW steel javelin (4), body - speed potion

C hidden door open - return life scroll

S body - 23c, hidden switch opens east - hidden switch to bypass door [10]

-- move mountains on west wall - speedburst scroll, magical notes

SW aranea fang, magical notes, desk - recovery scroll, desk - 22c

-- NE room - lever to unleash monsters, ogre magi - Temperate Necklace (2% armor, +15% fire and cold res.)

-- NW room - hidden switch opens south lever to open gate in west and to return life scroll in center

S door [5 or less] - barrel - healing and spiritual herbs

SW magical notes, black basalt (2), door [5 or less], chest - black basalt, door [7] - chest - ruby

SW magical barrier - chest - battle crystal, Almarian wine

SW Statue Chamber - magical notes, door - Sixus Map



Giant Infested Region


NE cache [CL 6 or less] - speed elixir

C wandering giant farmers - fine leather

S Giant Fort

NW Moldy Cavern

N destroyed human colony - Reflecting Shield (-10% to hit, +8% to parry, +5% HER)

W Giant's Cave[

W iron door - password - Empire Cache

SW shamblers - 500c, uranium bar


Giant Fort

CNE chest -25c, speed potion

NE spineshield scroll, chest - 9c

CNW chest - 89c, chest - 9c

CW healing herbs, cabinet - iron breastplate

W acid shower scroll, group heal scroll

CSW Big Trophy Room - skulls - emerald

SW blacksmith - gold bar (2), fine steel

SW frenzied vampire

SW door [10] - Harthag - mandrake root, invulnerability potion, chest - Giant Statue (special item, quest item)

-- dark altar - ritual of sanctification - XP

-- hidden switch - level 2 move mountains - bodies

S giant diviner curing elixir, speed elixir

-- altar - wisdom crystal

S hidden switch - body - 67c, energy elixir

S Overseer UIghra - Warrior's Cloak (5% armor, +1 melee weapons, +1 pole weapons, +2% to hit chance, +2% melee damage)

SE Small Trophy Room - magical notes, chest - flawless crystal

SE wine, cabinet - stoneshatter scroll, metal chest - 53c, metal chest - 61c

SE Gremlin Cave - gremlins (quest location)

E kennel - hidden switches [8] and several move mountains - magical barrier - chest - radiate ice scroll, wand of the inferno, return life scroll



Giant Village

SW hidden switch [7] - hidden switch - Village

SW box - emerald, flawless crystal

-- Diviner Xarga - wand of death, wand of Carrunos, giant blacksmith - fine steel

W gold bar

N Overseer Gnarva - Molten Halberd (+2 Lethal Blow, +10% fire res.), Chef Duglo - Goblin Cleaver

-- wine (4)

NW Idol Altar - giant statue (special item, quest item), energetic herbs - ritual of sanctification - XP



Moldy Cavern

N chest - 66c, chest - healing potion

NE fungus - healing herbs[/size]

NW stone ring - 8c

W Herb Patch - jar - mandrake root, healing herb, spiritual herb

-- fungus [CL 6 or less] - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, [CL 7] - graymold, [CL 9] - mandrake root



Giant's Cave

SW trap [CL 6 or less][

E magical barrier to upper tier

W chest - 6c, Reflecting Shield, crate - 26c, spiritual herbs, hidden switch [8] - hidden switch to upper tier

Giant Meathouse - Diviner Syzzyx - purging crystal, speedburst scroll, Overseer Khana - Girdle of Life (5% armor, +2 END)

-- , armor elixir

NW hidden switch - healing elixir, energy elixir, metal chest - giant statue (special item, quest item)

NW 2nd level move mountains - metal box - 69c, emerald, wood chest - scroll - Ward of Thoughts [AL 8]

N move mountains - box - 33c, gold bar (3), bar of iron (2), box - 84c, gold bar (3), bar of iron (3)[/font][/size]



Northern Avernum after Barriers are gone


N iron door - password - Empire Cache (quest location)

NW Trapped Empire soldiers - Girdle of Might (5% armor, +2 STR)

W Grahk's Peninsula

S graymold

SE Abandoned village - fine steel

SE Little Vale

SE west side of river - cache [CL 6 or less] - wand of death

NW Tower of Elderan

S cache [CL 6 or less] - ensnaring wand

S hidden passage - giant village - uranium bar

C cave - Assassin's Shield (21% armor, -15% to hit chance, +12% to parry, +3% to melee damage, +2 Lethal Blow)

C Moldy Cave

CW Pyrog Checkpoint - Empire Red Pass

SW lizards - fine leather

CW Orb to cache [CL 6 or less] - speed burst scroll

W Harston (quest location)

W Orb to cave - Granite Girdle (6% armor, -5% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +8% melee damage protection, +20% mind effects res.)

NW Pyrog's Cave

NW of Pyrog's Cave - cache [CL ?] - Return Life Scroll


Little Vale


Waldby - QUEST - Password for Waldby - can get special goods


SW healing and energetic herbs, jar - black basalt (2)

SE jar - aranea fang

Waldby's Bazaar (merchant)



Tower of Elderan

QUEST - The Empire Archives (quest location to the Empire Portal)


Entry Level

SE crate - healing, spiritual, and energetic herbs

-- level 2 magical barrier - metal chest - group heal scroll, speed potion, 5c, energy potion, healing potion

W kitchen - bag of sugar, cake (2)

SW wine (4), bag of meal (3)

CN Black Altar - touch to open gate - lever to remove pillar to stairs up

NE Gaol - 23c, gazer - Ever-Rotting Bow (Dark Rot Missile - acid)

-- NE door [5 or less] - Kyass (quest location) - fine leather

-- NW door [5 or less] - Bill

-- S door [5 or less] - Bill

C Elderan's desk - note showing where the Empire Archives are in the Northern Isles and Ivory Key (quest needed item)

-- hidden switch to Dark Altar


2nd Level

NW healing elixir, desk - domination scroll, chest - stoneshatter scroll

W levers releases monsters

SW recovery scroll, cabinet - 120c, hidden switch - group heal scroll, piercing crystal, domination scroll

NE fiery wand, web - stoneshatter scroll, door - spiritual herbs, metal chest - sanctification scroll, 35c, healing, energetic, and spiritual herbs

NE stairs down to Gaol

S levers release monsters

-- SE Chitrach egg sac (2), west middle to lever to gate to 3rd level


3rd Level

E south door [11] - crate - energy potion, group heal scroll, focusing crystal, crate - 86c, healing herbs

E north door [8] - purging crystal, magical notes

NE Guard's Quarters - wine, metal box - energy potion, speed potion, 70c lever to gate in SW to 4th level

NW Mage's Quarters - wine, metal box - curing potion

W north door [7] - magical notes, fine razordisks (2)

W south door [5 or less] - record copying room - Empire Records, magical notes, acid shower scroll

SW hidden switch to record copying room, lever - gate

C wheel (41-66 STR)


4th Level

W Purification Chamber - metal box - flawless crystal, spineshield scroll

S healing potion

Workshop of Elderan

-- E spiritual herbs, energetic herbs

-- Delver Castinan - Basalt Band (8% armor, -10 to hit chance, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +5% HER, +1 Hardiness)

-- Scout Morrigan - healing elixir

-- NE box - energy potion

-- energy potion (2)

NE cabinet - healing potion, gold bar, lever open gate to leave level

N fire lizard egg (2)

NW gold bar (5), uranium bar

W hidden switch - group heal scroll, return life scroll, recovery scroll

-- Elderan (quest location)- wisdom crystal, Lost Mage's Robe (9% armor, +1 Mage Spells, +1 Spellcraft, +1 Magical Efficiency)

-- cabinet - 30c

-- spell books - Spray Acid [AL ?]

