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Personal problem with the writing


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Hi SW. Long time no see.


In the last month I've been revisiting a lot of Spiderwebs games and I got around to picking up Avadon 2 about a week ago. In predicable fashion of me, I binged through the game in about 3 days.


Overal I did enjoy the game well enough. Of the two Avadon's I prefer The Black Fortress, but Avadon 2 was still a solid game on the whole. My biggest problem though is the writing...which is definitely a first for a SW game.


Did anyone else feel like Jeff over did the humor in this game? It's not one little piece, it's more like a hundred or more dialogs throughout the game that seemingly exhibit an attitude of self-depreciation to the games own plot and backstory, and even a bit to fantasy as a genre. It became over-saturating after a while. I'm not sure if Jeff was rushing on this one, but it feels like it.


I'm not saying I don't enjoy humor. I do, quite a bit. Jeff has always had humor and little jokes nestled in his games. But here it felt way too much. I can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but the whole time playing this game, I kept getting the feeling that the writing had regressed a bit. Anybody else feel like this at all, or am I just a horribly mean nitpicker?

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Almost anything regarding Alcander the Tinkermage is roll on the floor laughing funny. Nicodemus carries over from the first Avadon with the little remarks about him. Most of the rest is not at that level, but still this game is less serious than the first. I did prefer the change.

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