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A2 - Angierach - Quinby

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So I went to Angierach, went through the arena, got sent to the jail cell- broke out using Unlock Door 3, killed all 12 of the 'Masters of Angierach' (to be more accurate I used unlock door 3, a phoenix egg, grabbed the Crystal Soul, killed 11 of the 12, returned the Crystal Soul, got tier 3 of the Capture Soul spell, came back and captured the Lich's soul before killing her)...


... and Quinby is still in his jail cell.


Quinby is a spirit of a mage who was killed by the 12, and he wants them dead.


I think there is an option to have Quinby use the remainder of his powers to open the door (but I had Unlock Door 3)...


Does this mean if I don't use him to escape he just sits there forever?

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