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So I recently started playing AV3 again because Skyrim was too lonely.


I went with this build







iz dis gud bild?


Typical build I'd say. So what are your builds guys?


I was thinking of a more exotic build though. But idk how I should do it

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Everyone has their own preferences. I like all customs with


Sword and shield fighter/tank

Sword and shield fighter/archer or pole weapon

Mage with low level Priest spells

Priest with low level Mage spells


It helps to have some overlap with the spell casters for extra healing, curing, removing charm and sleep. Also mage attack spells have more damage types and lower spell energy costs.

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It's my favorite topic of discussion! The last time I went through A3, I played a very magic heavy party:


Slith: Polearms, tool use with a 3/1 mage/priest skill for a quick haste/war blessing/cure if needed.

3X Nephil: Mage/Priest maxed out, with a sprinkling of bow skill to deal damage without needing to spend mana.


This turned out to be one of my most powerful playthroughs, the only problem ended up being keeping a supply of arrows and bolts for the nephil. Having three of them might be overkill, but I have come to appreciate a nephil priest/mage since the innate bow and dexterity bonus means they are always good archers and are almost always acting first.


I've also noticed that when I have more than one melee fighter, the second seems to end up being out of reach or stuck behind in a hallway unable to attack. Since A3 has two very powerful polearms, one accessable right at the start even, and sliths get an innate bonus to them, I pick them over swords in this game. Since sliths get an innate bonus to them, elite warrior isn't needed and fast on feet can be taken instead, allowing for extra AP and once again, not having to worry about going last. Giving the warrior a few points of mage/priest skills means they'll be targeted by gazers and mung demons instead of my actual spell casters, saving them from being dumbfounded and drained of mana. He also gets tools use and potion making, I can afford to give him these since every other character can buff/heal, throw spells out or shoot bows for damage meaning the combat of effectiveness of the warrior isn't as crutial to party success.


Since A3 does not have a level cap, every character takes sickness prone to maximize XP gain with minimal penalty since everyone has access to the cure spell.

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