-- trap [9] fire - metal box - 113c, invulnerability elixir, rod of alacrity, spellward scroll, box -111c, speedburst scroll

C stairs down the center shaft



Moldy Cave

Magi Clearance to Magical Reagent

fungai clumps - CL 6 or less - healing herbs, spiritual herbs, CL 7 - energetic herbs, CL 9 - graymold., CL 10 - mandrake root

graymold. mandrake root





Suzanne - QUEST - Food for Harston (bag of meal) - 40c and XP and reputation +1 when completed


NW Ready Blade - Scab tells you to see Delaria (Scimitar), Carswin (food merchant) - room that needs key (30c) - rest, cabinet - EmpireRecords

NE Renee the Sage - train - First Aid , Cave Lore

CE Suzanne - merchant[

CE desk - group heal scroll, 10c

E door [7 or less] - Delaria (Scimitar)

SE door [9] - chest - 10c, chest - spiritual herbs

SE Empire storage [10] - sacks - bag of meal (3)

SW Harston Smithy - bar of iron (2), Sharon - craft - 500c and

-- Radiant Belt - fine leather, focusing crystal, fine steel (8% armor)

-- Bandit's Cap - 4 fine leather, 3 focusing crystals, 4 fine steel (7% armor, -10% to hit chance, +1 Dual Wielding, +2% to evade)[/font]

-- Acid-Etched Leggings - 3 fine leather, 4 focusing crystal, 6 fine steel (6% armor, +2% to evade, -10% to hit chance, +15% to curse res., +15% to acid res.)

-- Archer''s Protectors - 6 fine leather, 5 focusing crystals, 2 fine steel (3% armor, +10% to missile damage, +8% to parry)

-- Radiant Plate - 8 fine leather, 8 focusing crystals, 8 fine steel (40% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance)

W cabinet - speed potion, metal box - 104c, healing potion (steal)



Pyrog's Cave


NE Giant Lair

Diviner Xaga - healing elixir

NE chest - 35c, flawless crystal

Overseer Jugran - curing elixr, ruby

door [10]

Dervish Fedra - Mauler's Ring (6% armor, +5% to melee damage, +1 Lethal Blow)

cell - body - acid shower scroll, Empire Records

Drake Pit door [10]

C Research Halls

-- rooms - SW door [key], SE room - desk - gray mold (2), healing elixir, NE room - 32c, NW room - desk - 30c, Empire Records, hidden switch to SW room - spell book - Simulacrum [AL 11]

-- giant room - basin - +50 energy

-- Enchantment Workshop - mandrake root (2), Empire Grey Pass and read nearby spell book [CL 4] - Phoenix Egg (special item)

-- black slab room - Ritual of Sanctification for XP

-- Maximum containment room - Crystal Hall - Crystal Soul: Jekknol (quest location, special item)


S Main Barracks

chest - 27c, group heal scroll, speed burst scroll, cabinet - 95c, healing elixir

Incantor Frex - spiritual herbs, focusing crystal

Cultist Hyarule - wand of death, Silk-Woven Cord (6% armor, +5% melee damage protection, +2 Spellcraft, +1 Magical Efficiency. +1 First Aid)

E Dragon storage - level 2 move mountains - black basalt (3)

-- door [10] - fine leather, metal chest - Drakeskin Cloak (12% armor), metal chest - Drakeskin Shield (15% armor, -10% to hit chance, +8% parry, +15% fire res.)

SE room - box - energy potion, hidden switch - level 2 magical barrier - door [12] - fiery wand, oozing wand, chest - ensnaring wand, metal box - speed elixir

SE door [9 or less] -

SE room - desk -healing herbs, metal box - energy potion, room - chest - recovery scroll, healing elixir, chest - 102c

SE rakshasa room - magical notes (2). spiritual herbs (2),energy elixir, platinum ring

-- door [10] - chest - 238c, invulnerability elixir, magical notes, piercing crystal

SE Almarian wine (2), wine (2)[/font]




Western Part of Avernum - Great Cave, Near Dharmon[/font]


TU 12 with one at 20

AL 9

CL 8 or 9


Great Cave

SE cache [CL 5 or less] - powerlash scroll

NE Camp Samuels

E The Castle

E cache [CL 5 or less] - fine steel

SE Wishing Pool

SE east hidden passage - Vahnatai pillar

SE west hidden passage - undead, fine steel waveblade (need STR 12?), cache [CL 7] - focusing crystal

S wandering - Remote Merchants

S Mold Patch [CL 7] - graymold (2)

S Patrick's Tower

S using Orb of Thralni - duel with efreeti - emerald, Vahnatai Lore

C cache [CL 6-7] - Rod of Succor

C Silverlock's Hut - potion merchant

N Fort Emerald

N Gnass

N Blosk

N wandering Abyss refugees - reputation if you tell them about camp east of Almaria

NW hidden passage - cache [CL 6] - wisdom crystal

NW Shaynee's Bazaar

NW Orb to alien insect nest - Molten Halberd (8% armor, +2 Lethal Blow. +10% fire res.)

NW Empire Barrier - second wave - Lightstep Band (6% armor, +2 Quick Action, +2 Gymnastics)

NW Dharmon Metalworks

SW Tiger's Den

W cache [CL 6] - energy elixir

CW cache [CL 5 or less] - healing elixir

CW graymold (2)

SW Kevtar's Hut - trainer - Parry (1350c), Quick Action (1350c), Sharpshooter (1080c)

SW Fort Remote[/font]


Camp Samuels

Commander Krizsan - QUEST - Find Locke - XP, reputation[/font]


C Captain Faulkner

C Commnader Krizsan

NE Camp Toolsmith - Foulk (merchant)

N crate - healing potion (2), sacks - bag of meal (3)

NW Ray (merchant)

SE rest to recharge/heal

SW outside walls - fungi clumps - [CL 5 or less] - healing herbs, spiritual herbs



The Castle

Outside Castle - wrestles - Cap of Farsight (5% armor, +3% to missile damage, +1 Sniper, +1 Sharpshooter)



-- QUEST - The Orb of Thralni - XP, reputation

-- QUEST - Visit Harston - XP, reputation

Gilda - QUEST - Find Empire Records - 100c and XP per Empire record


King Micah

QUEST - Destroy Garzahd - access to spell books in his room

QUEST - Garzahd's Weakness - talk to Solberg

QUEST - Locate Demonslayer

QUEST - The Guardian Runes - talk to Rone

QUEST - Rentar-Ihnro's Aid

QUEST - Travel to Erika

QUEST - Ask Erika about Garzhad



QUEST - The Blessed Athame

QUEST - Obtain Demonslayer


N Lorraine

E door [7] - Big Fred - fine leather, stone ring - curing elixir, sanctification scroll

S Royal Temple - spiritual herbs, metal chest - 44c, Kristen (ritual trainer)

SW cells

-- Cell 1 - door [12] - questioning rooms

-- Cell 3 - door [6] - Levitt

SE Barracks - south room - bag of sugar (quest item), hidden switch [7] - opens outer wall to wand of death

CS Guest Quarters - recharge/heal

CS Orb of Thralni - missing

SW Hall of Records - Gilda - advance clearance - Magi (25), Crown (40)

W door [10] to back of Hall of Records

W Ackroyd - sell items

W portal pylon - Ain Eff Wyx

-- SW storeroom - crate - black basalt, SE storeroom - black basalt

NW kitchen - bag of meal

NE Magi Clearance

-- W Curtin

-- NW - cake, metal chest - healing elixir, armor elixir (steal), desk - healing potion, 60c, magical notes, graymold salve

-- NE Rone's Office - Rone, magical notes, black basalt

E Throne Room - Crown Clearance

-- King Micah

-- Lithgow - gives stipend of 25c if you have crown clearance

-- door [10] - cake, spell book - Arcane Blow [AL12], Divine Host [AL12]

---- hidden switch - Royal Treasury

---- Blessed Breastplate (34% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance), 723c, ruby (4), return life scroll

---- metal box - 1000c, worse reputation, Dread Curse

---- metal chest - 1000c, worse reputation, Dread Curse



Patrick's Tower


Patrick - QUEST - Find Vahnatai Artifacts

-- Vahnatai Cloak- 200c, XP

-- Fine Razordisk - 300c, Deciphering Lens, XP

-- Vahnatai Lore (2 levels) - 400c, XP

-- Fine Steel Waveblade - 300c, XP, reputation


-- QUEST - Locate Borgia Toadstools - XP

-- QUEST - Graymold Salve - XP - reputation


NE outside walls - graymold

CSE Guest Quarters - recharge/heal - desk - 29c

CSE door [8] - chest - 8c, magical notes

SE Conference Hall - Magi Clearance - Patrick

E Cochran's Garden - Cochran - potion maker with mandrake root including wisdom crystal

NE Library

-- Magi Clearance - magical notes, ensnaring wand (steal)

NW Patrick's office

-- east spellbook needs Deciphering Lens - Summon Shade [AL 9]

-- hidden switch [6] to Patrick's lab - spiritual herbs, Jade, chest - group heal scroll, barrel - spiritual herb

---- hidden switch - level 2 magical barrier - trap [8] magical - crate - healing herbs, spiritual herbs, focusing crystal - trap [10] magical - crate - wisdom crystal, mandrake root

-- door [10]

SW Peaceful Garden - Hathwisa - starts path to Demonslayer

-- Julz - spellbooks need Deciphering Lens from Patrick - east book - War Blessing [AL11]

-- kitchen - bag of sugar (2) (steal)

CNW Entrance to Demonslayer portal - Demonslayer (6% armor, 75% extra damage to demons, +12% fire, energy, and cold res.)


