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stuck in adventurer's club 3 retribution


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ive played the main quest up to telling governor walwick about grimly, and it seems to have stopped there the only quest i cant seem to complete is finding uncle shamus. execpt for the quests in the untamed area, the huge forest, and the slith area which i cant get into ive done everything else i can find. is there a walkthrough somewhere or am i missing something that should be obvious?

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* Note: I'm pretty "Chatty" so please excuse the long response.

First, do ALL those areas that you haven't started/completed. If you're new to these games I'd like to suggest that in literally ALL Scenarios, you should investigate absolutely everything; Outdoor Sectors, Towns, Buildings, etc. Most Authors scatter objects and hints around. Other than completing the Main Objective, that's the "Game" of the Scenario.

Second, In my retirement years, I've been making Walk-Throughs for Scenarios and making repairs to ones that are 'Flawed'. I originally had intended to give away these Walk-Throughs, but as I did more and more, I realized that would be undermining the purpose of what the Authors had done and would really defeat the object of playing them. So, for now at least, I'll simply watch this board and answer any questions I can.

As to the Scenario, 'AC-3'. It would be a big help in understanding what you're supposed to be doing in this Scenario if you had played AC-1 and AC-2 first. These Scenarios are 'linked' in their Story-Lines.

There are, basically, 28 Quests in this Scenairo and several are quite 'involved' and interlinked, much less quite difficult.

Finding Uncle Shamus is a relatively minor quest and if you truly want to know how this Quest works out, I'll tell you, but I STRONGLY suggest that you dig much more deeply into the Story-Line by investigating everything you can.

One last item: If you are 'New' to these Scenarios, you should know that this is the LARGEST Scenario that there is and it involves a LOT of playing time and at least a moderate amount of experience with these Scenarios. And, if you are new to these Scenarios, I'd suggest that you Save this one, set it aside and play a few easier ones to get a "Feel" as to how they work. They are not the typical "Shoot-em-up" type, but rather they generally take a lot of puzzle solving.

Again, if you really want to know how to accomplish something in this Scenario, just say so and I'll let you know.


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ive played the first two and alot of other puzzle heavy scenarios. so after the governor told me he would contact me or i should bring him any ideas about grimly to him i wandered off assuming that with enough exploring id trigger the next part.

but ive run out of places to explore and the only quests i havent done are ones going into the forest and the untamed area, what am i supposed to do to move the game along? who do i talk to/where do i go?

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1.) Did you visit the Training area?

2.) Did you add Homer to your Party?

3.) Did you receive Missions from Clara's daughter, Bonnie?

4.) Did you acquire Common Unicorn Horns and the Golden Unicorn Horn?

5.) Did you find the 'Lost Boys'?

6.) Did you acquire the 'Little Brown Pups?

7.) Did you find the Recipe Book, (requires finding all 5 pages with recipes)?

8.) If so, did you find all the Ingredients for the Recipes?

9.) Did you accomplish the Quest to join the Fighters' Guild?

10.) Did you accomplish the Quest to join the Mages' Guild?

11.) Did you accomplish the Quest to join the Priests' Guild?

12.) Did you accomplish the Quest to join the Thieves' Guild?

13.) Did you create a 'Familiar'?

14.) Did you find the 'Dead Man's Poppy'?

15.) Did you attempt the Owaji Championship?

16.) Did you accomplish the 'Memories of a Murder'?

17.) Did you accomplish the 'Search for a Little Girl'?

18.) Did you accomplish the Quest for Viagra?

19.) Did you accomplish the 'Black Market' task?

20.) Did you accomplish the 'Field Trip' task?

21,) Did you accomplish the Quest for the 'Hydra Egg Noodle Soup'?

22.) Did you accomplish the Quest for 'Professor Marvelus' Traveling Chest?

23.) Did you accomplish the 'Three Heads are better than one' task?

24.) Did you accomplish the 'Greenball Express' task?

25.) Did you accomplish the 'New Sanctuary' task?

26.) Did you accomplish the 'Gumbies make good Scarecrows' task?

27.) Did you accomplish the 'Grandfather's Secret Stash' task?

28.) Did you accomplish the 'Lost Treasure of Marcus Bagarnis III'?

29.) Did you accomplish the 'Burrower Beast Infestation' task?

30.) Did you accomplish the 'Quintus find Religion' task?

31.) Did you accomplish the 'Virgil's Tower' task?

32.) You will learn about 'Uncle Shamus' when you search Lucivius' Manor.

33.) Did you accomplish the 'Demon down under' task?

34.) Did you accomplish the 'Monster in the Lake' task?

35.) Did you accomplish the 'Poppin' Fresh Doughboys' task?

36.) Did you accomplish the 'When Treasure Chests Attack' task?

37.) Did you vist, and play, at the 'Press Your Luck Show'?

38.) Did you accomplish the 'Scavenger Hunt', (12 Items)?


There are numerous 'Trainers' and 'Augmenters' throughout the Scenario and I shouldn't tell you these two items as they are part of the Scenario, (I assume for Literary Color), but...

A.) The Hobbling Arts & Crafts Fair in Halmeni Mountains, near Lake Pentaglas & Magestica never opens. It is an item added to the Scenario for ‘Literary Color’.

B.) The eventual Gumby Sanctuary, although resolved for the sake of the Story Line, won’t be completed within this Scenario


I told you I'm a bit "Chatty". ;^}

Hopefully, this list will give you a few ideas. If you need the specifics, let me know which ones.


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