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Avernum 3 Let's Play!

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Potions are all unnecessary except for those that have effects that cannot be replicated by spells.

Energy Potions/Elixirs and Heroic Brews are possibly necessary, ditto anything that gives an Invulnerability effect.


Tower of Magi gets seized by demons around day 160, you won't see this whole battle unless you advance game time by use of the Character Editor. (Jeff will need to rectify this for the A3 remake.)


Your next Let's Play could be A4. A good idea is the A1 remake, that needs something to explain it to those who played A1.


Where the Third Level Spells are found:


Bolt of Fire: Shayder Sewers, Spell Tome

Light: Portal Fortress, RR of 20

Call Beast: Lair of the Ursagi, Spell Tome

Spray Acid: Lower Tower of Zkal, Spell Tome

Haste: Erika's Tower, Spell Tome

Slow: Inn of Blades, Arion's quest. (HM, Spell Tome.)

Ice Lances: ToM, Solberg, after ending Slime Plague.

Unlock Doors: House on the Hill, protected by Barrier.

Create Illusions: Erox, Spell Tome

Far Sight: Sharimik, Starcap's quest

Lightning Spray: ToM, Solberg, after ending Cockroach Plague, (HM, Tome)

Capture Soul: Ghikra, protected by Barrier. (HM, Spell Tome)

Simulacrum: Ghikra, protected by Barrier

Dispel Barrier: Tome: Piercing the Lost Portals

Summon Aid: Tower of Zkal

Forcecage: Below Agate Tower, RR of 30

Fireblast: ToM, X, after Barrier goes down

Arcane Summon: Lair of Khoth, Footracer quest

Arcane Shield: Inner Lair of Drakos, Spell Tome

Arcane Blow: ToM, X, after Barrier goes down, after Golems are beaten.



Healing: Storm Port, after Vahkohs quest

Curing: Temple of the Anama, Spell Tome, RR of 25. Also, Stone Circle 1

War Blessing: Stone Circle 2

Terror: Tomb of Vahkohs

Repel Spirit: Remote Cave (Black Halberd Cave)

Smite: Torria

Summon Shade: Chasm of Screams

Safe Travel: Erika's Tower, rear entrance, RR of 30.

Unshackle Mind: Monastery of Madness L2

Move Mountains: Gale Library. Also, Stone Circle 3

Mass Healing: Lower Giant Caverns

Mass Curing: Pit of the Wyrm, L1

Radiant Shield: Defiled Crypt

Divine Fire: Stone Circle 4

Control Foes: Under Castle Troglo

Cloud of Blades: Blackcrag Fortress

Return Life: Lorelei Library, after Barrier goes down, (Vahnatai Lore)

Divine Retribution: Spiral Crypt, Isle of Bigail

Divine Restoration: NE Valorim, challenge of the tome

Divine Host: Moon Library (Grimoire of Thren quest). Also, Stone Circle 5


RR = minimum Rune Reading skill needed.

HM = a tome found in Hawke's Manse.

ToM = Tower of Magi, if it has been destroyed the relevant spell-giving Wizards are found at Fort Emergence.

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Coming from A3 I found that A4 felt overly-simplified by comparison. It had the simple Geneforge feel without any of the interest provided by the creations.

Daze is apparently the party's ticket to survival, when it is surrounded by enemies Daze will stop them long enough for the party to survive. This is true for the early stages of AEFTP too.

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