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A3 - Upper Golem Factory - Control Panel

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First, dear god- the Golem Factory........


I'm reminded of some areas in Geneforge where you take constant damage and as a result pretty much have to have combat mode on all the time, because things take place too fast outside of combat mode...


But onto my question:


There are a lot of options on the Control Panel- some of these are so nebulous and vague I don't even know if it's possible to figure out what they do.


Is there any way to understand what you're doing with each option?

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I looked up a few walk-throughs (actually it was the same walk-through, but different sites kept taking the info from something else), and it gave some information that I could have figured out.


"Everything in this factory is BAD and HATES you, OFF is good."


But some of the options don't seem to have any obvious meaning. One had choices of Pod1, Pod2, Pod3 and Pod5- and I couldn't figure out at all what it could be referring to. Furnace options are Pull and Hold... One had options of "High, Up, Down and 0-0".


I did not come across anything explaining these (not for lack of trying).


But I guess it's not a big deal, I cleared the factory (sooo much easier to get around when you deactivate everything). Just a curiosity that caught my attention and was wondering if there was maybe something explaining this stuff that I missed.

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golem factory is either endless fighting w/o getting xp or shut down respawns and kill main golem and get the f*** out of there.


Yeah, respawns (that you can't do anything about) of creatures with undodgeable ranged attacks that always do some damage in areas filled with lasers that flicker on and off that also always do some damage. It just burns my party out.


Doesn't help that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing pretty much the entire time I was in there- and it turned out that all the little things I worked out going through the factory are much easier to handle after you take care of the main stuff.


I love this series (games made by this company, pretty much), but I consider it a design flaw that it's most efficient to maneuver during combat- but ending combat to save can shoot your party into lasers for no good reason... and no way will I play without saving frequently, too much can go wrong.

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