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"Requires Party Level x"

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Here is my candidate for all-time stupid question. Several scenaria that can be downloaded require a party of a certain level to play, and while some of these include a "trainer," others do not.


As far as I can determine, no scenario can be started without first making a party; there is no way to "load" a party made for a different scenario.


So, lacking a "trainer," how does one create a new party of sufficiently high level to play the scenario? Create one of first level and use the editor?


-- Mal

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There are a few possibilities.


You can use a party that has gotten to the appropriate level by completing several previous adventures.


You can create a new party and use some High Level Party Maker (of which a few exist).


Some such scenarios (though not many) come with premade parties as alternatives to trainers.


You can also be like some of the more hardcore players and just play with a level 1 party regardless.

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You should be able to load any party that is not currently in a scenario. When you finish a scenario, then there is usually some place where you can exit.


Using an editor is another way to tailor the party to a specific level and have the right spells.

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Or you could just not bother with scenarios meant for high level parties if you don't have a high level party. :) No shortage of elvel-appropriate ones as well. Save the high level ones for when high level so you have something to do. Don't try and blow through everything in a weekend like. Nor seek shortcuts, cheats, or exploits to allow an unsuitable party into an unsuitable scenario.


Related observation is the descriptions in the scenario download sections isn't very accurate so far. Many 'very high' scenarios might well be very high DIFFICULTY, but not insofar as they have high level fights but more the overall difficulty. Have been in some very high and high scenarios and seen very low-level monsters indeed. So either a more accurate as to party avg level for the difficulty, or some once-in-mission heads up like I've seen in some like Falling Stars saying this is meant for levels of xx. Of course it's important to note that beyond level 20 or so, higher levels aren't really adding much in the way of capability since you're just raising Assassinate or Spell Points. A better indicator of capability might be 'if you don't have xx Spell Points, xxx Hit Points, or Spells x, y, and z "you're gonna get wiped." :)

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The issue there is that the scenario difficulty rating is left up to the judgement of the scenario designer. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. While it might be possible to come up with an automated measurement of scenario difficulty, I don't think it can reasonably account for every possible way a scenario might be difficult; on the other hand, a designer knows their scenario better than anyone else (or should, at least), so they should be able to have some grasp of how hard it is.

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