Tomb of Demonslayer


N Demonslayer

NW Move mountains spell - level 2 or 3 Dispel Barrier - hidden switch [8] - opens wall by first portal - spell book - Icy Rain [AL ?]




Fort Emerald

Theresa - QUEST - Help Wounded Soldier - XP, reputation[/font]

General Landren - QUEST - Kill Limoncelli - XP, reputation, Heustess will now teach dispel barrier


SE Theresa

SE metal box - gold bar (3) steal

SE hidden switch - door [7] - mutant lizard - fine leather

C green crystal - Crystal Blessing

CNE Infirmary - Brian (quest location)- use graymold salve

E hidden switch - door [8] - chitrach - chitrach egg sac

NW wine

SW General Landren's office - desk 29c





Assotho - Quest - Find Massacre Evidence - XP and reputation


SE sacks - bag of meal (2)

SE Island Shrine - do ritual and pray for Blessing of the Caves

C Pathass's Chamber - Pathass sends to find stolen lizard charm in Hidden Sliths - reputation

-- will teach rituals if slith in party - unshackled mind to return life (very reasonable)

-- move mountains and hidden switch in Chamber to spell tome reward - Ward of Elements [AL 11]

SW Orho - Slith spear merchant





Justin - QUEST - Find Grahk's Peninsula - XP, one character get a level of Cave Lore

QUEST - after seeing Erika and Bartholomew - Thompson's Hiding Spot


Job Board

QUEST - Message - The Castle - 100c, XP

QUEST - The Half-Finished Fort - reputation, XP, 200c, speed elixir, energy elixir

QUEST - Abby's Passes - XP

QUEST - The Chaos Codes - XP, reputation, wand of the inferno, powerlash scroll

QUEST - The Black Cube - XP, reputation, 300c, Girdle of Genius (5% armor, +2 INT)


N outside walls - black basalt

SE portal pylon - Vai Tor Kva


-- Bruce of Blosk's room - oven - Blosk Spy Evidence if have message from Almaria - cabinet - magical notes, Almarian wine

-- Eddy and Patsy - Almarian wine, cabinet - 7c

-- Leith and Allisnadre - trap [5 or less] - chest - 6c, spell books - mentions that he knows how to make evidence useable

NW Bartholomew & Thompson. Magical Research

-- Almarian wine (2), mortar and pestle (Lab Equipment quest item)

desk - healing potion, curing potion (steal)

-- level 2 magical barrier - chest - magical notes, trap [10] magical - Divine Fire [AL 8]

W Lieth

W The Patsy Arms

-- door [20] - lousy room (5c)

SW Eddy's Eatables (food merchant)

SW Saffron - will make evidence useable

SW Apothecary - Mondrian - healer

E City Hall - desk - magical notes

-- door [10] - chest - mandrake root (2) (steal)

-- Vicky - show evidence - XP, reputation, 600c

SE Hall of Training - Oliver - no training


Dharmon Area

N Dharmon



Mayor Genevieve - QUEST - Find Kothar Plans - XP, reputation, 1000c

Rippel - QUEST - Rippel's Crafts - 300c and items

-- steel broadsword - fine steel, focusing crystal

-- Blessed Breastplate - fine steel, 2 focusing crystals (34% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance)

-- Warrior's Greaves - 3 fine steel, 2 focusing crystals (4% armor, -5% to hit chance, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +1 Blademaster)

-- Shield of the Deep - 4 fine steel, 4 focusing crystal (25% armor, -15% to hit chance, +15% to parry)

-- Chaotic Halberd - 2 fine steel, 4 focusing crystals (+10% to critical hit chance, +2 DEX 50% chance to ensnare for 2 turns)


Job Board

QUEST - Royal Command - XP

QUEST - The Sludge Monster - XP, 200c, rod of battle

QUEST - Lab Equipment - beaker, abacus, hourglass, mortar and pestle - speedburst scroll, spienshield scroll, sanctification scroll, XP

QUEST - The Tiger's Den - XP, reputation, Bow of Storms (50% lightning for 2 turns)


NW Julie (merchant)

NW Rippel (merchant), craft

SW Largo - Sage and Alchemist (potion merchant)

SW abandoned shop - web - acid shower scroll

SW hidden switch - Gunther (merchant)

-- steal Surface Tools in Dharmon warehouse XP, worse reputation, Starlight Greaves (4% armor, +1% to evade, -5% to hit chance, +8% to healing)

S Temple of Crossed Swords - Sarah - ritual trainer (need reputation 28-30) - mass healing to divine host

S portal pylon - Eft Eal Dra

S Kieth - beggar

Storage Bay

-- #1 - door [6] - metal box - ruby (3), emerald (2), cabinet - steel breastplate (steal) - hidden switch [8]

---- yew longbow, chest - Surface Tools wanted by Gunther

-- #2

-- #3 - sacks - bag of meal (2) - trap [7] fire - barrel - healing herb (steal), graymold (2)


SE Dharmon Arms

-- Malka - needs Package for Dharmon - reputation, XP, Ruby Necklce (2% armor, +15% fire and energy res.)

-- door (key or 15c for room) - cabinet - Almarian wine (2)

NE City Hall. Barracks of Dharmon

-- 5c

-- Magi Clearance - Mayor Genevieve

-- boat (here or from north)

-- cell [5 or less] - Lieutenant Agate - info on SW quadrant

-- cell [5 or less]

-- sacks - bag of meal (3), metal box - healing potion (3) (steal), crate - spiritual herbs (steal)

N door [5 or less]

-- by boat

---- SW - 46c, graymold (2), frothing shambler - mandrake root

---- W - hidden switch [6] - magical barrier to Starcap, basin - curing elixir, spell book (need Deciphering Lens) - Domination [AL 12]



Tiger's Den

SW body - shielding potion, body - 22c

SE hidden switch to open Den

E bar of iron, skulls - steel shield

NE wine (3), Evanesss - rod of succor, mandrake root

SE wine (6), acid shower scroll

SW door [8 or less] - platinum ring, magical notes, Lab Equipment quest items except mortar and pestle

-- box - Tarnished Chain (3% armor, +3 Resistance)[/font]

S rooms

-- SW - 51c

-- S 208c, Sooara - platinum ring

-- SE metal chest - curing potion, energetic herbs

-- NE metal chest - energetic herbs, spiritual herbs (2)

NW wine (2)

SW magical barrier -

SW pentagram - opens wall to east -- hellhound nest - healing potion, 20c - hidden switch - opens wall to west

-- hidden switch - hidden switch -

---- Consorts drop - electrum bauble. shield ring

---- Dharrrhm - Drakeskin Cloak (10% armor

---- basins - Enlightened

---- level 3 move mountains - chest - 74c, gold bar, return life scroll, fire lizard egg. mandrake root, powerlash scroll, fine steel

---- level 2 magical barrier - metal chest - 90c, ruby, black basalt, graymold, purging crystal

---- trap [8] magical - invulnerability potion, 78c, emerald, aranea fang, energetic herb

---- green Radiant Crystal - pray - Crystal Blessing, Dread Curse[/font]

---- portal to entrance



Fort Remote


Angarahad - magical notes - XP, 120c per

-- at 8 - Runed Plate (34% armor, +6% to evade, +20% mind effects res., +5% to magical damage)

