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Being harsh to peoples


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I'm going to tell you a little secret about the way the game tracks your reputation:



There actually isn't a reputation score. The game gives you a bunch of options to state your opinion of Avadon, but for most of them it doesn't make a difference what you answer. However, a few specific things are tracked:


* Avadon's military strength. This depends mostly on how many side quests you completed, and affects the ending.

* Your relationship with Silke. This depends on how nice you were to her during each conversation, and affects whether you can romance her (although you also have to side with Konstina against Odil in order to do so).

* Your relationship with Dheless. No, there isn't a hidden second romance option: this is to determine whether he'll give you an item to help fight Redbeard the last time you meet him, and whether you can choose the pro-Farlander endgame options. Again, you have to side with Konstina against Odil, and choose the correct dialogue options when you meet Dheless.

* Your relationship with Heart Protus. This also determines whether he'll give you help against Redbeard. Flatter him when you have the opportunity, and criticise Redbeard when Protus asks you for your opinion. It's okay to steal his papers and give them to Heart Callan, but don't tell him to his face that you're going to do it; he'll actually trust you more if you tell him you've got his papers and then give them to him, although that's obviously mutually exclusive with giving them to Callan. He'll trust you less if you betray Odil, but it's still possible to get his help if you do everything else right.


Any conversation option that doesn't relate to one of the things on this list probably doesn't affect anything.


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So, given that I'm thinking of starting up a pro-Farlander playthrough sometime soon: what are the correct dialogue options if one wants help from Dheless? I mean, mostly they're probably the obvious ones about supporting the Farlands and opposing the pact/Avadon, so I'm really mostly wondering whether there are any counterintuitive ones.

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