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Petrification Touch


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Turns out Jeff outright forgot this one. I coded it up myself in combat.c. For a chance of being petrified I did this:


r = (random # from 0 to 100) - target level + 0.5*attacker_level

if (r > 60) turns to stone


Petrification resisting items and magic immunity protect. Are people okay with this?

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yes i agee with *i {who ownz}, petrifacation can be very annoying, but can give you more of an interesting battle and the tactics and stuff you use if you have to fight off lizards with the ability to turn you to stone {i stil think mirror shield would be good idea}.

you should play runescape casue they do have mirror shields for somtehing close to that purpose, but they still have them ;D

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Yes, but wouldn't that make you warn inside seeing a basilisk gaze and suddenly realize he's stone? Jeff should make some new graphics for that, basilisk stares,looks surprised,then becomes very very hard and falls down and shatters {a long time of work on just 1 monster right there lol} cool

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