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Newbie questions

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Just got this for Christmas and have been looking over the forum - have 3 questions-


1- I had no problem putting armor on my Celt Warrior - is this a problem?

2- I have seen a couple of references to Nimble Fingers - this is not listed under Charater Traits

3- I have gone thru the Dragon's Cave gave him the tablet - but I have not found the scale - what have I missed


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Welcome to Spiderweb and to a fantastic game!


1. From a gameplay standpoint, the main concern is simply loading someone down with too much weight. Too much weight will make your dude encumbered and limit AP in battle. Other than that, there's no particular gameplay reason you should worry about warriors wearing armor.


2. That's weird. My best guess is that you've run across an artifact from one of Jeff's earlier games that contained "Nimble Fingers." It's not a thing in N:R. Jeff often recycles parts of old games in making new ones, and sometimes a bit of text carries over that isn't valid in the new game (sometimes, it wasn't in old game either, LOL).


3. The grand item list indicates you can find a dragon scale in a northeastern part of the zone where you kill 3 giant slugs.


I hope that helps!

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Keep in mind that many of the threads in this forum are about the original version of Nethergate, rather than Nethergate: Resurrection.


Both Nimble Fingers and the inability of Celts to wear body armor are features of N:O that were not included in N:R.


And the scale is around the back of the building where the dragon's lair is.

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