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Spiderweb is mostly a one-man operation. Any time Jeff spends porting old games to iPad is time he can't spend developing a new game. Unless something like a Humble Bundle comes along and wants to port one of his games (thus giving the work to an outsider), I wouldn't expect any older SW games to get ported to iPad in the foreseeable future.


However, Jeff periodically remakes his older games (once they are so old they no longer run on modern systems), and when he does that, he'll probably make the new versions available for iPad.

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That is, you're very likely to see the Avernum 2 and 3 remakes come out for the iPad, when they're released, which will get you Avernum 1-3 and Avernum 6. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if, at that point, he decided to port 4 and 5, because that'd put all of them on the iPad. Also, all future Avadon games are likely to come out for the iPad.


The real gap is going to be Geneforge (and Nethergate, I suppose), which were released recently enough that they mostly run decently on modern systems (sometimes with some effort), so they don't need to be remade soon, but which predated the iPad, so they didn't get iPad versions at the time.


For those, I recommend just playing on a computer.

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