Mother Madge - Replace Ankh - XP

Commander Lori - QUEST - Find Blue Pass - need a second Empire Blue Pass - XP, reputation


outside Fort

SE aranea fangs (2), recovery scroll

SE Angarahad

NE move mountains - body - steel breastplate


inside Fort

SE Guest Quarters - painting

SW altar - place Bronze Ankh from Blasted Ruins - Crystal Blessing

CW Storeroom door [6]

NW crate - healing potion (steal), sacks - bag of meal

NE Fraitus - route to Thompson


west outside Fort

body - 22c, body - iron greaves


Thompson's Lair - Lower level

SE need tuned key for gate

-- different color tile opens northwest gate

-- runes opens gate

-- S sacks - bag of meal (5)

SW desk - healing herbs, basin - gray mold salve, hidden switch shortcut to leave

Thompson - Garzahd's coordinates - Vag Obb Tor - spell trainer minor summon to arcane blow



Barrier Tower


west hidden switch [6] opens east side - spell book (ask Pyrn about it or AL 13 to remove trap) - Dispel Barrier [AL 10]

northwest hidden switch opens - portal back to Tower of Magi

W door (key)

Pyrn - talk to him about teleportation to get SW book (need AL 2) (quest location

-- open circle - mung demon - return life scroll, focusing crystal

-- chest - 55c, healing potion (can now steal)



Central Sea (north)

NE cache [CL 7] - platinum ring

NE Black Cube

N Dark Tunnel

W geode - piercing crystal, wisdom crystal [CL 7+]

SE hut - 400c, terror wand

SW mushrooms [CL 7+]

SW basilisks - 200c, invulnerabity potion


Black Cube

NW hidden switch on outside wall opens northwest corner

W chest - healing elixir[

SW jar - healing herbs, spiritual herbs

NW hidden switch open wall to south - lever to wall to east

-- CE hidden switch open wall to south

-- blademaster - invulnerability potion

-- Dervish Thron - speed elixir, Singing Rapier (+2 Quick Action, +1 Blademaster), Red Empire Pass

-- Impia the Sage - basilisk fang wand

-- door [9] - green crystal - smash for XP (quest location)

on exit after smashing green crystal - Vahnatai - battle crystal, flawless crystal, piercing crystal, purging crystal



Dark Tunnel

S - 7c

SW body - healing elixir, magical notes, body - group heal scroll, 38c

-- hidden switch opens north

NW hidden switch open west - magical barrier - Efreet Dyush - powerlash scroll, ruby

NE hidden switch opens north - Galthos

SW ruby (3). Efreet Kyormal - invulnerability elixir, level 3 move mountains - box - 29c, armor elixir, fine leather, mandrake root

C door [9] - Lich Hall

-- flawless crystal (4), magical notes

-- Lich Tynoel - wisdom crystal, Lodestone Bracers (+10% armor, -10% to hit chance, +2 Dual Wielding, +2% to evade, +20% curse res.

-- spell book [AL 12 and Vahnatai Lore] - Capture Soul

-- level 2 magical barrier - 119c. flawless crystal (2), purging crystal



Waterfall Warrens

N Slithzerikai Colony - QUEST - Help Barbaric Sliths - hammer - XP, wisdom crystal

NE camp - powerlash scroll

W cache [CL 8-10] - Blessed Breastplate

CW pool - drains energy

SW pool - drains health

SW Empire Barrier

C Halls of Chaos


Halls of Chaos

S east side - Botanical Sample Storage - healing herbs, spiritual herbs, energetic herbs, graymold, mandrake root

-- need abacus (Plor), hourglass (Fump), fishing pole (Quib)

-- Empire Grey Pass opens gate to south to stairs down

-- energetic herbs, To Treasure Storage door [10] - Bartholomew box (quest location), magical notes, nest - 92c, energy elixir,

---- hidden switch - wand of inferno, gold bar (2) , crate - 86c, sanctification scroll, carte 44c, crate - mandrake root (2)

------ metal box - 78c, aranea fangs, metal box - 26c, fine steel, bag of sugar, metal box - 8c, black basalt

------ level 2 magical barrier - chest - 22c, return life scroll, graymold salve, invulnerability elixir


SE Southeast Defense Control lever - Blue/Red Conduit switch power

E fishing pole, 9c

NE Non-Magical Evaluation - basin - +50 spell energy, healing potion, energy potion, abacus

NW Enchanted Gear Storage Cells - hourglass

SW 8c, door - Enchanted Gear access tunnel - need Amber Key for gate, need Steel key for gate

-- gazer Ghysa'Eye - Dragonskin Cap (9% armor, +1 Resistance, +10% to mind effects res.), nest - speed elixir[

-- Plor - Blessed Athame (quest location, special item)

-- Fump - wisdom crystal

-- Quib - Bow of the Deep Woods (+2 Gymnastics, +5% to healing)

W fishing pole

NW lever changes flow of energy for Blue/Red Conduit and opens gate[/font]


Red Conduit lower level

basin - armor elixir, basin +50 spell energy

door - healing herbs, spiritual herbs, container - Steel Key


Blue Conduit lower level

-- portal for only one character

---- 8c. trash room - box - Amber key



Scree Pits

NW door - Vampire Crypt - 800c, yew longbow

S Empire Barrier - need Red Empire Pass

SW door - ice drake - graymold salve - 2000c for magical training - spellcraft for all characters

SW hidden passage - entrance - undead

SW Empire Barrier

C cache [CL 9 or less] - crystalline wand

N east hidden passage - door - undead

N west hidden passage - door - undead, body - Caller's Bracers (9% armor, -5% to hit chance, +2 Spellcraft, +5% to critical hit chance)

NW Unfinished Fort (quest location)


Unfinished Fort

NE hidden switch - Crevasse Cave - body - Helm of Klin (9% armor, -10% to hit chance, +12% mind effects res., +1 Hardiness, +3% to Riposte)

W Barracks Case

-- Cabinet - Blue Empire Pass (quest item)

-- 35c

-- cabinet - 29c

-- door - sacks - bag of meal (2), hidden switch - metal box - emerald (4), battle crystal, metal box - 60c, gold bar (2), speed elixir

-- Empire records, Commander Criella (quest location) - Runed Jade Necklace (2% armor, +15% poison and acid res.)

-- Commander's bedroom - metal box - 25c, Empire records

SW - healing potion, gold bar, bar of iron (3), jar - fine steel

-- Smith Tyrol - platinum ring, energy elixir

CSW hidden switch - tunnel - hidden switch

CS - 27c, body - 26c

S - crate - healing potion, energy potion, move mountains - body - curing elixir



Central Sea (south)

W hidden passage - cache [CL 7] - speed elixir

S Southern Arena - 300c, rod of battle

N Northern Arena - 200c, armor ring[

NE Portage[/font]

E Massacre Site - slaughtered Sliths - report to Gnass

C Fort Dolthar - need Empire Blue Pass



Fort Dolthar


NE outside walls level 2 move mountains - body - magical notes, return life scroll

NE outside walls - basilisks - 28c, healing elixir

SW outside walls hidden switch - hidden switch -

S by dock stairs up


S speed elixir, energy elixir

SW Cultist Barinar - healing elixir

SW Almarian wine

W Spellweaver Yanoth - Radiant Shortblade (+15% energy res., +3% to melee damage protection)

SW rooms - west cabinet - 10c, southwest [7 or less] - cabinet - 37c, group heal scroll, Empire records, middle [7 or less] - cabinet - 7c, domination scroll, Almarian wine, east [9] - cabinet - healing herbs (2), group heal scroll, curing elixir, arena fangs (2)

CW door [10] - speed elixir, energy elixir

NW mutant lizard - fine leather

NW hidden switch [12-13] to stairs up inside gate to General's Chambers

N acid shower scroll, purging crystal, invulnerability potion, metal box - armor elixir, wood box - 357c, battle crystal

NE crate - gold bar

E wine

-- Infiltrator Orelen - fine razordisks (6)

-- north door - Empire records, cabinet - 87c, ruby

SE dark altar - ritual of sanctification for XP, hidden switch - mandrake root, graymold


Upper level

W stairs down

-- runes push party south

-- lever open gate to trap [7 or less] - lever to turn off runes

NW General's Chambers - Empire records (3)

-- Limoncelli (quest location) - Assassin's Falchion (+2 Blademaster, +2 Lethal Blow), speed elixir

-- desk - Empire Records, group heal scroll

-- magical barrier - gold bar (4), energy elixir, armor elixir - level 2 magical barrier - metal chest - graymold, aranea fangs (3), bag of sugar, graymold salve, magical notes (2), metal box - emerald (2). ruby (3), 212c, corruption baton, return life scroll

SW stove - ruby

S stairs up - blocked going down

SE healing potion

S training room cabinet - healing potion, southwest room - healing potion

CN healing potion

E north metal box - 23c, cabinet - 26c

C Stalker room - nest - 77c, nest -100c, healing elixir

E trapdoor - ladder down to east side, but can't return

NE Envoy's Chambers - curing elixir , basin -- +50 energy

-- Shaper Thrivit - invulnerability potion, Spectral Robe (10% armor, +5% energy res., +3% to evade, +20% mind effects res.)

