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Back and creating a new G5 editor


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Hey guys, I've finally gotten back into playing Geneforge again and I'll be giving a gift to the community in the form of a better, more updated version of my previous Geneforge 5 editor.


Currently the editor has these features:

-Give experience

-Increase individual character skills by 1

-Max all character skills

-Give money (10,000 coins a pop)

-Give living tools

-Increase individual spells or shaping abilities by 1 or max them out

-Recharge option to restore a large amount of essence, energy and health (faster than using rechargeme or re-entering a town)

-Enhancement items vendor (for golden crystals etc.)

-Give puresteel

-Shaped gear vendor

-Puresteel equipment vendor

-Special ingredients vendor (Crystalline Fibers, Ur-Drakon Skin etc.)

-Gear sets for Shaper, Guardian, and Agent classes (Agent gear set still needs finishing)

-Custom items (4 charms and 1 godsword)


The editor still has the same two parts, the pacification pylon control in the first zone, and then the sign in Minallah.

If you have any suggestions for additional features you'd like to see, please let me know. Currently I'm working on adding options for maxing out individual skills, but I may have to limit it to only being able to max individual base and general skills, as I'm unsure if I'll have enough lines to code for the other skills. If you'd like to try out the current editor to try it out, just PM me and I'll send you the code for the zone and item files. I'll be creating another thread to post the code in once I've finished making sure all of the features work and making sure there aren't any bugs. Thanks.

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