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A3 War Blessing Lv. 3

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Is there some way to get War Blessing Lv. 3 (in A3) after using the stone circle? It seems odd that it would be completely unavailable, since every other level 3 spell is available somewhere as many times as you want. My mage is stuck with it at level 2... though the ridiculous amount of +1 AP items in this game sort of negates the need for hasting. One of my fighters currently has Boots of Speed, Pachtar's Plate, Fury Crossbow, and Mithral Sword (which I totally didn't realize came with +1 AP).

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If you need to I think it's fair to use the editor. I'm somewhat surprised, though. From what I recall, and it's been a while, I thought all spells could be gotten from a source other than the stone circles.


—Alorael, who checked The Internet™ and found the second stone circle repeated everywhere. But he also suspects that a single source reported that and then got duplicated endlessly without citation.

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