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A silly little sort thing


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I had a moment of spare time, so I made copy-pasted some code and made a little Blades of Avernum scenario sorter. It gives you pairs, and you pick which one you think was better, and eventually you get an itemized ranking of the best scenarios.


It's located here: http://blades.calref.net/misc/boasort.html


(uses the code from this utility, because the only sort algorithm i bother to know is php's sort() :p)

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Fun, and tough to choose at times. Of course, after finishing the first time, I realized that I never once used the "I like both" button. Dunno how this impacts results.


The first time, I always picked "No opinion" whenever one or both scenarios were unplayed by me; the second time I always picked a played scenario over an unplayed scenario and it gave me more sensible results. Feature request: a button for "I haven't played this scenario" which disqualifies that scenario from all future questions and from rankings.


Also, are responses recorded?

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My personal top10:


01. Frostbite, by Lazarus 9.7

02. Bahssikava, by Kelandon 9.6

03. Canopy, by Terror's Martyr 9.5

04. A Small Rebellion, by Jeff Vogel 9.2

05. Magus of Cattalon, by Simo "Smoo" Pörsti 9.0

06. Exodus, by Kelandon 8.9

07. Valley of Dying Things, by Jeff Vogel 8.8

08. Backwater Calls, by Simo "Smoo" Pörsti 8.5

09. Dilecia, by Lazarus 8.4

10. The Za-Khazi Run, by Jeff Vogel 8.4

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I liked Frostbite and Canopy very much too, I'm replaying Exodus now, it's good but extremely difficult. Any chance you've played Of Good and Evil? If you've enjoyed Bahss and Canopy, I think you'll find lots to enjoy if you haven't played it yet.


Anyway, feel free to rate the scenarios on CSR.

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