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Small Rebellion Secret Quest


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I am playing Blades of Avernum again, after all these years, mostly because I want to experience Bahssikava one more time (and I'm delighted to learn that there is now a sequel).


I am about half way through A Small Rebellion, and I have just earned a reward for completing a task which is not given by any character in the game - a hidden quest, if you will. It is not mentioned in Jeff's walkthrough, nor has it been discussed in these forums, as far as I can tell. It doesn't seem likely that I am the only person to have found this, so for the sake of completeness I want to make sure the information is recorded somewhere.


East of Liam, and north of the swamps, is a standing stone surrounded by trees. If you make your way up to the stone, you get a message which says 'First Stone.' There are three more stones, and if you touch them all in order, you get a nice reward.


The second stone is all the way on the west side of the island, southeast of the mountains. The third is east of Fahl, at the end of a short passage into the mountains. The fourth is near the east coast, just south of the mountains. The reward is a Warrior's Ring, with good attack bonuses - certainly one of the nicest pieces of jewelry in the scenario.

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Intriguing. I don't remember encountering that before, but as my posts in this forum prove, I don't remember a lot of what I did back in 2004-06.


I hope you enjoy Exodus. It took something of a beating at the time it was released, but I'm continually surprised by the number of people who continue to post that they're — even now — replaying Bahssikava and it.


Frankly, I think I made both scenarios too hard. When I replay them now, I replay them with a god party, and it's more fun. But maybe it's nice to have the challenge the first time.

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It has been several weeks now since I finished A Small Rebellion, and I had better post this before I forget.


There is a special weapon, the Quickload Crossbow, which appears in the custom item list and therefore in Artifacts Hall. However, I don't believe it is actually used in the scenario. Can someone double-check this?


And Kelandon, when I go back and read the reviews of Blades of Avernum scenarios, I am amazed at how misguided many of them are. There seems to have been a widespread opinion that the scenario editor should be used to make games as different as possible from Jeff Vogel's original Exile and Avernum games. I couldn't disagree more. Many of the BoA scenarios are clever and inventive, but Bahssikava is the only one which gave me something like the experience I look forward to from these games.

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Just started replaying "A mild rebellion" on BoE recently and I stumbled onto the first of these stones. Couldn't find any other mention of the quest but here, I'll be sure to post what the reward is in the BoE version.
Also, it is much harder to find these spots in BoE because there is no stone overworld graphic for them, the first stone was just on a random pathable forest space.

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It took me forever to find all 4 stones in Blades of Exile. You get a Gold ring of protection for the trouble, not too shabby.
This scenario has some very hidden secret areas in the overworld! Many of them only having bronze weapons or cursed items tough. 😑

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