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Has Enough of Statistic Nodes

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Okay, I'm trying to edit my scenarios that I made with the Original BoE, and I want to make it so that the party has to have enough Mage Lore to learn a spell. Looking for the special node to do so, I noticed the "Have Enough Mage Lore" node it was replaced with "Has Enough of Statistic". It says to look in the the documentation for the number of the statistic and the checking method, which I can not find a list of either anywhere. I'm using the latest version of the Classic BoE Editor, that comes packaged with the installer downloadable at the top of the BoE page of these forums. I'm also using the Windows version. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Here's a rough documentation for that node, I'll make sure it gets properly documented.



ex1a: how much of skill [read: DC for the special]

ex1b: special to call if enough


ex2a: skill index (List of valid skills for reference)

ex2b: 0, others - cumulative, 1 - highest, 2 - average, 3 - lowest, 10 + x - that PC.


that was effectively copy-pasted from the glorious 2009 commit message where the code was introduced. Extra 2B is a bit weird, but I'll try and clarify it from looking at the code:

- ex2b = 1: The max value from all the PCs.

- ex2b = 2: The average (mean) of all the PCs.

- ex2b = 3: The min value from all the PCs.

- ex2b = 4: The sum of all the PCs' values.


Note: If an individual PC is selected for the node (presumably via Split Party?) then it ignores ex2b and just pulls that PC's specific value. If your party isn't Split, you can just set ex2b to 10 and I think it'll get the value for the currently selected PC (as in, the blue italics one?)



Hope this helps :)

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