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Nethergate: Resurrection: the Vanarium NPCs

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Nethergate: Resurrection: the Vanarium NPCs

There are four of them:

a choice of a warrior or a Druid (Marcus, Rhian) for a Roman party and

a choice of two warriors (Brigid, Numerius) for a Celtic party.

If they join the party they are always found in the #5 slot, they can never switch places with other party members. This is just wonderful for the Druid. For the other three NPCs, the warriors, it means usually having them at the wrong end of the party.


Unlike the PCs, their stats are not generated with skill points, said stats are a function of each NPC's level. That is why the stats are following such unusual patterns.

NPCs are slightly modified versions of mainstream creatures:

Brigid is just a Britannian Warrior

Rhian is an Elder Druid

Numerius is a Roman Soldier

Marcus is a Centurion


It seems to be possible to modify them, I am working on that now. Alterations only require simple alterations to Corescendata.txt.


A spellcasting Brigid:



begindefinecreature 9;


cr_name = "Brigid";

cr_level = 11;

cr_what_stat_adjust 0 = 14;

cr_amount_stat_adjust 0 = 4;

cr_start_item 0 = 36;

cr_start_item_chance 0 = 100;

cr_start_item 1 = 37;

cr_start_item_chance 1 = 15;

cr_start_item 2 = 57;

cr_start_item_chance 2 = 100;

cr_start_item 3 = 16;

cr_start_item_chance 3 = 100;

cr_start_item 4 = 3;

cr_start_item_chance 4 = 0;

cr_start_item 5 = 228;

cr_start_item_chance 5 = 100;

cr_start_item 6 = 217;

cr_start_item_chance 6 = 20;

cr_start_item 7 = 225;

cr_start_item_chance 7 = 100;

cr_which_sheet = 1504;

cr_default_attitude = 2;

cr_immunities 2 = 50;

cr_default_strategy = 1;

cr_small_or_large_template = 1;




The list of the stats:



0 Strength

1 Dexterity

2 Intelligence

3 Endurance

4 Melee Weapons

5 Spears

6 Javelins

7 Slings

8 Armor Use

9 Berserker

10 Hardiness

11 Defense

12 Roman Training

13 Crystal Wand

14 Druidism

15 Health Circle

16 War Circle

17 Beast Circle

18 Craft Circle

19 Spirit Circle

20 First Aid

21 Herbcraft

22 Tool Use

23 Faerie Lore

24 Woodscraft

25 Barter

26 Luck




Stats are altered the same way as in BoA, with the calls, which_to_add_to[#] specifies which stat is to be modified, how_much[#] specifies the amount of the increase, # is from 0 to 5.

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In the Roman version, Rhian the Druid is perfectly viable as a #5. I have never tried a Druid as #5 in the Celt version, don't know if the idea is viable.



I turned Brigid into a Druid, so far the party is doing quite well.


Certain spells are given in one-shot specials, Stone Circle and Pit of Reptrakos in particular. Party must avoid actually receiving the spells until the curse is removed and Brigid joins the party.


In the Hollow Hills, Galitan does not give either spell, Soul Lance or Stone Guardian, to the #5 PC. Second spell can be easily found in the outdoors but the first is not otherwise found until Castle Aethdoc.

Town dialog script thus needs a new node 88:



begintalknode 88;

state = 93;

personality = 329;

nextstate = -1;

condition = 1;

question = "Will you share your knowledge with me?";

text1 = "_Listen carefully. I know several spells which could be useful to you._ He patiently explains to you how to cast the spells Soul Lance and Stone Guardian. _Should you forget, please return. I would be glad to give you a refresher._";

code =















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The party has finished the Celt version of the game, the Druid version of Brigid seemed to work quite well!

Statistics used were:

cr_level = 9;

cr_what_stat_adjust 0 = 14;

cr_amount_stat_adjust 0 = 7;

Stat adjust above set her Druidism, Health Circle and War Circle scores all to 7, her Beast Circle and Craft Circle scores both to 4 and her Spirit Circle score to 1. This meant that her spellcasting was a bit behind that of the other two Druids. It is simple to correct this by increasing her scores for any or all of the last three circles.

She did not need to spend much on spells, she started knowing 23 of the 40 ordinary (non-Nether) spells. A lot of the other 17 were found not bought.


Of the three Druids she had the best armor, so there were no problems with her being in the last place. Her Endurance score meant that she had the Health points to survive any monsters sneaking up from behind, survive long enough for help to arrive from one of the two warriors.

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