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Easter Egg

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Celts, and only Celts, get their own Easter Egg in N:R and apparently the original Nethergate too.

I don't know what happens when you get the egg.




---------- Find in Files ----------

> Searching for the string '130,20'...


\Shared Data\o03Great West.txt(235,8): if (gf(130,20) == 0) {

\Shared Data\o03Great West.txt(236,11): set_flag(130,20,1);

location 21,10


\Shared Data\o44Near Shado.txt(270,14): if (get_flag(130,20) == 1)

\Shared Data\o44Near Shado.txt(274,10): set_flag(130,20,2);

location 21,17


\Shared Data\o00NorthWest .txt(263,14): if (get_flag(130,20) == 2)

\Shared Data\o00NorthWest .txt(267,10): set_flag(130,20,3);

location 7,9


> 6 occurrence(s) have been found.



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Yeah. If you'd taken a couple of minutes to search this forum for 'Easter Eggs', you'd have found loads of posts about this.


In this thread, for example, you can find what the message is for the first location, and general information about what the Easter Egg is. Going a little further down the page of search results gives us this post, in which Jeff is quoted as saying exactly what the Easter Egg is.


Of course, those posts only discuss N:O, but since Jeff is quoted as saying the Easter Egg would remain if he ever reworked the game. I imagine what you have 'found' is just this. And, if that's the case, Romans can certainly find this egg too.


(of course, if you have found something new, that's awesome. but actually going to the spots you've discovered in the scripts, and finding out what is there would be much better than just a snippet of some text log. just sayin')

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What a ripoff! That is all it does?!

It runs Hardcode59, which could do anything for all we know...

N:R scripts frequently have "run_hardcode(#);"

You can stick the hardcode in a placed special and try to see what it does, but if nothing seems to happen, I know of no way to decrypt the hardcode any further.

(Hardcodes are a legacy of ON, they are node type 27 in that game.)

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I stepped on the locations, I did it by the book. Correct messages, as given in the relevant outdoor scripts, were displayed at each of the three steps.

In each script the coding is fairly simple, the first state is the placed special in the outdoor zone:



o03Great West.txt

beginstate 31;

if (roman_or_celt() == 0)





beginstate 32;

if (gf(130,20) == 0) {


print_str("It begins.");





o44Near Shado.txt:

beginstate 52;

if (roman_or_celt() == 0)





beginstate 53;

if (get_flag(130,20) == 1)




beginstate 54;





beginstate 55;

print_str("It continues.");



o00NorthWest .txt:

beginstate 49;

if (roman_or_celt() == 0)





beginstate 50;

if (get_flag(130,20) == 2)




beginstate 51;


print_str("It's alive!!!!");

print_str("(Step here again to revive the egg.)");





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  • 2 months later...

Thank you. That was most helpful.


Unfortunately, when I step on the indicated space, nothing happens - no message, no indication if any sort - which pretty much explains why I couldn't find it on my own.


If anyone cares, I am playing version 1.0.3 on a Mac. My current party is Roman; I have already finished the Celt game. I will contact Spiderweb to see if he knows what's up.

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