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A3 — Generic Golem?

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Playing Avernum 3, I overconfidently accepted a job from one of the job dispatchers. It said I had to slay a Golem and take its body to one of the innumerable innkeepers in Valorim – what they use that stuff for, I never quite understood. ‘Hah, that's easy,’ I thought, 'Monroe province is crawling with them golems!’ And I accepted. There sure were a lot of golems there, but they were not just Golems, but Blade Golems, Fire Golems, Ice Golems, Jeweled Golems, and Demon Golems, but no Generic Plain Old Vanilla Golem, none whatsoever.


Now I'm in a pinch. I have 15 days left to complete that job and I haven't got the foggiest as to where this elusive generic golem can be found. Can anyone help me out here? I don't wanna lose my standing with the job dispatchers and Mickie, the innkeeper in Shayder, (that's the client I'm doing this for).


Help would be much appreciated!


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I have tried. In fact, I signed up for this job right before I set out to defeat the golems. At the time, I thought myself particularly lucky to have found that job when I did, considering what I was about to do. I killed plenty of golems in the factory (of all five types, as already mentioned), but none of them seemed to be what Mickie wants.

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None of walkthroughs etc mention that quest.


only somehow possible place is this (from Relle's walkthrough):


5k-4. The Rest of Valorim



From the Draigoth ruins, explore. The last 'town' is Blackcrag Fortress, which

we'll get to later, but there's several special items, alchemic ingredients,

and even magic to be found in this final area of Valorim. Use Far Sight (if

it's at level 3) to explore more fully and discover the secret passages in the

mountains. The middle northern part of Valorim holds several alchemic caches,

including one of mandrake being guarded by some odd rogues. The northeastern

end (north of Monoroe province) has a merchant selling the Xian Vest, one more

cache, and the reason I told you to get a horn.


Remember way back when? Way, way back when? I hope you still have that horn.

If you don't, go get one. The cave on a tiny island in the northeastern corner

of Valorim holds a tome. The tome summons a guardian. The guardian issues a

challenge. Accept the challenge and be thrust into two large battles, and I

mean HUGE! You'll very likely be outnumbered six or seven to one in the first

fight. Fortunately, they're all undead, which means Repel Spirit once again

earns its keep. Bless, haste, and Repel Spirit their asses until they fall.


You'll have to re-enter the cave for the second challenge. Here, you'll fight

a Lich, some Mung Demons and some Golems. No, not the plague golems, just

normal golems, which are basically fire-immune tanks.


if not that then post screenshot from that quest so we can see it.

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Thanks for the tip. I have found the cave with the tome. Unfortunately, the guardian won't let me take the test. He says: “No! You are too weak! You have done too little for goodness! You may not take the test! Go!”


Does anyone know what criteria I am failing exactly? I have beaten all the plagues. Character levels are 30–32. Reputation 40.

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Just to note, that's one of the job posting quests, Earth Empires. It's not from any walkthrough, it's just one of the (semi?)-randomly generated quests to deliver X to Y by Z date, where X might be a number of dead monster bits.


I'm not sure what the obstacle is and I don't have the scripts handy to check. My best guesses would be reputation, which you've certainly exceeded, or some specific quest that has to be done first, but with no indication I have no idea what it would be.


—Alorael, who can only offer the comforting thought that at this point in the game getting temporarily locked out of the job boards isn't a big loss.

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Btw, when I say that I've beaten all the plagues, I mean slimes, cockroaches, troglodytes & giants, and golems. It's been a while since I've played the game to the end, so I don't remember if the alien beasts can be defeated the same way the other plagues can or only by ending the game.



By chance I just stumbled upon another location where normal golems can be found. The dragons Athron and Koth use them as guards. Unfortunately that makes them problematic to kill, because in doing so one would incur instant draconian wrath.

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In order to trigger that encounter in that cave with the tome, you need a Horn in your inventory. If that isn't it, it must be reputation. I remember in my playthrough that I had no problem with it. I did do a lot of side quests though, so my reputation was pretty high. It is worth it to do this because you get Divine Restoration at level 3. as a reward.

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