-- hidden switch - graymold, healing herbs. energetic herbs, gold necklace

-- winch to open back room - mandrake root, container - piercing crystal, box - focusing crystal, spell book - Soul Crystal at Pyrog's Cave (quest location) - Empire Crystal Soul Scroll (special item)


Northern Islands


S Empire Docks

W herb patch - mandrake root (2)

SE pool - Aimee - teaches Dispel Barrier at level 1

NW cryodrakes - Black Drake Fang (quest item)

NE drake and hellhounds - Black Drake Fang (quest item)

NE cache [CL 6 or less] - invulnerability potion

CE Empire Archives



Empire Docks


S barrel - energetic herbs, healing herbs

Incazntor Zysha - speed elixir, acid shower scroll

Dervish Anders - Runed Jade Necklace, energy elixir

SW cabinet - 5c. cabinet - energy potion, 79c

C sacks - bag of meal (3)



Empire Archives


E gate - Ivory key - boat

NE outside walls - healing herbs

SE outside walls - hidden switch - level 2 move mountains - hidden switch

-- Index Chamber A location of scroll for Ritual to Teleportation Portal

E spiritual herbs[

NE Index Chamber B - location of map to Teleportation Portal

CE Featherfall Chamber - leap of faith - to lower level


-- door [7 or less] - magical notes, sack - bag of meal

-- door [7 or less] Empire Records, desk - Ivory key, chest - 29c, Empire Records, Vikner - platinum ring, energetic herbs, wand of the inferno, wisdom crystal

-- door [13] speed burst scroll, return life scroll, metal box - group heal scroll, healing potion, healing elixir, energy potion

-- level 2 magical barrier - graymold, mandrake root

S hidden switch - level 3 magical barrier - stone ring - shielding potion, invulnerability elixir, flawless crystal (6)

S stairs down to Ritual for Teleporter Portal, spellward scroll

SW Cell Block B

-- basin - meat, hidden switch to outside

-- door [8] - body - armor elixir

-- door [8] - basin - meat

W door


Lower level of Empire Archives


CE Leap of Faith

CE bookshelf - invulnerability potion

magical barrier - Empire Records, magical notes, lightning scroll, hidden switch to lever, stairs up to map

CE Cleaning Chamber door [15] - basin - +50 energy, pool spine shield, +1 Hardiness, hidden switch - chest - energy elixir, healing elixir, armor elixir

E door [11] - level 2 magical barrier - trap [11-13] haakais, banshees, demon golems - spell book - Return Life [AL 14]

SE door [11] - speed burst scroll, desk - energy elixir, magical notes, basin - +50 energy, Empire Records

S recovery scroll

N lever releases haakai - Spear of the Fens (+10% acid and curse res., +3% to riposte)

CSW Holding Cells - mandrake root, healing potion (3), mandrake root, Librarian Korzol - Quickblade Plate (34% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance, +5% to riposte, +8% to critical hit chance)

-- door [10]

-- stairs up to winch controlled gate at NW corner

-- Cell Block A - door [7 or less] - Josie, Aydin, door [10] -hidden switch - hidden switch - basin - insight, metal box - graymold salve, aranea fangs (2), powerlash scroll[



Deep in Empire Lands

N cache [CL 8-9] - rod of alacrity

N building - Slith Bloodspear

W hidden passage

CW First Guardpost

CN Second Guardpost

C Third Guardpost

S Orb across water, Orb across lava

E Portal Fortress



First Guardpost

NW Ritual from Empire Archives

C door [14]

Empire Records, 50c, chest - 20c, speed elixir, basin - energy elixir

SW healing herb, gray mold, sacks - bag of meal (6)



Second Guardpost

N magical barriers[

C hidden switch - lever - opens wall - lever - opens wall - lever - opens wall - lever - gate - crate - gold bar (3)



Third Guardpost

N north hidden switch - move mountains - SE corner of trapped room

N south hidden switch - hidden switch - NE corner of trapped room

-- SE pentagram opens a south gate

-- SW pentagram opens a south gate

-- dark gray circle tile send to east room and spawns goblin constructs, then bat constructs

-- dark brown tile sends to west hidden switch open room

-- light brown tiles send to northwest corridor

S winch to open trapped room bypass corridor



Portal Fortress

SE outside walls - hidden switch [11+]


-- Crystalworker Alane

-- Crystalworker Bai[

-- Cultist Analay - spiritual herb, recovery scroll

-- rooms

---- SE room - cabinet - healing elixir, 40c

---- NE room - cabinet - armor elixir, healing elixir, 22c, spell book - portal instructions

---- W room - cabinet - Blessed Breastplate

---- SW room - move mountains - access to fortress

SE Barracks

-- cabinet - speed elixir

SE Command Center

-- southwest room - metal box - energy elixir

-- southeast room - (key) or move mountains - level 2 or 3 dispel barrier - metal box - energy elixi

-- northeast room - Commander Fuqua - desk - Glass key

-- northwest room - move mountains - move mountains - to portal area

CW storerooms - sacks - bag of meal (3), spiritual herb, sacks - bag of meal (3), Almarian wine (2)

CS Observation Platform

CSW level 3 move mountains - metal box - invulnerability elixir (2)

NE Portal

-- SW sacks - bag of meal (2)

-- Dervish Lokallan -

N spiritual herb (2), energetic herb

N level 2 or 3 magical barrier - box - speed elixir, return life scroll

NW Portal Control Tower - door (Glass Key) - stairs up

Command Tower

N level 2 or 3 magical barrier - door (key)

E Empire Records (2), corruption baton, rod of succor

-- Wizard - Shadowstep Chitin (21% armor, -15% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +12% parry, +5% to evade, +25% mind effects res.)


Empire Lands


W Erika's Tower

N cache [CL 9 or less] Ten Blessings Band (4% armor, +1% to evade,+10% to blessings/curses you cause, +5% to healing)

SE Lava Penisula

SE Orb to hidden passage - use Orb to hidden passage - to Eas Ter Egg


Erika's Tower


-- QUEST - Finding Thompson

-- QUEST - Talk to Athron

-- QUEST - Instructions From Ostoth

-- QUEST - Talk to Enla (learn about quick fire)[/size][/size]


N outside the walls - metal box - group heal scroll

W outside the walls - energetic herbs, mandrake root, spiritual herbs

SW outside the walls - metal box - 10c

NE outside the walls - box - energy potion, speed potion, 9c

W lever to open gate

NW spiritual hebs

N lever to open gate

NE body - healing elixir, sacks - bag of meal (12), jar - Almarian wine (3)

E Cultist Haveral - spiritual herbs

SE hidden switch to lever to turn off traps

NE inner walls - body - energy elixir

N inner walls - High Mage Lesatha - Farsight Band (+6% to missile damage)

W inner walls - lever puzzle - south lever opens all gates - hidden switch - opens wall in middle path to hidden switch to another open walls

SE Chamber of Options

-- hidden switch opens middle wall

-- south - level 3 magical barriers

-- north level 3 move mountains

-- middle - runes - trigger monsters

C Erika - teaches spells slow to arcane blow

-- south door - spell book [blessed Athame and AL 12] - Fireblast

-- after killing Garzahd - back room (key) - group heal scroll (2), stoneshatter scroll (2), recovery scroll, speed burst scroll, return life scroll

