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Beat Avernum 3! [SPOILERS]

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The beginning of A3 was quite enjoyable- I didn't realize there was some kind of time limit imposed on towns until day 13.


But I actually rolled with the time limits, after the day 10 attack on Krizsan I didn't let a single time get damaged.


I think it was around the time I hit the golems that I got to the point that I was too powerful. The golem factory was actually pretty difficult, but more because it was totally aimless and filled with annoyances than because enemies were actually challenging.


The alien beasts were total jokes. I didn't have any trouble destroying them in every encounter.


Once I got into the Tinraya area I never looked back, I knew I would only get a small reward for checking back up on things, but it'd take a long time running around.


The ending portion was weird for me. I felt like I was being told killing the Crystal Souls was wrong, despite the fact that they willingly caused the deaths of thousands of people (they basically decided to kill the entire empire, despite the fact that only some people were responsible for stealing the Crystal Souls- not to mention it was a group of Vahnatai that actually gave them away, but they seemed to want to sweep that under the carpet), imprisoned me spontaneously and then tried to kill me upon seeing me escape.


I did kind of conclude that Vahnatai seem to believe vengeance is pretty much A-OK regardless of ANY circumstances. Which is pretty ridiculous, because what if the random unrelated people you harmed in your insane mass attack on everything in Valorim decide to get vengeance on you? So everyone is always getting vengeance on everyone else until groups are just totally obliterated...


In the end of A2, I felt really powerful, I destroyed Garzahd with overwhelming abilities. In A3 it felt like it was being rubbed in my face how powerless I was: Rentar-Ihrno can constantly teleport me at will and seems to have a totally indesctructible shield, and the random Empire mage could locate and teleport my party and other people on a whim. My party pretty much gave themselves up for dead the second they blew the fort up. : /


I enjoyed this game a lot, but definitely more in the earlier aspects. I liked the multitude of ways to earn money and the variety of stuff to do. I liked how you could find Tier 3 spells before nearing the end of the game. I liked the revamped stat/skill system which made it more clear what a lot of things did. Onto another game!

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