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Craft Circle for Romans

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In several threads in this forum I have read that Rhian, the Druid NPC who can join your Roman party in Vanarium, starts out with 4 levels of Craft Circle and Beast Circle spells. Then in the discussion at the end of Synergy's item list, someone says that she starts out with 2 levels.


However, in the game I am currently playing, she started with only a single level in both Craft and Beast Circles. Has this changed from earlier versions of Nethergate?


Anyway, in Hagfen, you can buy another level of each, and then receive a +3 scroll for one or the other as a quest reward. The Emerald Helm can add another level on top of that. Therefore, it is possible to get to Level 6 in Craft Circle and Level 3 in Beast Circle (or vice versa, but I personally would go for the Craft Circle spells).


With the Beastmaster Bracelet, of course, you can get a further 3 levels of Beast Circle, for a total of 6 levels in both Craft and Beast Circles. If you chose instead the +3 Beast Circle scroll in Hagfen, you could end up with 9 levels in Beast Circle and 3 levels in Craft Circle, but it's not clear to me whether those top level spells can even be taught to the Romans.


For completeness, I should mention that if you kill Raven, you can also get a scroll which adds 3 levels to Health, War, Beast, and Craft Circles.


A couple of people have asked if there was any way to get around these limitations on what magic Romans are allowed to learn. Alorel suggested modifying the scripts, but that is a daunting undertaking for those of us without coding experience. A much easier approach would be to use the Character Editor to give yourself additional +3 scrolls; the item numbers are listed elsewhere in this forum.

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You are correct; Rhian starts with 2 levels of Craft and Beast. What threw me is that Moira in Hagfen will sell a single level of each, but not to Rhian. So after Hagfen, my other spellcaster had 1 level of Craft and Beast, while Rhian still had the 2 levels she started with. With the Emerald Helm and the +3 scroll, she can end up with 6 levels, meaning she can cast Word of Recall and Create Food (which should come in handy in Annwn).

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I wasn't aware of this limitation because I couldn't learn the level 5 and 6 spells until after I had used the scroll. Even when Rhian is not wearing any armor at all, I get the error message that she cannot cast any spells over Level 5 while wearing encumbering armor.


As for Druid Mastery, i didn't think it was possible to use the Character Editor on the fifth character in a party. Have you actually done this?


Otherwise, I guess I will give the Emerald Helm to my other spell caster.

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I unequipped every bit of wearable gear, even pieces with no encumbrance, and still got the same message. I imagine that's just what the game defaults to in this unique situation.


Hex editors are beyond my competence (which is fine; I only raised the subject of bypassing the Romans' limitations on magic use because several people had posted questions about it.)


If you were going to kill Raven for the All Circle scroll, then it would probably make sense to give it, plus the Hagfen +3 scroll, to a member of your original party with Druid Mastery, who could then theoretically cast Health, War, Beast, and Craft spells up to Level 8. However, I still don't know whether a Roman party is ever given the opportunity to learn all those spells.

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