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A3 — Recipe Locations

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Walner seems to have Energy and Strength Potion. Thanks. (I also found them to be sold in Blackcrag Fortress.)


Of course, I can always ask for them and discover things for myself, but the same is true for everything else and walkthroughs still exist.


If anyone ever makes a comprehensive list of recipe locations, I'd be interested to see it.

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Its possible although unlikely since A3 remake will come out soon (next year maybe) and things will be different (little or alot) in remake.


many recipes are found during travelling (like knowledge brew).


potion recipe sellers are:


Alchemy Recipes



Ghikra, Upper Avernum



Tower of Magi, Avernum



Outside, Northeast Krizsan Province



Fenris Port, Isle of Bigail



Shamirik, Karnold Province



Lorelei, Midori Province



Gale, Monoroe Province



Blackcrag Fortress, Northern Valorim

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