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Avadon 2 Book of Answers - Suggestion

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I purchased the Avadon 2 Book of Answers along with the game. I have a big complaint/suggestion about the book.


(Note the Avadon Black Fortress Book of Answers has the same problem)


It is a real hassle to have to flip back and forth from the walkthrough map references to the maps to see where you are.


The Book of Answers should include a legend for each reference on each map, next to the map not on another page.


Also, it would help if the maps had at least 2 colors in addition to black, blue for water and red for lava, so it looks like what we see in the Game Map.


Then there is the specific error in Avadon 2 Book of Answers on pg31, Area 11 - Monitor Base C:

  1. When I used the command whereami and looked at the answer in the Text Console, it said Area 10 - Monitor Base C.
  2. In addition the map should say Monitor Base C Interior. That is what is shown, there is no map of the exterior area.

It would be nice if you had maps from the Avadon 2 Book of Answers online each with a basic legend.

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