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Question about a bird... (spoilers!)

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I beat Nethergate: Resurrection a few years back (I beta tested the win version), and decided to replay it since I hadn't since then. It's just as good as I remember, but I just spoke with the Raven. Which culture has he failed? Is it revealed later or just left a mystery? My suspicion is some kind of Norse or Egyptian, but I'm not too good with my mythology/ancient religions. :)



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It isn't revealed, but Raven is a major god in North American Indian mythos. Failure might be their lands being taken by the Spanish and later US settlers moving west.


In Norse myths there are two ravens that act as messengers for Odin.


Yeah, thanks! I thought about the Native American angle, but since Boudica's rebellion was in the first century, I thought it was pretty unlikely. Any other thoughts?

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Based on the future destruction angle, than it probably is the North American Indian raven. I tend to think of that Raven as the trickster, but it was the creator as well in that mythology. Apollo had a raven that was similar to Odin's pair. Irish mythology also had a goddess turn into a Raven, so it could refer to the fall of the ancient Irish culture as well.

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