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Is it possible to change the way exp scales for quests and monster kills?

Or is there a way to change how many points are given per level for skills and attributes?


Very quickly in all of these games I feel like I am fighting for no reason as everything is giving me 1exp.


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Skill points per level are hard-coded, so no on that.


Xp scaling is also hard-coded, but you could go into the dialogue scripts and manually change the expected level for individual quest rewards. Search for the command 'award_party_xp'. The command will be followed by two numbers in brackets (x,y). x indicates the base amount of the xp awarded, and y represents the ideal level. If you're higher, the xp will be adjusted downward and vice versa. So you could change either or both of those numbers to suit yourself.

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Are monster exp values also hard coded?

They're based on level relative to the PC. The only way to change that would be to change the monster's level. Which could be done in some cases, but would radically alter your game, possibly making it unwinnable.

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I sincerely hope you are backing up your scripts before making these changes, because you could very easily wreck your game this way.


There are two ways to make changes:


1. Change the creature definition. Creatures are defined in the script called gfxitemschars.txt, where x is whichever Geneforge you're playing. Level is set by the line 'cr_base_level = y;' where y is obviously the desired level. Changing this will change every single example of that creature type in the game. And because some definitions are imported into others, any changes you make may have unintended consequences. I strongly recommend against doing this.


2. Use the 'set_level' command. The advantage is that it's much more selective. The disadvantage is that you may not have all the information you need to use it.


Creatures that have their own scripts are easy; just open their script and look in the INIT_STATE for 'set_level(ME,x)'. You can then set the value of x to whatever you like. But only a small percentage of monsters have their own scripts.


It is possible to use 'set_level' for default creatures in a particular zone if you put it in the zone script, but the catch is that you need to know the creature numbers in order to tell the game who to apply it to. There's no way for you to know those numbers unless Jeff has used them in the script himself. He may use them in any number of commands, including set_level, spawn_creature, set_name, set_aggression, and others (there is also 'set_boss_level' which frankly I'm not sure what it does - I wouldn't mess with it). The creature number will be the first one in the brackets. Note that 4-digit numbers refer to groups of creatures (I'm fairly sure). If 'set_level' is in there, you can change the second number to what you want; if it isn't but you know the creature number from another command, you can add it. Just don't forget to include a semicolon at the end of the line.


But he doesn't necessarily say which creature is which, so there may be some trial and error even in the best case. And if he hasn't made any changes to the default creatures in that zone then you're out of luck.


Without knowing which Geneforge you're playing it's difficult to give an example. I hope this has been helpful*, and I can't emphasize the importance of back-up copies enough!


ETA: You do realize that higher level enemies are much more likely to kill you, right?

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*Well in honesty I hope it's helped you decide not to bother.
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Thank you very much.

Yes I make sure I back up what I am doing and I am not really arbitrarily going nuts with changes. I simply want to change the first 1 or 2 levels of monsters and perhaps maybe the third as I get farther into the game.

I would much rather simply have it so if creature is equal to approximate 10 levels below me they never become hostile unless I force engage them or a global switch that evolves all the level 3 to 8 enemies once I reach 20+.


anyway thanks again that file is very self explanatory and has a lot of control offered in it.

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You're entirely welcome. Of course, getting more xp from early kills and quests will make you level up faster, which means that you'll get less xp from later kills and quests, so...


The games can be a little frustrating xp-wise, especially if you find yourself clearing an area later than you could have, but they are generally pretty well balanced to eventually give you the skill points you need when you need them.

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