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A1 - How to take on golems?

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I can take a few, but not as many as are in the final part of the 'ascent gauntlet'. They hit really hard, none of my magic seems to do squat, and with all the buffing I need to do to stay alive, I run out of SP quickly.


I'm doing a solo run on normal. My guy has 18 mage spells, 16 in priest, lots of int (like 17), and a smattering of other stuff. Blademaster 7, lots of the stuff you can buy or be trained in without SP.


I'm using Demonslayer, although I could switch back to a 1 hander and a shield (not that I would think it'd be much better, they hit like a ton of bricks.. haha)


Plus, it's dark in that room and they are always surrounding me... good thing I had a save from before that place. I guess I'll go grind on some other stuff for a bit.

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Pretty much it's buff and hug walls to keep the number of possible attackers down. When you face resistant to magic monsters you need to maximize damage per hit and hits per round. It helps to have potions to recharge since this is an advanced area and you have to go all the way through in one trip.

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Well, I ended up taking on Grah-Hoth first, which helped me to get Divine Warrior 3 from Micah. I bought up all the Energy Potions and Elixers that I could, and had no trouble rolling through the golems. That spell is really great.


It also helped me to smash Hawthorne. Singleton run complete!

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