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There's no special trick to it - it should be just like other Spiderweb games, where you go to save a game or load a game and have multiple slots from which to choose. Have you saved more than one save game file so far? Maybe I'm not understanding your problem, but I'm not really sure what else to say.

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There are no automatic saves at any point in any Spiderweb game.


Uh. yes there are. Every single Geneforge game autosaves as you leave a zone. Avernum 4-6 (and possibly Avadon and Avernum: Escape from the Pit) also have autosaves, though I believe those are triggered by time rather than events.


I mean, sure, Nethergate doesn't have an autosave, but saying that no Spiderweb games does is completely false.

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I was thinking about First Avernum Trilogy. Rewrite comments in post #6 to:

"If you never choose Save Game As: there will only ever be the one save game. I personally make a new save game every day. There are no automatic saves at any point in any N:R."

Generally, if you are playing a game for the first time you should make new saves regularly.

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