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weapon skills and damage

Fireball Fodder

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Looking at the code, the answer appears to be no (at least for melee). The formula for calculating damage is roughly (from boe.combat.cpp:365) as follows:


final damage = 1d(weapon level) + dam_adj(see below) + 2 + (weapon bonus damage)


dam_adj appears to take into account the following:

  • Bless/Curse status of PC and Monst
  • Encumbrance and dexterity of PC
  • Sleep/Paralysis status of Monst
  • If PC has item with ability types "Skill" or "Giant Strength"

Edited by sylae
I see a lot of negatives in places where they might not particularly want to be. This code could use an audit.
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As of the current code, I'd say if you are going for weap damage, pump STR. Looking at this code, it should probably change in the future. Mechanically it makes no sense and some placement of negatives leads me to believe that there might be outright errors.

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Dunno if this is even possible with the code, but level should affect damage. A 1st level char and a 50th level with identical gear n stats (via cheats) will do identical damage. That shouldn't be the case. Should be some advantage to being higher level beyond stat points. As it is, most melee classes will start off with 19 Str (Sliths ya do 17 to get the +2 bonusm 18 and 19 wont apply the bonus so isn't efficient, and 20's a waste.) Same with Nephs and 17 Dex. Casters don't have to worry about it because after taking their 7 in which ever spell tree they'll be in single digits for Int (btw, breakponint/sweetspots if wondering for stats are every 3 starting at 6. Like for Dex, to hit % bonus is flat/baseline at 4 Dex, then +5% at 6, then 9, 12, 15, 18, and the last 2 points don't do anything overt.) I assume it's the same with Int and certainly notice there improvement with Bless at those same breakpoints.


As tot he higher level chars should do more damage, because the damage is so low or high (huge variation as with 1-18 halberds which is too random imo) level should add like 1 bonus point of damage so the 50th level char (ignoring everything else) does 1-18+50 for a very high minimum damage reflecting its' vast experience or however you like to think of it.

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