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A:EftP - Best Sword Combos in Game

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I've just beat another run through, this time on Normal because I haven't played in a long time. There are a lot of what I would consider end-game swords, like the Demonslayer, Spectral Falchion, Venomous Blade, and Flaming Sword. What are some of the combinations used? I typically used Demonslayer and the Spectral Falchion for demonkind, and switched to the Venom Bade and Flaming Sword for everything else. I can't tell if the blademaster bonus from the Falchion is stronger than the other swords.


There are other swords as well, that cause slow, etc. So really I'm just starting a discussion on what everything thinks are the best combination of blades for a dual wielder.

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The Spectral Falchion is incredible, but the Flaming Sword is actually MORE incredible. It adds a fairly high amount of bonus damage, and it does it to both weapons. Best of all, its bonus is relative to the weapon die size, whereas the Blademaster bonus (while quite awesome) is not actually a flat percentage increase: it increases your percentage multiplier. It's quite possible to be around 200% by endgame, so the +24% can really end up increasing your damage by less.

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