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Ending Advice (Obvious Spoilers)

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So after bumbling through my first playthrough of Avadon and remaining a loyal hand I'm ready to replay this thing and shoot for Heart status, or maybe just kill Redbeard.

What I want to know is the consequences of my decisions. What are the important decisions in game and what impact do they have on the endings? What decisions do I need to make to become a Heart? What decisions are 'best'? Are there any lines of dialogue I need to not say, or be sure to say, or any info I need to make sure not to tell people?

Any help is appreciated.

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Most of your actions and words have no consequences. You are the Law, unreproachable.


To become a Heart, basically just be as loyal as possible. Kill Gryffin, fight Miranda, disobey the Wayfarer when it seems important, etc. Tell Redbeard everything you can at the end.


Killing Redbeard, if you choose that route, is very hard. You will absolutely need to do all of the loyalty quests for your companions. You will also want to avoid the Shaman class, since the type of damage they do doesn't affect Redbeard. Mental magic resistance is important, too; Redbeard has wicked terror effects.

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