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Spears: challenge edition

Prince of Kitties

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Meet Matthias:




Matthias is a wimp. He's a bit sickly, not very good at magic, and potions don't work for him. He's a got a little training with a sword, and that's basically it.


(He has no advantages, and all disadantages except Chronic Disease. Originally he had that too, but I had to remove it because it kept killing him during overland travel. :( )


The Imperial Military figured they could send him down to Avernum to get him out of everyone's hair, and maybe shut up the Avernum officials who kept wanting more soldiers. Unfortunately he landed right in a BoE scenario...


His starting stats are:

6 Strength

6 Edged weapons

3 Mage spells

3 Priest spells

6 HP, 18 SP


Let's see where this goes.

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Pretty good actually. You can find alchemical stuff strewn about the caverns in various places. Not sure there's enough of it to play without magic though.


... Hmm. Actually now that you mention it, this is an interesting idea. The skill points freed by avoiding magic could be dumped into Luck.


The main problems are

a) You won't be able to hit anything reliably, and everything will be able to hit you reliably.

B) If somehow (a) does not apply, spellcasters can slow and curse you until it does.


Basically, the way the game is designed, I'm not sure it's possible to play most scenarios without a reliable source of Bless.


(Though if Strength potions are available one could stock up...)

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