-- portal pylon



Lava Peninsula

N black basalt (3), uranium bar

C Balorus - need to pay 5000c to buy items

Mercuric Plate (34% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +1 action point, -1 STR)]

Hero's Necklace (6% armor, +1 Melee Weapons, +1 Dual Wielding, +3% to melee damage)[/font]



Fort Haledon Mission


Barrier Tunnel

N hidden switch [9-10] - level 3 magical barrier - box - power lash scroll, wisdom crystal, flawless crystal (7)



Deep in Empire Territory

C Barrier Tunnel

CS hidden passage - camp - hidden passage

W Guardian Plains

Ornotha Ziggurat


Guarded Plains

SW crate - healing potion, energy potion


Ornotha Zigurat - Second Tier

SE outside walls - crate - healing potion (2)

NE outside walls - energy potion

NW outside walls - gray mold (2)

SW outside walls - box - healing herb, mandrake root

S Dervish Tolan - speed burst scroll, invulnerability potion

SE body - crystalline wand, healing elixir, energy elixir

CE room - healing herb, energetic herb, spiritual herb (2)

E room - magical notes, box - 91c, spell ward scroll

NE room - whirling dervish - spine shield scroll, power lash scroll, chest - healing elixir

N cabinet - 5c

NW cabinet - 29c

NW metal - lightning scroll, box - 93c, Empire Records

W - 6c, cabinet - Empire Records

W desk - spiritual herbs, hidden switch - opens center room wall - level 3 magical barrier - chest - healing herb, return life scroll, purging crysta

CW room - desk - energy potion, hidden switch [8] - opens west room - level 2 magical barrier - chest - speed elixir (2), magical notes, Empire Records

SW blacksmithy - gold bar (2), crate - bar of iron (2), door - gold bar (6), bar of iron (3)

C Temple Triad - Seeking Gauntlets (10% armor, +5% to critical hit chance)

-- altar - Talisman of Might (+8% to melee damage). Ritual of Sanctification - XP

-- west [10] - chest - healing potion, spine shield scroll, speed potion

-- east robing room [10] - Empire Records, chest - group heal scroll, healing potion


Upper Ornotha Ziggurat

NE stairs to Second Tier

NE room - metal box - 31c, metal box - domination scroll, door - cabinet - 6c, door - rest

N holding cells - door [7 or less] - body - energy elixir, door [key]

E room - healing potion

E room - energy potion, hidden switch [8] - opens south

-- spine shield scroll, magical notes, magical barrier - metal barrier - speed burst scroll, Empire Records, spell book - Blessed Athame - Vahnatai Lore, basin - +50 energy

S room - level 3 magical barrier - metal box - steel broadsword (3), cabinet - Blessed Breastplate, Possessed Bow (Heartstriker Bow, 50% chanced critical damage)

S magical notes

SW stairs to Second Tier

SW room - Fungal Experimentation - energetic herb, spiritual herb, metal box - healing elixir, terror wand, curing elixir, basin - +50 energy

SW store room - sacks - bag of meal (2), hidden switch [9-10] to room to north

CW 9c, Dervish Quival - Lifebringer Cloak (8% armor, +15% to healing, +2 First Aid, +10% to blessings/curse you cause)

W room - chest - 127c, healing herb, hidden switch [9-10] - opens to south - healing elixir, aranea fang, Vahnatai Callers - sanctification scroll, rod of alacrity, container - fire lizard egg

NW - Chambers of Garzhad

-- desk - group heal scroll, Empire Records

-- metal box -energy elixir, magical notes

-- hidden switch to key room - container - flawless crystal, focusing crystal, battle crystal

-- door - special magical barrier - quick fire

-- door - container - Soul Crystal: Caffren (quest item)


Ziggurat Roof

gold bar, bag of sugar, return life scroll

body - blessed breastplate, invulnerability elixir




West of Fort Remote


Empire Lands - southern section

CSW Empire supply cache at camp - 100c, steel javelin (6)

S hidden passage - body - 300c, corrupting baton

CS Empire barrier - Empire Blue Pass

C Empire guard post - Empire Blue Pass

CE hidden passage - cache [CL 7] - armor elixir

E hidden passage to orb required area of northern section

E Despain's Shop

SW Kothar





NW Empire Records

N west side rooms - east room - cabinet - steel broadsword, center room - cabinet - steel breastplate, west room - chest - 115c

NW stairs down

W wine (3), Almarian wine

W metal box - healing elixir, Dervish Tugler - Cap of Selfless (5% armor, +8% to healing, +8% to blessings/curses you cause

CS stairs down

S Purification Hall - energetic herb. healing potion, basin - +50 energy, stairs down

SW stairs down - crate - curing elixir , 5c

NE room

-- west hidden switch - healing herb, gray mold

-- east hidden switch - mandrake root

E door [8] - crate - energetic herb, spiritual herb, healing herb

SE blacksmith - bar of iron (2) gold bar (2)

SE room - Empire Records, metal box - 120c, spell book - info on Orb's location

E rooms - southwest room - cabinet - healing elixir, 33c, curing potion, northwest room - metal box - recovery scroll, 88c, northeast room - cabinet - 17c, magical notes

-- southwest room hidden switch to southeast room - metal box - speed elixir, energy elixir, ruby (2)


Middle Level


S stairs up

S - Transformation Chamber - metal chest - spiritual herb, energetic herb, magical barrier - stairs down to lower level - Hall of Fire Testing

-- door [10]

SE hidden switch [11-14] - healing elixir, energy elixir, curing elixir, door - Reagent Storage - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb, gray mold, mandrake root, magical notes, invulnerability elixir

S door [9 or less] - Stewart - rescue for XP

CS stairs up

C trapdoor to lower level north

E trapdoor trap to Lower level

NE stairs down

east rooms - hidden switch to middle of trapdoor trap room, northeast room - hidden switch - to southeast room, southwest room - hidden switch - to trapdoor trap , southeast room door [12] - hidden switch to stairs down bypassing trapdoor trap, west room - level 3 magical barrier, center west door [10], center room door [10]

W stairs down, hidden switch - crocolisk - fine leather

NW stairs up

-- door [9] - chest - healing elixir, 32c, Empire Records, spell book - info about path to Orb

-- door - Eye Blacksight, cabinet - Smite (5% armor, +10% faster fatigue recovery, +5% to critical hit chance)

CW - basin - recharge and rest, hidden switch to west stairs down

CNW door 7 or less] - spellward scroll

N Highly classified information - Kothtar Plans (quest location)

SW stairs down, chest - 32c, flawless crystal


Lower Level


E Pillar room - from northeast trapdoor - trap [9] gazer - stairs up, stairs up from bypassing trapdoor trap, south passage to Hall of the Orb - chest - Orb of Thralni (quest item)

-- south stairs up - trap [9] gazer

-- Refuse disposal - hidden switch - hidden switch - chest - blessed breastplate, ruby (2), 90c, Crushing Plate (28% armor, +5% to evade, -15% to hit chance, +5% to melee damage,+7% to critical hit chance), portal - to west side

-- north door


W level 2 move mountains - body - 51c, healing elixir, ruby, emerald[

-- S magical barrier - corrupting baton, skulls - purging crystal, sarcophagi - healing potion, return life scroll, Blessed Armor Band (8% armor, +3% to evade, +4% HER)

NW stairs up

N stairs up to center trapdoor - gold bar (5), fine steel, fire lizard egg (2)


SE stairs up from Hall of Fire Testing

metal chest - healing herb, group heal scroll



Empire Lands - northern section


NW Empire Checkpoint SW5 - Gray Pass

SW orb to cache [CL 11] - First Expedition Ring (+2 Luck, +3 First Aid, +2 Cave Lore)

E Angierach checkpoint blocked

CW Empire Checkpoint SW3 - Gray Pass

N Lair of Sulfras

N eastern passage from Lair of Sulfras - hidden passage - hidden passage - Orb - 1000c, drake egg, Black Drake Fang (quest item)

-- Orb - hidden passage - Ghostly Blade (6% melee damage protection, +6% HER, slow)

-- Exit to surface (closed for renovations)


Lair of Sulfras

NW blacksmith - gold bar (2), bar of iron (3)

N level 2 move mountains - hidden switch - chest - gold bar (2), armor elixir, healing elixir

S barracks

-- cabinet - 83c, armor elixir, cabinet - 95c, Empire Records

-- Cultist Sancha - Spectral Boots (8% armor, -5% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +2% to evade, +10% to curse res.)

