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I've made, and regularly use, quite a few Forms and Lists associated with the Editor and Scenarios but haven't been able to find an actual List of the possible Enchantments for Items. For instance, enchanting a Sword to be a Flaming Weapon, or a Necklace to Bless. I have found a reference here or there, but not an actual List like the ones for Alchemy, Spells, etc.

Does anyone know where I could find this information?

Thanks, me

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I don't think there's an actual list (there probably should be), but item abilities and (for weapons) damage types are listed in the code in classes/consts.h. See here for a pretty decent listing (lines 505-665 are a relevant list).


edit: i'm a lying poohead, it actually is listed in the Items appendix.

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Oh, mai, gawd! That is absolutely beautiful.

All my 'lists' are individual, including lists of Items, spells, etc. with a column for where they can be found in a Scenario, should the Player/Party choose to keep the information. I do as I make a Walk-Through.

I've been hoping that eventually the Editor will be posted as a single 'Document' like the Original was. I've re-organized the Original a bit and am still using it as my Reference Material. I keep all these Documents, including the Editor, in a Three-Ring Binder. Let senility catch someone else. ;^}

Again, thanx a bunch!


P.S. My aged eyes see your skies; they're a perfect fit for my woods and 'critters'.

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Isn't the list of possible enchantments right here in the dialogue chapter? Relevant quote:

Node Type 17 - Enchant Weapons Enables the part to spend money to have their weapons augmented. The character responds Text 1, and Enchant buttons (with costs) appear by all of the characters identified, non-magical weapons. A is the sort of enchantment the party can buy (0 - +1, 1 - +2, 2 - +3, 3 - shoot flame spells, 4- flaming weapon, 5 - +5, 6 - blessed)
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As the song says, I had been looking in all the wrong places. I guess I was looking for a more obvious list as some of the other attributes are listed. Sylae sent a really great link to the "Items Appendix". (See the response above)

I've made a bunch of separate lists and forms to use while working through scenarios and had simply overlooked where this one was located; probably was just one of those "geriatric things". ;^}

Thanks to you both


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