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Screen resolution (Playing on a netbook)


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I've finished Avadon: The Black Fortress recently, and now I plan to buy Avadon 2 (using Steam). I have two options - buy single game, or buy full collection of Spiderweb games (including Geneforge and Avernum series) on Steam. I likу those games very much, I can say it from playing some demos, but I didn't finished any of them, except Avadon, yet.


There is the only problem, that stops me from buying such a wonderful collection of games: I play on a netbook. It meet all system requirements, except screen resolution (I have 1024x600) . So now I have strange situation: I can play earlier Geneforge and Avernum games (where 800x600 is enough), and I also play newer games (Avadon and Avadon 2 run smoothly with maxed graphics). But I cannot play second trilogies of Avernum and Geneforge just because of screen resolution problem.


Maybe there is some trick, a patch, an additional software or something else, that enables playing second trilogies of Geneforge and Avernum on my netbook?

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Try using some of the utilities linked here to wrap the game and fool it into thinking its playing at a certain res. I don't know if they have that specific feature, but it's probably your best bet.


Thanks! one of this utilities, DxWnd works for Avernum 4 and 5 perfectly, so those games will be playable for me :) But in Geneforge 5 and Avernum 6 it is different - even if I run the DirectX version of Geneforge, it asks about screen resolution before launching the game, and simply doesn't launch. If I would know where game preferences are stored, I think I would solve this too...


In any case, thanks again - I'm very glad that will be able to play more games about Avernum, it was like unfinished gestalt for me.

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