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Scarabs use on iPad

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Hi Lilith


I cant see it there at all - does it kick in at a certain level????


eg on my BM I go to the spell list and the spiny scarab option isnt there???


Can you do a screenshot to show me - it is annoying me why I cant see it.

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Can do! As long as you've got the scarab equipped, there's no other requirement -- just go to the bottom of the abilities menu of the character wearing it and it'll be there.




See the Thorn Shield ability there, in the bottom row, the one I've got my pointer over? That's granted by the spiny scarab. (This screenshot is actually from Avadon 2, because I don't have Avadon 1 installed on this computer, but it works the same way in Avadon 1.)

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Is it possible to turn off the text which obscures the Scarab abilities in the bottom row when playing on iPad?


Changing game text size, or turning on/off text console don't seem to affect this issue.


Here's a screenshot (from Avadon 2 but this seemed the right place to ask the question)




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(The Air is the latest; it's fifth generation.)


I'm not sure. I'd email Spidweb directly with that screenshot and see what they say. They're often pretty good about that sort of thing, and unless anyone else here can replicate the bug, we may not be able to help you. (And I can't replicate the bug — it doesn't do that on my iPad.)

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Even though they're not in your party, you can still select their dimmed-out portraits and access their inventory to equip them with items, including scarabs.


awesome sauce! thank you for your help, Lililth.

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