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spending my money

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so I have been saving up my 401k in avadon. I have like 5000.


a) the stuff in stores is not as good armor/weapons wise as what quest bosses drop

B) should I buy potions/etc. I was using them only a bit but then I fought zepheryine.. wow.


c) what should I buy

d) is training with that lady up near where the shadow beast was worth it?


thank you if you read this.


double thanks if you answer.

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Yes, training is worth it: the bonus is small but it'll never become obsolete like equipment will. There's also Arilda in the Dhorla Woods area, who will sell you charms if you do a quest for her -- they're a good thing to drop money on once you don't have any other use for it.

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so the training is worth it? I saved and paid 3k when I only have 6k to the mage lady in castle V. for that much money my armor went from 63% to 64%. wow.


my endgame sorceress has 68% armor while shadowwalker has 78% and shaman and 2nd sorc have ~same as 1st sorc and every % helps since it makes survival easier.


also those buying those colored "marbles" is worthy although you get quite much of those during adventuring.

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