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On a ship to algiers


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The conventional wisdom is that you never put skill points into health and rarely, if ever, into spell points. Strength and Intelligence will do enough for you as you gain levels.


One of the common criticisms of this scenario is that it's unnecessarily tough, so you're not alone in thinking this.

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yup, my characters have only about 6 health, but the other skill points I spent on item lore, weapon skills etc, and did not plug them all into strength/dex/int,


I am wondering if that is ok? (I did not understand Alcitras' statement about the cookie cutter party in the faq) Maybe he meant not to tailor a party based on the early events of this scenario? So, I guess I am ok then.

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Assuming that you're well on your way...

You've chosen the first in a series of ten interconnected Scenarios which cover a 5,000 year history of a 'World' created by Alcritas, who is quite probably the most acclaimed of ALL the Authors in the BoE realm.

I.M.N.S.H.O. You could not have begun in a better place.

Each of the Scenarios is written in a different style and the set carries numerous ethical subjects.

You may want to keep all the notes you make, too. You may come across something in a scenario that references something in an earlier one.

If you run into trouble along the line, don't hesitate to ask this Board; no question is too difficult to answer except for, "Which one is the Best?"

Stick with them; the rewards are even greater than the journey.


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