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Introducing the Blades Starter Pack!


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I'm not sure how useful this will be, but I've thought if new people discover (or rediscover) BoE, one question commonly asked is - what scenarios are good? Where should I start?


I've decided to make a "pack" of scenarios, that could possibly be included with the download, to provide a number of quality scenarios that a player could check out after trying Jeff's scenarios. I picked scenarios that (1) were a wide variety of "genres" (humor vs. serious, small vs. large, hard vs. easy, etc), and (2) most of which would be easy for a new player to get into (except for NTH, in case a player wanted to try a "different" kind of scenario). I feel this could be useful in recommending scenarios to players - maybe it could even come with a download, if that's what people want, and finally I picked scenarios that are, in general, well-regarded by the community (not everyone will like every scenario, and some I like more than others here, but everyone has different taste.)


Anyway, here it is: https://www.sendspace.com/file/36zwet


If people have different ideas of scenarios that should be included, let me know.


The idea is that if people want to find good scenarios, the game itself could provide some to start with before people have to go searching.

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A good idea. A related one is a kind of maps chronology. Start with Dying', then the Medium stock maps, then which ever from there. Been doing those two from the beginning of a party then by about level 10 or so heading into Shadow of the Stranger (entry battle is easy if you understand wizards have to die first heh,) since that map has the Alchemy trainer guy who for 10k gold will train up your Alchemy character to skill 20 without using skill points. Fighting areneas in the stock 'medium' map can get enough coin from drops along with a few other beginning sorta tasks in that map so you head into Stranger with about 8k, get the other 2 from that stock gear it gives you selling it all (better coming once you can max gold via alchemy.) Use Editor to quit out of the map, can't for the life of me find a way to get out like most other maps have...:) Then go to Falling Stars for good weapons and armor/gear, using misc item to quit out when done. Not a map to wander around with a 10th level party no matter the gear :) Then head to Rubacus and fight trogs grinding up to about 20th then I dunno what.


Compared to most I gather from reading the scenario reviews, I just like the fighting so my review of a map is gonn abe how much fun are the battles? If there's lto of dialogue and talking to NPCs, that's not my idea of fun. If I wanted a dialogue-heavy map I'd play a game where that's the thing you're doing instead of hack n slash.


Some of these maps, especially FS, have so many NPCs meandering around, sometimes ya just wanna say screw the normal way of playing the map, go rogue and aggro the cities. :) Least that way you get your blood n guts fix. :) Can quit out when through and come back and play more rationally if inclined. :) And honestly, what's more fun than a city genocide? :) "This is genocide: the deliberate and systematic destruction of ALL LIFE on Arakis!" - "Dune" Bumping into the NPCs in FS has that line coming to mind often. :)

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