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Amazonian Saga Help


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Hi again. Now I’m playing the Amazonian Saga and I’ve run into a new dead end. (The walkthrough of this one on TrueSite doesn’t seem to work either, and the sight provided in the read me doesn’t help much.)

Here’s my situation, I’ve killed Nancy and Samantha, (I think I sold Nancy’s spear, I hope it isn’t needed.), but I’m having trouble getting to Kekri (I’m presuming she’s in Kokoriko).

In this town there is a novel orb that I presume must be destroyed, but the weapon that I have to do it with is not powerful enough. Of course, it’s magical and can’t be “improved”, and none of the other blacksmiths want to help me. How do I progress from here?

PS. I haven’t been able to find any of the missing people, should I have been able to by now?

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