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second fight with zhossa

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ok that was a wierd fight. I could not tell if I was winning or not.


I kept knocking the [censored] ouf of some of the illusions...getting messages occasonally that I had hurt the real one, but then none of them looked damaged later unless it was the one I was currently hitting. very wierd. the messages said the fake ones sparkled but I could always see at least two that did not sparkle, so I was never sure which one to go after. I used more scrolls and stuff than ever before. i was actually getting pretty bored for the first time in a fight. BORED. I checked facebook in the middle. FACEBOOK. !!!



it seemed endless in a boring ass way. every other long battle has been really cool, even when I get my butt kicked. I did not like that you could never tell if you were winning or not. then BAM. finally i get to kill him. it was crazy. i had no real indication that I was winning....until a message told me so. if the message told me i had not really killed him or that he fled, I would assume i had acutally not done [censored].


that was a pretty annoying way to run a battle.\

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Now you understand why new posters are warned to leave their sanity at the door. Scripted fights only make sense to Jeff Vogel because he wrote them.


And Zhossa II made even less, Avadon 2's battle in workshop was quite similar battle.

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I guess what bothered me the most is that often the drakes were far out of range. even their attacks were out of range. it was sort of absurdist. I was left thinking....I am in fight, and I have no idea what to attack, because it is like a chess board and I have only so much AP. I have played a lot of AP based games. fallout 1, 2. the new age of decadence. baldurs gate...eschalon stuff. etc....this was first battle where the AP system felt broken as related to fighting not because the fight was too hard but because it was too big a space and too long.

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