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Trying to design a new template for my BoA Scenario Pages. This is what I have so far and I would like some feedback. I know the Next button links to a missing page. Haven't created a page for Beechford yet. I'm looking for broken links, odd displays, and suggestions for scenario stats, layout, or additions. Or just a thumbs up/thumbs down in general.



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fyi: i'm working on a new system for the scenario reviews that will make that ratings tab on the right a lot easier on your end.


on a design side i feel like having a tiny fixed-width detracts from it somewhat. I feel kind of silly scrolling an overflow:auto div when i have so much screen space that is just "the color purple". personal prefs though.

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@sy, yeah.. was being lazy because absolute positions are quicker to figure out than floats but I think I got it now. Shift-F5 if it still looks the same.


@BMA I'll look at other colors. Just want something obvious without making my eyes bleed. If you were to suggest a color what would you pick.

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I'd say any colour that doesn't glow like that, maybe the same shade of blue used for the hints' X markers.


Note : I felt this when I was browsing through the entire list, deciding what scenario to download. It probably isn't an issue when you come to the site to download just those scenarios you wanted.

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The data will be exposed as such (I'm using Adrift as an example here):


In each CSR review, there will be a chunk of HTML embedded in it, as such:

<span data-csr-composite="eyJ0aXRsZSI6IkFkcmlmdCIsInRpZCI6MTIzMDcsInRhZ3MiOlsiYXZlcm51bSB1bml2ZXJzZSIsImJlZ2lubmVyIiwiY29tYmF0IGhlYXZ5Iiwic2hvcnQiXSwiYmdhc3AiOnsiNSI6MSwiNCI6MTMsIjMiOjIsIjIiOjAsIjEiOjB9fQ==" id="csr-composite">
Composite Score: ...

The data-csr-composite attribute contains encoded machine-readable data on the scenario. You can use a CSS selector to grab that information, and send it to a parser. Using QueryPath (which is basically jQuery for PHP), the following code will grab it:

$data = htmlqp($html, '#csr-composite')->attr("data-csr-composite");

This data is essentially a JSON object encoded using base64. You can decode it using the following PHP string:

$array = json_decode(base64_decode($data), true);

The JSON string will look something like the following (note that I am still developing the script to generate this, but it may change slightly as I (possibly) add more metadata about the scenario):

   "title": "Adrift",
   "tid": 12307,
   "tags": [
       "avernum universe",
       "combat heavy",
   "bgasp": {
       "5": 1,
       "4": 13,
       "3": 2,
       "2": 0,
       "1": 0

Note that 'bgasp' is the abbreviation for the actual scenario stats. They are described in detail in this source config file. Basically, 5=best, 4=good, and so on down the line.


So, your solution will be to put this little function somewhere:

<?php // let's call this decode.php

require 'qp.php'; // Assuming QueryPath is somewhere in INCLUDE_PATH. May need to adjust.

* NOTE: This function doesn't do much in the way of error handling. Will probably cause drama.
function getPost($tid) {
 $url = "http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/$tid-/";
 $html = file_get_contents($url);
 $data = htmlqp($html, '#csr-composite')->attr("data-csr-composite");

 return json_decode(base64_decode($data), true);
} // getPost


Then, once you've done that, you just need to simply include the following in each review page:

require '/path/to/decode.php';

$i = getPost(12307);
<!-- html stuff here, yada yada -->
Best: <?php echo $i['bgasp']['5']; ?>
<!-- yada yada -->


Of course, with this data you can do a lot of stuff, look at this code:83 for a quick generator to list the "Composite Score" section

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