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mod Secret Bovine Society


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WARNING: This thread contains information about modifying your game files. If you modify your game, it may change in ways you don't expect or want. These modifications are not designed or supported by Spiderweb Software. Use at your own risk.


The Secret Bovine Society is a mod for "Avadon 2 - The Corruption" by Spiderweb Software. Mods are not supported by Spiderweb Software.


This mod was originally designed for my own entertainment but after taking so many hours of coding, testing and adjusting I decided someone else might like to use it.


It is recommended that this not be installed until after playing the original game several times.


Trying to minimize spoilers in the description, the basics of this mod are as follows. The intent is to have more support for tougher battles and more versatility. They will still be tough battles but shorter if you fight harder. The mod is designed so that you can have up to the full group of six in your party IF YOU SO DESIRE in most places. The Full Party Mod has been incorporated into this, so touching a pylon gives you dialog to add the missing members. There are two places where up to the full six sized party can be retrained/respec, and some other six party activities. There are new items and additional dialogs. There is not a lot of extra reading but pay attention to the dialog. The Avadon 2 plot and quests have not been changed and no flags have been modified.


This 350k+- mod changes 10 of the original files including the items file. No typing or copying of code text is required. Please MAKE BACKUP COPIES of the original files you are replacing from the original game BEFORE installing any of these. That way if you don't like this mod you can put back the originals. Unzip the file archive after downloading. Drag the individual files into the Resources folder of Avadon 2 on a Mac and the Scripts folder of Avadon 2 on a Windows .


Thanks to Jeff Vogel for a cool game that can be modded. Thanks to those who worked over the years on the full party mod also.


Suggestions welcome.

I hope you enjoy this.



Download here---> https://app.box.com/...s5dk4e1pl876t1f





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Thanks for the note. Not sure what you are referring to. This mod was made with 1.01 but is not related to the pylons but includes the full party mod which asks if you want the help of more Hands when you touch a pylon. Is the full party part working? The Bovine Secret Society works when you talk to bovines and a few other cases that extend the Bovine plot without a bovine around. I hope this helps. If not then share more details and I will help.

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Thank you, Zorro, for the answer. I installed the mod and had a party at Avadon, before completing the "Traped Lair" task. So I loaded that game and sent them to the Kva pylon. There I had the main character touch the pylon and... nothing happened. I mean not even the usual question if I want to go to Avadon or stay.

Hope that helps. I am curious to se the bovine part of your mod, but can't play without the functioning pylons. I restored, then, the backup scripts and now the pylon works, but no mod.

Thank you, again.

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I tested the Kva portal out and it works fine.


Here's something you can try. Reload the Bovine file z1dungeondlg.txt and then restart that saved game in Avadon and go down in the dungeon and talk to Eye Mamora. You should get the same portal query for adding more Hands in the dungeon. Let me know what happens. Thanks! (file name edited)

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Great. I'm glad you were able to work it out. What was the problem initially? Maybe someone else could benefit from the possible pitfall.


Looking at all the files in the mod, you can tell there are 9 map areas of activity plus the items list. I have as yet resisted the temptation to provide a spoiler of what all is involved. I like the ah-ha moments.

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