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Util Idea for User-Scenarios

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Some page of info, or other way of displaying the contents of missions would be extremely helpful. Basicly, a 'if you play through this, this is the gear you stand to get' sort of file. Playing Blades more or less exclusively right now, I'm noticing a lot of unknown progression stuff like where/what mission should I play to get Divine Thud or this n that. I don't want total spoilers of course, but knowing a certain scenario has Thud or other drops would certainly increase my willingness to spend a lot of time looking around in it.


Currently, my parties start in Valley of Dying Things and grind up there to about 7th, then on to the 'medium' scenario to fight Araneas to 10 for their top notch drops (though they'll run and not engage from party level 10+ I've noticed.) From there I go to the user-made mission 'Rubacus' for money-making via Alchemy (easily obtainable reagents for making medium heal potions en masse' then spending the money on the +3 Augmentation for Steel Weapons; is a good xp grinder fighting trogs as well in an as-yet infinite encounter ala the Empire Army encampment in Exile 3 near Blackcrag.) Only just discovered the Falling Stars scenario with a previous party (who later wiped in that mission oweing to I think a bug where using Word of Recall brought us back to a wipe-event I couldn't restore from, but that's okay lesson learned - don't use WoR in that mission.) But there's some custom-designed weapons in that mission that make bringing in a low level party worthwhile (weapons doing 1-13+5 normal (+3 Enchantment then back in Rubacus making +8 weps) instead of the usual Steel ones doing 1-9+3(+6.) And some armor that's less encumbering or lighter until magical better options. And the Auction House I've only paid to browse so far, but looks promising offering unique weapons and gear I'll be trying this morning.


My only gripe about FS is the opening battle. First time doing it I had a low-20s party grind to upper 20s but then wiped because of a timer on the event that no one thought to mention (heh.) Without the timer, it'd be an awesome xp trainer-like thing (once you take out the enemy mages who are SERIOUS.) :) But get back into the castle and make use of the narrow halls, bring lots of energy potions and keep everyone buffed, and you should be able to grind up quite high. Of course now that I know there's a auto-wipe if you linger too long, I just run right out in combat-mode not fighting at all. ...If I could code, I'd seriously consider hacking the file and removing the timer because it's such a fun fight. Alas.


Anyway, if anyone has a text file with notes on what gear is in what scenario, share it please. Or, better yet, if anyone's familar with Diablo 2's user-made app with all the rune combos and the like and could make something akin to that for Blades with mission descriptions, lists of what gear/spells/etc is in it, that'd be swell (yes I said it, I'm bringing it back hehe.)

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Might be a little difficult to automatically extract the information you want, but not impossible. You could determine a scenario has a given spell by checking all its special node definitions, and for equipment you could either just check its items list or maybe go through the shop definitions in the dialogue plus all the special node definitions that give items.

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