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A3 - Encumbrance

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So I noticed something that I'm pretty sure was not shown in A1/A2, the encumbrance stat(or whatever you want to call it).


I'm not sure about this (so clarify it if you are :D) but I'm guessing 1 Encumbrance = 5% attack penalty.


I read somewhere that hardiness reduces this penalty, which I had no idea of...


Can someone clarify this, and explain what the spellcasting penalty is? (not that it specifically matters, all my casters always have Natural Mage)


Also, what's AP penalty?

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I'm not sure on all the other stuff, but I do know AP penalty.


AP penalty means when you are carrying more than your weight, you are losing Action Points, meaning you move slower, and might now be able to make a move depending on how big the penalty.




Huh... I've hit the max weight that I'm capable of carrying but I don't think I've seen any AP Penalties come up yet...

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The AP penalty is only affected by what the character has equipped, not what's in the pack. You won't lose AP unless your encumbrance hits 5 or higher.


Okay, that would explain why I have yet to see it. Hardiness does a lot more than I first suspected.


That started in the Second Avernum trilogy. Avernum 3 doesn't let you exceed your maximum carrying weight.


Wearing encumbering armor lowers your AP and web does it too.


Referring to Rainbow's or Jerakeen's comment?

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Jerakeen's comment. Avernum 4 was the first game to let you exceed the maximum weight and cause you to lose action points.


I wasn't talking about exceeding the maximum carrying capacity, which as you say is not possible in the first trilogy. I was talking about what happens when the amount of armour equipped raises encumbrance above 4. It can be within the character's capacity to bear the weight, but still encumbering if Hardiness is too low.

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