-- desk -6c, magical notes, metal box - 67c

SE Dominator Toana - spell ward scroll, speed elixir

-- desk - Empire Records, desk - 30c, domination scroll

-- speed burst scroll, 42c, metal chest - 89c

-- magical barrier - box - Malachite Key

NE Sulfras



NW body - crystalline wand

NW mandrake root, emerald, gold bar (2)

SE level 3 move mountains - box - wisdom crystal, battle crystal

NE Sulfras - reward for freeing him - Onyx Scepter (quest item) kill for First Expedition Greaves (12% armor, +8% to evade, -10% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +2 DEX, +3 Gymnastics) and opens secret door - level 2 or 3 magical barrier - metal chest - 72c, emerald, ruby, invulnerability elixir, powerlash scroll, fine steel, mandrake root

plus can not steal 211c, gold ring (2), fine steel wave blade, recovery scroll, emerald (2), ruby (2)

NW move mountains - body - speed elixir

E hidden switch to eastern passage





W portal point into Angierach

SW cell - hidden switch - hidden switch - Quinby - opens door[

SW level 3 magical barrier - body - energy elixir, wisdom crystal

SW door - lever to open gate out

S Containment Chamber - door (Lich Key) - Prison of Vyvnas-Bok - metal box - Crystal Soul: Vyvnas (quest item)

S Chambers of Rakshasi

-- energy potion, wine (3), spiritual herb (2), box - energy elixir, energetic herb

-- Alass of the Ten - healing elixir

-- Hrrma of the Ten - curing elixir

-- Orrun of the Ten - speed elixir

-- Infernal of the Ten - platinum ring, fine leather

-- door - hidden switch [11] - level 2 move mountains - chest - Lich Key

-- level 2 magical barrier - chest - gray mold, mandrake root, piercing crystal

E - Chambers of Midori

-- Midori the Lich - Robe of the Magi (18% armor, +6% to magical damage.+8% to blessings/curses you cause, +5% to critical hit chance)

-- metal chest - spine shield scroll, spellward scroll

-- magical barrier - sarcophagi - platinum ring - south door - chest - 52c, basin - +70 energy, north door - chest - gray mold (2). chest - healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb

C Chamber of the Ancients

-- energetic herbs, wine (3), Almarian wine

-- Vorg of the Ten - steel javelins (6), bronze broadsword

-- Oriket of the Ten - rod of alacrity, lizardskin helmet, cave wood bow

-- Seleta of the Ten - wand of the inferno

-- box - energy potion, box - healing elixir, metal box - healing potion (2)

NE - cyrodrayk - mandrake root, uranium bar

-- invulnerability potion, drake egg, energy elixir, flawless crystal (2), 83c, healing elixir

N level 2 magical barrier - spiritual herb, energetic herb, gray mold, mandrake herb, basin - +70 energy. metal chest - curing elixir, healing elixir

NW Chambers of the Infernals

-- Ynka of the Ten - power lash scroll, battle crystal

-- Balor of the Ten - ruby

-- move mountains - body

-- west room - level 3 move mountains - metal box - gold bar (3), fine steel

W gate (Lich Key) - exit - CL 6 or less helps to find a tunnel to escape through hidden passage (Slimy Tube)


Lower level

C Battle Pit

CSE body - energy potion

CNW body - energy potion

-- Infernal Commander - Quicksilver Sandals (2% armor, +1 action point , -5% HER)

S Portal to cell



]Very Deep in Empire Lands

W Rocky Cavern

W hidden passage

C cache [CL 12] - Putrified Gauntlets (9% armor, -1 STR, -1 DEX, +50% acid res., +8% magical damage)

N Garzahd's Fortress


Rocky Cavern

C pylon

C crate - group heal scroll

NE hidden switch - crate - healing elixir, energy elixir, speed elixir

Gazahd's Fortress


west side

SW Entry Hall

S graymold

CSW energetic herb, portal to CNE room, level 3 move mountains - portal - S room with monsters

CNW Empire Records (3), focusing crystal

W portal inside gate room to SE corner Gehenna

W hidden switch [12] - magical barrier - portal to NW room and monsters, hidden switch to exit

NW Blessed Breastplate, healing potion, curing potion, shielding potion, energy potion, speed potion, healing herb, spiritual herb, energetic herb

-- sacks - piercing crystal, sacks - bag of meal (12), sacks - bag of meal (12), mandrake root, sacks - bag of meal (12). sacks - bag of meal (12)

-- basin - +75 energy

N magical notes (3), desk - magical notes, power lash scroll, speed burst scroll, spell ward scroll (2), recovery scroll, acid shower scroll

-- Eternal Archuvust - mandrake root, Emerald Chestguard (42% armor, +6% to evade, -20% to hit chance, encumbers mages, +25% curse res., +5% to critical hit chance)

-- hidden switch to portal to outside magical barrier of W portal

-- chest - Empire Records (7)


east side


-- southwest room - cabinet - 65c

-- west room - chest - 9c

-- northwest room - cabinet - wisdom crystal

N Inquisitor's Hall

-- Inquisitor Talon - Talisman of might

-- basin - energy elixir

-- west door - lever opens east door

-- center door [11]

-- east door (key) - portal to west room portal inside gate

SE Gehenna

-- flawless crystal (3), black basalt (2)

-- level 2 move mountains - spell book [AL 13 and Blessed Athame] - emergency spell - removes demon from next area

S black basalt (4), flawless crystal (2), portal to E room Demon Walk

E Demon Walk

-- door [15] - spelbook [AL 14-5 and Blessed Athame] - emergency spell - removes demon from area

-- hidden switch [12] - bypass demons

-- basilisk fang wand, healing herb, wand of Carrunos

CSE Demon Walk

-- portal - entry hall

-- magical barrier - portal - room south of Garzahd

NE Garzahd's Throne room

-- Empire Records (4), Almarian wine (2)

-- Garzahd - platinum ring

-- portal from Rentar to Egli north gate


Easter Egg

Peculiar Cave

exits to a A Very Peculiar Area

N Peculiar Cave

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Per usual, the Synergizer bunny keeps on rockin'.



1. Which AL requirements does Vahnatai Lore help or not help with?

2. More importantly, are there any AL uses where Sage Lore points do NOT apply (as there was that one bonanza in A:EFTP)?

3. Does the "teaching crystal" for Resistance mean it gives +1 Resistance to everyone?




I went through and looked at the return on value for Tool Use, Cave Lore, and Arcane Lore.


Tool Use through level 10 involves lots of prizes and a pretty high number of doors. 12 gets a Call the Storm spellbook and 13 gets some saleable goodies, so those might be worth it? I'm not sure. 10 is probably enough.


Cave Lore looks pretty useless. Also REALLY disappointing is that most of the cave lore spots seem to be completely identical to the ones in A:EftP. Including the Putrefied Gauntlets at 12 and the First Expedition Ring at 11. I dunno. Up through 5-8 CL or so it's not awful, I guess, but unless I'm missing something it seems like there are better uses of skill points and training money.


Arcane Lore seems to have spellbooks for only 31 spells; there are quite a few not in the game, I guess. If the Resistance teaching crystal acts as above, that's amazing, and at 13 AL. Beyond that there's just Return Life at 14, Cloak of Blades at 15, and Ward of Steel at 17, not so critical, I think. But maybe you can get those just from Sage Lore + Vahnatai Lore?

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As far as I can tell the Resistance teaching crystal doesn't use Sage Lore and Vahnatai Lore so you need a 13 Arcane Lore. This gives +1 Resistance to everyone.


Otherwise Sage Lore and Vahnatai Lore work everywhere and count towards the Aracane Lore (AL) requirement.


