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Not really, but is there some sort of resistances/weakness one should be aware of? Such as undead are resistant to cold but weak at fire damage. If so, I would love to know every single creature's weakness, if it exists that is.


Bonus question: Is there an item that deals more damage to undead? Other than the legendary bastard sword artifact that we know of.


Spoilers welcome.


EDIT: As I suspected, adventurers need payment :/


I'll give you a +1 to your post

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Unfortunately, that old Bestiary applies to the earlier Avernum games. There are significant differences in the newest iteration, so that information will be incorrect and confusing for someone playing Avernum: Escape from the Pit.


If you watch closely, during battles there will be numbers superimposed on your foes after you attack them, showing damage taken and (crucially) damage blocked. For example, if you attack a Fire Lizard with a fire spell, it will show 'Immune' and no damage. I don't know of a list containing all this information.

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