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I believe I've asked this question before in one manner or another, so please excuse me if this sounds familiar, but...

I often refer to the Editor Nodes to understand what an Author has done, especially when I run into a problem with a Scenario.

The Original Editor had documentation of the Editor that, long ago, I printed out and often use to read the specifics of a particular Node to determine if a problem is a "Flaw" in the Scenario or in my understanding of what the Author had done.

I can see that the updating to the "Classic" version has relocated some of the Nodes from one Heading to another, but that and a few minor word changes are all I can see without documentation of the new "Classic" version.

One of the notes in the heading of this Forum is that the documentation was going to be incorporated into the new Editor itself, or words to that effect.

Has that been done, and if I download an updated version of the Editor, will I be able to print out the Editor in its entirety; specifically all the details of every Node?

Again, I'm sorry if this is a redundant question, but I hadn't noticed a posting of this item and would find it quite a help if there are changes in any Nodes. If so, do I need to again download the new "Classic" or is there a File of the Editor I can download?




P.S. In my retirement years i spend a lot of my free time going through Scenairos and am regularly thankful for the work that all of you have accomplished.



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