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Singleton race choice in A2?

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I've decided to take a stab at Avernum 2 with a solo "party." Which race is best? I didn't hit the level cap in A1 (i was 39 when I finished), but had taken Divine Warrior and Natural Mage.


Assuming I take the same traits, I will be getting a LOT less XP if I go with Nephil or Slith. I mostly make a mage/priest with minor melee skills, although I did end up using the Demonslayer quite a lot with my last character in A1, and I was still pretty tough even with lower melee stats.


What would you recommend?

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I hit the level cap in A1 before I got to the main quests.


I tend to use a Nephil for singleton games when it's available for the bonus traits. Sliths aren't as useful because of the pole weapons bonus since they don't have the bonus intelligence from the older Exile series.

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