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A3 Pit of the Wyrm

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Jesus christ, I just got the Fury Crossbow but damn that was a [censored] and I had a boosted party. It's technically not a cheated party, I'm doing the game on torment but I've been using the glitch in Gale to spam myself knowledge brews and give myself multiple godmode items. Anyways, I've got a lvl 40 party with 20 dexterity, 20 endurance, 20 hardiness, and 15 or 20 pole weapons with each character having boots of speed, a nimble band and black halberd and I died and had to reload probably 20 times. To put things in perspective, I haven't died once since I started using the Gale exploit, and I've done a ton of stuff since then(probably 10-12 hours of real life time playing the game). I'm just curious, did anybody beat this dungeon with a non-boosted party and how hard was it? Props to whoever has done this.


—Vexivero, who still has yet to do this dungeon on Exile 3. However, it was probably one of the most annoying and hardest things to do in Avernum 3. Mung Slimes simply cannot measure up to Abyssal Slimes, however, so the Exile 3 runthrough should be a piece of cake.

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From Relle's walkthrough:


On the lower level, you'll run into more Abyssal Slimes, but these have the

benefit of open space. Deal with them as before, and continue along the path.

Past more slimes, you'll run into your first Dark Wyrms of the dungeon. These

guys are bastards. Their dark breath will snap off over 100 HP at a shot, and

they can use it twice in a round. Oh yes, did I mention they're immune to

Arcane Blow? Haste, bless, and cast Radiant Shield to protect yourself from

their breath, then send your fighters to get close to them in order to keep

them from using their breath weapon too often. They're extremely powerful, but

with perserverence you will succeed.


Now then, assuming you survive, continue on. Just past the stairs, some Spine

Beasts will ambush you from behind, but they're nothing compared to Dark Wyrms.

There are more of said Wyrms further on, then another bout with some slimes.

Past those slimes will be your toughest battle yet.


Picture this: a horde of Dark Wyrms and Unholy Wyrms (the Dark's nastier cousin)

and they're all gunning for you. So then. Haste. Bless. Shield. Use Capture

Soul to take a Dark and/or Unholy Wyrm, then Simulacrum to unleash it on your

enemies. Divine Restoration is nice, because it will give you bonus HP that

will very likely keep you alive a round or two longer. Fight hard, you're

almost to the end.



I can't remember if I went there when I played A3 thru, 1 Wyrm-place (accessible only by Orb of Thralni) I passed since Wyrms killed whole party before they managed to do anything.

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