Jeff tweaked the game through out beta testing. So +1 Spellcraft from the sick drake in the Scree Pits was changed from only the first character to the whole party. However Justin of Blosk's quest reward of +1 Cave Lore is only the first character.


Tool Use of 10 (TU 9 and Tinker's gloves) will get all the important stuff. The Call the Storm spell book can be gotten using TU 10 and Move Mountains spell or a piercing crystal and a nasty fight. You don't miss much by not getting more except avoiding some fights in Garzahd's Fortress.


Cave Lore is mostly helpful to get herb ingredients for wisdom crystals from the 3 areas that restock. There is on the way to the Vahnatai Fortress where it helps you avoid outdoor fights.


According to the Hint Book all the spell books are in the game or as rewards, however some bugs seem to prevent access to them in the initial game version. They will probably get fixed in next version.

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Okay, so the math on this (if you want AL of 12 otherwise) is:


Use up 4 traits


Use up 13 skill points, but gain 4 back from the Resistance bonus. In addition, this bonus can push you above 10 which is otherwise the max.

So basically, would you rather have 1 extra trait per PC and the ability to put 1 extra skill point in Resistance per PC... or about 3 extra skill points per PC.

Given how many traits humans already get, I think the second option is probably the better deal.


Randomizer, how ridiculous is the circular grind of travelling and waiting for herbs to regrow, this time around? Pretty ridiculous?

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There are 3 places where you can get all 5 herbs at once, then there are at least 5 places where 1 or 2 grow back, but not any one place for mandrake root. The downside is you need Cave Lore at 10 (party at 9 and a swappable item). You can get as a quest reward +1 Cave Lore for the first character so you could just buy everyone 2 levels and use no skill points.


Time wise the grind takes longer than walking using the Orb of Thralni so I try to kill a few dungeon in between. For normal difficulty it isn't needed or worth it, but at hard and torment difficulties you need to do it to get a few extra levels and replace potions.

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According to the Hint Book all the spell books are in the game or as rewards, however some bugs seem to prevent access to them in the initial game version. They will probably get fixed in next version.

Do you mean that in version 1.0 (what is available for download at the time) is bugged such that you cannot get all level 3 spellbooks? If so, when it gets fixed in the next version, would you have to start a new game to get access to them, or be able to play from your current save? I am a completionist, and this would really bother me if it wasn't the case. Thanks in advance.

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Vahnatai Lore can be obtained at:

Bought from Zalav-Te for 1000c at ruins in the East Vahnatai Lands

Bought from Oth-Ihrno for 300c in Egli

After combat with Efreeti on island northeast of Patrick's Tower (need Orb of Thralni)

Upper Ornotha Ziggurat and need Blessed Athame


The only place I certain that it isn't used in the check is the Resistance teaching crystal at the Vahnatai Fortress.


It is needed for:

Ruined Town - Heal spellbook

Coven Cave - spellbook for Vahnatai Secrets or Knowledge (+1% to spells)

Dark Tunnel - spellbook for Capture Soul

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I'm not sure about the Coven Cave, but it isn't more than 2 levels like Patrick's quest. Jeff fixed spell books so it was easier to tell how much Arcane Lore (AL) you needed if you were too low, but he didn't make it easy to tell otherwise.


Also I think you need it for the three rewards at the Shrine of Crystals for returning Crystal Souls, but it isn't clear if it is Vahnatai Lore or Arcane Lore.

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If I'm not mistaken, you are missing a Wisdom Crystal. The spot is basically due south of Verdant Valley, accessed by through a little winding path and through a "secret" to a little area with a couple crystal formations. If you have Luck or 0 or 1, you get “You look around for a while, but you find nothing of interest. How unlucky.” BUT if you have Luck of 2 or more, you find a Wisdom Crystal.

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I have it listed as possible CL 2 or luck since I've gotten it without Luck of 2.


I'm 99% sure it's a Luck check. Might you have been wearing the Clover Boots or something else that boosted luck? I went there with 4 Cave Lore in my party and wasn't able to get it, while the minute I got the Clover Boots I went back there and got it right away.


edit: i was going to look in the scripts to settle it once and for all but they seem to be in a less user-serviceable format than in the past

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You only have 3 items listed for Townsend the sage. After you progress a bit (not sure when, maybe after recovering a crystal), he also offers:


Radiant Belt - 3 Fine Leather, 2 Focusing Crystal, 300g

Dragonskin Gloves - 4 Fine Leather, 3 Focusing Crystal, 300g

Radiant Greaves - 4 Fine Leather, 3 Focusing Crystal, 300g


Balorus in the empire lands also sells more items in my game than you had listed. Specifically, he also sells a second Flaming Sword, and Blessed Armor Band.

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The fiery sword is so powerful that it's probably worth mentioning twice. And yeah, if you don't have all the ingredients, the extra recipes won't show up for Townsend. I think you also have to specifically ask "Can you make any new items?" for them to show up.


Edit: Another thing I noticed: Erika opened up her locked scroll room before I killed Garzhad. I think the trigger is returning the Angierach Crystal Soul instead of killing Garzhad.

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The cheap wine quest can be completed.


I don't know what the limit is, but it's less than 1000.


Unfortunately, the wine you bring to complete it will be counted even if you bring more than is needed to end it. That was a 906 experience, 20,000 gold shipment of wine...

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If I'm not mistaken, you are missing a Wisdom Crystal. The spot is basically due south of Verdant Valley, accessed by through a little winding path and through a "secret" to a little area with a couple crystal formations. If you have Luck or 0 or 1, you get “You look around for a while, but you find nothing of interest. How unlucky.” BUT if you have Luck of 2 or more, you find a Wisdom Crystal.


I noticed this too. Nice to see a scripted benefit for luck, it's usually been a dump stat. Has anyone tried maxing out Luck to see if there are further goodies hidden? I'm tempted to try it on my tank character.

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Also, to clarify, what Aimee actually does is give you one free level of Dispel Barrier, as if you had purchased it. Pretty sweet. Once you have a Blue Pass there's only one fight (and not a bad one) to reach her. Between her and Pyrn, that's an easy (and free!) level 2 Dispel Barrier spell before you deal with Elderan or Limoncelli.

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Cave Lore question, just to be clear. With nine points (8 of which can be trained), a quest bonus +1, and an item bonus +1 you get everything right? The CL 11 gives you access to the First Expedition Ring, and then you can use the CL bonus on that for the CL 12 check?


Sounds about right. I had 12 end game (didn't realize I'd get a free level up), and was able to every cache (I think I opened them all. I ended with 45 or 46 opened - but I definitely got the Putrified Gauntlets)

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Not sure when Townsend's extra items open up--potentially after you return from your initial encounter with the vahnatai? I visited him after retrieving the first mcguffin and earning crown clearance. Then had the option to ask if he had learned to make anything new. This opened up more crafting options. That is a necessary dialogue step before he will offer the new shininess.

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Randomizer - the wisdom crystal in the Northern Caverns (first area) definitely doesn't work with CL 2 (my party currently has CL 4 but Luck 0, and doesn't get the crystal; the dialogue message even says "How unlucky."). The OP should probably be updated to remove the "CL 2?". Thanks, and amazing work as always.

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Dervish Lokallan in the Portal Fortress is mentioned in the item list, but the item he drops isn't. It's the Jade Halberd, and it's got some amazing bonuses: 8% armour like all halberds, plus 10% hostile effect resistance, 10% melee damage protection, 15% fatigue recovery, and a 60% chance to inflict acid for 3 turns.

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OK, thanks for adding the caches.


I'm having trouble finding the Forager's Boots, though. The list says they're in the garbage patch N of Cotra, but I've checked both of the patches just to the N/NE of Cotra, and didn't turn anything up. I cheated up Luck (didn't help) and I already have Cave Lore 9, so what am I missing?

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Wow. I don't think I've ever flat-out missed so much stuff in a Spiderweb game before. Usually, I read on here to learn about the game mechanics, but actually finding things isn't too hard. In this game, I keep reading on here about about thing after thing I completely missed even after thinking I completely explored an area or talked to everyone. Is A2CS more rich in little hidden goodies than some other SW games, or am I just slipping in my old age?


Edit: I don't suppose it's possible to return to Ornotha Ziggurat after completing the mission in order to get that Magical Efficiency bonus?

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